Arriving back in Nightshade the remaining vampires and werewolves saw that Romulus and his mate Jasmine were gazing at their dead son on the altar.  The wolves all transformed and howled at the moon.  They howled their anger and sadness over the loss of their prince and then lowered their heads.  The vampires were saddened for their cousins and remained quiet.

Arashi and Yuki looked tired.  The vampires, no all the creatures, knew that this upcoming war would take a toll on their leaders.  “Romulus I’m sorry we couldn’t save young Zeus from being killed.”

“How did this happen?!” He growled in anger at his vampires and the werewolves.  Romulus too bared his teeth and snarled at his werewolves who all cowered on the ground in front of their king while the vampires whimpered.

Romulus lunged forward and grabbed the cowering Colonel Bane by his neck, lifted him up and slammed him back into the ground. The other wolves didn’t move to help their leader for fear that they would also get punished.  Romulus was in a rage and battered the blond werewolf before carefully picking up his son in his jaws and storming into the castle followed closely by Jasmine.  Colonel Bane whimpered as Arashi and Yuki looked down at him.  “Give your alphas some time Bane.  Though I also wonder what exactly happened at Azkaban. Send for one of the healers and they’ll heal your wounds.  Then I suggest you all retire and stay out of your alphas’ and my way for the next few days until Romulus calms down.”

Bane nodded and dragged himself towards the King of Vampires and leader of the Shadow Phoenix clan before licking his hand.  Arashi just shook his head and walked back into the palace with Yuki at his side.  The injured werewolves and vampires made their way to their respective camps and one of the vampires went to fetch a couple of healers to heal the injured.

Romulus was busy destroying the room Arashi and Yuki had given him and his mate when Jasmine pushed the door open with her muzzle.  She saw their son lying on their bed as her alpha and mate began shredding the plus soft carpet on the floor.  Their son would never move again.  He had been stolen from them a month ago. Somehow Aurors had killed the two guards and whisked their son away to Azkaban without any of the packs knowing of it.  Later they had found out that one of the alphas had leaked information to the Aurors.  That werewolf had been ripped apart by Romulus in a rage and the two guards had had died while trying to protect the young prince had been given an honorary funeral. Their bodies had been burned on pyres built out of sticks.  The honorary death was only given to those werewolves who had died protecting a member of the royal family or to children who had died before they had reached adolescence.

Jasmine transformed back into her human form and went to sit on the bed.  She gathered her dead son in her arms and brushed his bangs out of his eyes.  His sea green eyes that were flecked with amber were blank.  Romulus threw back his head again and howled in anger and grief while cursing the humans in his mind.  Saddened he transformed back into his human form and sat beside his mate with tears in his eyes.

“It isn’t your fault Romulus that Zeus died.  It isn’t anyone’s fault.  No,” she said as Romulus opened his mouth to protest, ‘it isn’t even Colonel Bane’s fault that Zeus died.  How were they to know that Aurors would come back to the island and trap them there?  How were they to know that our son would get hit with a cutting curse and that Shingetsu would begin to die as well?  Nobody could have known that would happen.  If it’s anyone’s fault then it is the humans.  They have restricted us too long and these new laws they enacted have just restricted all creatures further.”

“It is odd,” Romulus said after a moment.

“What is that love?”

“Don’t you find it odd that no werewolves have been allowed into Hogwarts since Remus Lupin was there?  No vampires have been there in twenty years since Titus Fang but then all of a sudden Shingetsu is allowed to go to Hogwarts?  I wonder if something deeper is going on that we don’t know about.  And what about the ‘Dark Creatures’ class that suddenly sprang to life when Titus went there as Shingetsu’s guard?  When have new classes ever sprung to life at Hogwarts?  When has the curriculum ever changed?”

“Why wasn’t there a class on light creatures?” Jasmine asked understanding where her mate and husband was going with this discussion.  “He can’t possibly know about Shingetsu being born Harry Potter can he?”

“No.  Not to my knowledge.  You know all the creatures have been sworn to keep that a secret.  The poor boy would have been used if anything had happened to Neville Longbottom.  And that’s something else.  Dumbledore is supposedly the ‘greatest wizard ever’ in modern times. Why didn’t he see that Tom Riddle was going dark?  Why did he do nothing to stop Tom in the first war and let thousands of innocents die?  Why is willing to ruin two innocent children’s’ lives just for a prophecy?”

“I don’t know the answers to your questions Romulus but it does make me wonder now that I think about it.  Things have just seemed to go downhill for us creatures since Prince Shingetsu was accepted at Hogwarts. Should we talk to the leaders?”

“Yes we should. Something needs to be done to protect both the light and dark creatures.  In this war there is neither light or dark.  There are only the humans and creatures.  Both light and dark creatures will side together in this war.  Even the light creatures have been restricted.  Look at the centaurs who have been restricted to the Forbidden Forest.  The dementors who are prisoners in their own home and forced to serve wizard kind. The goblins who are mistreated by the wizards and witches.  Even the owls are mistreated in a way.”

