Riders of Hogwarts

Synopsis: Twenty years after the fall of Galbatorix and Eragon’s leave from Alagaesia a new war had taken place between the Dragon Riders and the people of the Empire. A young dragon rider named Kayla takes eight eggs to safety. Pursued by an insane white dragon Kayla and her dragon find themselves falling through a hole that lands them in Harry Potter’s world in the summer before the start of his fifth year at Hogwarts. The Dragon House is formed at Hogwarts and the forty riders of Hogwarts are formed. Now a Dragon Rider himself will Harry be able to defeat Voldemort for good?


Dragon Rider




Dauth Garjzla

Blood Rider

Return of the Master

New World

Stone Circle


Ancient Power


Shadow and Moon Riders

Animagi and Dragons





Shadow Phoenix

Synopsis:  Vampires have been hunted for six hundred years by Magical Britain and Shingetsu is the first in his clan to be accepted at Hogwarts. After his parents are killed he is taken in by the king of the vampires and his mate. Will Shingetsu Yamazaki make friends at Hogwarts and will the fact that he is a vampire get him in trouble with the Ministry of Magic? And what plans does the wizarding world have for the Shadow Phoenix Clan, the rest of the vampires and their young prince? *Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived but Harry’s parents died in an attack from Death Eaters.*



Vampire Prince

Friend of the Vampire

Dark Creatures



Plot of Destruction


War Council

Raising a Rebellion

Battle at Azkaban


Breaking Off

Slave to Free

Lightning Coven

Synopsis: Harry Potter dies in the COS and his vampire gene kicks in, saving his life and turning him into a creature of the night. Expelled from Hogwarts and sentenced to Azkaban, Harry discovers how his life would have played out had he not died. Now he must decide what he and his coven will do at the end of the reading when those who betrayed him begin to hunt him down.

Hidden Inheritance

The Boy Who Lived

The Vanishing Glass


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