“You mean how they use owls to carry letters back and forth instead of using muggle means of communication?”

“Yes.  I’d like to know whose bright idea it was to use owls to send letters to each other.  The muggles don’t mistreat them like that.  Can you imagine if it got leaked to the muggles about magic and about owls carrying letters? They’d probably try to kidnap young owls and cage them to be like us.  Look at all the animals they keep in zoos and the poachers who kill innocent animals for their tusks or their fur.  Look at the muggles who hunt for sport instead of for food and clothing.  That’s cruel and they don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“That is true.  I too don’t understand how some muggles can be so cruel as to think it’s okay to use hunting as a sport.  And you’re right that muggle children who were fascinated with magic might try to cage owls and use them to deliver messages to each other.  Did you know that poor Fawkes had a forced bond to Dumbledore?”

“Yes.  It’s sad that a supposed ‘good wizard’ can do that to a noble bird.  Are you calm enough now to find out what happened at Azkaban?”

“Yes but we should find out about Shingetsu first.”

Jasmine smiled at her husband and the alphas walked through the halls until they came to Arashi and Yuki’s room. “Arashi may we come in?” Romulus asked as he knocked softly on the door.

“Enter,” Arashi said with sorrow in his voice.

The alphas entered and saw Arashi sitting on his bed. Yuki was nowhere to be found.  The two alphas suspected that she was with Shingetsu.  “What’s wrong with Shingetsu?”

“He was suffering from paralysis due to being separated from Nightmare.  He’s also suffering from starvation and had a broken arm when he was found.  He also had a concussion from where he had been slammed against the wall as well as a few broken ribs and a fractured skull.  His spleen burst and he was hemorrhaging.  That’s why he was convulsing.  The spell the Aurors hit him with didn’t help matters.  The healers had to break his arm again and reset it so that it could heal properly and they brought Nightmare, or rather Nightmare found Shingetsu,” at this a slight smile graced his face, “and he appears to be healing.  If he had been separated from Nightmare one more day then he would have died.  I’m sorry that we didn’t rescue your son and the other creatures in time.  Yuki is with him right now.  We are sorry for your loss and you are welcome to stay here as long as you need.  Your wolves as well.”

“Thank you but once my wolves are healed I think we should return to our homeland.  We are glad that Shingetsu is going to be alright.”

“Will Brian take up the leadership after you?”

“Yes.  Unless we have another heir he will take control of the werewolves in the event of our demise.”

Arashi nodded and shook his head.  They talked about their suspicions about why Shingetsu had been allowed into Hogwarts after twenty years and why no other werewolves had been allowed in Hogwarts after Remus Lupin had graduated.  But none of them had any answers.  “The other creatures will go to their respective kin after they are checked by our healers.  Though Nightshade may be crowded for a while I fear.”

Romulus and Jasmine excused themselves and went back to their room where they lay with their son between them and fell into a fitful sleep.  They knew, as did all the humanoid creatures, that nobody would be getting any sleep for a long time.  They will pay for what they did.  The wizards and witches of Britain will see what happens when they start a war with creatures! THEY WILL ALL PAY!


Battle at Azkaban

Before the line of vampires and werewolves was a group of forty humans.  The vampires and werewolves growled in anger and pointed their wands at the human guards.  The heirs of the Werewolf and Vampire Nations were more important than their own lives.  Rescuing the heirs of the werewolf and vampire nations as well as the rest of the creatures and destroying the supporters of Lord Voldemort were the reasons for their mission.  If they didn’t save the werewolf and vampire heirs then nothing mattered anymore.

“This is none of your concern human,” spat a vampire.

“Oh this is too our concern when disgusting creatures are breaking into Azkaban,” a middle aged Auror replied.  “Drop what you’re holding and lay down your wands.  We’ll give you nice cells in Azkaban.”

“Do you really think we would listen to a bunch of disgusting sheep?” This time a black werewolf spoke up and he felt his canines lengthening.  The rest of the werewolves’ canines began lengthening and the vampires claws began to grow.  Some of the wolves had embraced the wolf inside them and their eyes were more yellow than amber.  What the humans didn’t know was that Wolfsbane was poisonous to a werewolf and that they would slowly go insane if they took it.  If a werewolf accepted the wolf within them then they would be able to transform at will and the transformations would be less painful then if the werewolf didn’t accept their inner wolf.  The wolves who lived among the humans didn’t know that. They didn’t know because the wolves who lived within the werewolf nation didn’t want the humans to discover their secret.  It was the one advantage they had over the humans.  The full moon just strengthened their power.

Some of the wolves who had embraced their wolf and lived among humans chose to only transform on the full moon to protect the rest of their kin and the werewolf nation.  Inside the werewolves’ heads their inner wolves were growling and struggling to get out in order to protect their prince and the vampire prince as well.  The vampires had no such problems but in all the vampires’ minds was a desire to protect their prince and the heir to Calista.

“Who are you human to demand of us anything?” Colonel Bane asked.  Colonel Bane was a colonel in the werewolf army. He had been left behind along with Colonel Rabastan, who was a colonel in the vampire army, to make sure the two heirs were successfully removed from Azkaban.  The dementors were nowhere in sight as they had fled into the underground tunnels of their home.

“I am Auror Barthelme,” the leader of the group of humans said.  “Are you aware of the laws issued recently by the Minister of Magic?”

“Of course we are. They’re stupid and created by bigots.  No wonder Britain and Hogwarts are the laughing stock of the wizarding world!”

“How dare you creature!  Creatures like yourself should have been killed from the day you were born!”

“Get the princes out of here!” Colonel Rabastan shouted to the werewolf and vampire who were each holding their respective princes.

“Not so fast.  Crucio!”  Forty voices shouted the torture spell and cast it at the vampires and werewolves. The use of the unforgivable was allowed to be used on creatures and slaves.  Screaming the first two lines of the vampires and werewolves fell to the floor screaming in pain.  Of course all this did was further piss off them all off and now the inner wolves were screaming for blood.  The werewolves were having a hard time holding their inner wolves in check and they weren’t sure now that they wanted to hold their wolves in check.

“You will surrender the vampire and werewolf heirs, turn over your wands and give yourselves up immediately.  And where are the dementors?!”

The vampires and werewolves smirked.  “Stupefy!”  A vampire shouted and the battle began.

Spells flew along the hallway.  Communicating telepathically the werewolves began shifting at will and the humans stared in shock as fur began sprouting on the werewolves.  Claws and teeth fully lengthened as their bodies began to change.

“What the hell is going on?!”

“It’s not even a full moon! How… how is this possible?”

Snarling the werewolves and vampires fell on the humans.  There were only seventeen werewolves and fifteen vampires left at Azkaban.  Now that the werewolves had revealed their secret these humans had to die.  Oh they were going to die anyway for kidnapping the princes and the other creatures but they could not be allowed to leave the island alive now.

A curse got through and struck the werewolf prince who screamed in pain.  A second later the vampire prince began convulsing and his breathing began to slow.  “Sire!  Colonel Rabastan Prince Shingetsu is dying!”

“WHAT!” All the vampires shouted.  “What about Prince Zeus?”

“He got hit with a cutting curse. He’s bleeding out.  Oh fuck what are we going to do?  The princes can’t die!”

The vampires and werewolves were panicking.  “Get them home!  QUICKLY!” Colonel Rabastan shouted at the two guards who were holding onto the dying princes.

With renewed vigor the vampire and werewolf army began the fight in earnest.  They heard two pops as the wards were lifted and the two guards vanished before the wards fell back down.  Even though the dementors were underground they were still controlling the wards.

“The wards are lifted.  Someone send for backup!”

The vampires parted as a werewolf dashed through the foray and leapt on the human tearing him from limb to limb.  A few other werewolves quickly protected their fellow pack mate as the humans turned on the werewolf who was savaging the poor Auror who had tried to make a break for it.  Azkaban was soon filled with blood flowing along the halls and complete silence for the first time since it had been turned into a prison.  On the floor laid the dead bodies of all the Aurors.  A few of the vampires and werewolves were sporting injuries from the fight and they had lost three vampires and four werewolves in the fight but other than that they had come out okay.  Notifying Lord Grim the werewolves lifted their dead comrades and disapparated back to Nightshade where their fallen would be buried in their respective nations.  The dementors had been alerted that the humans had been slaughtered.

Underground a few dementors were digging for information. They were trying to find a way to break free of human control.  “Lord Grim!”  A dementor ran up to the Lord of Dementors who was staring into the fire.

“What is it Vince?”

“I think we have found something. But…”

“But what?”

“The ritual requires a sacrifice on the night of Chaos.”

Raising a Rebellion

Shingetsu paced his prison cell angrily. The few human guards at Azkaban didn’t give him blood.  The dementors didn’t affect him since he was a dark creature.  It had been two weeks since he had been arrested and thrown into this underground prison cell and he was starting to feel the effects of being separated from Nightmare as well as the  starvation pains of being cut off from blood.  Separating a person from their bonded familiar was a death sentence. 

Two weeks earlier:

Breakfast had just begun at Hogwarts when the doors to the Great Hall swung open and in marched a team of twenty Aurors.  Heading them was Kingsley Shackelbolt.  He walked up to the staff table and stood before Headmaster Dumbledore.

“Kingsley what is the meaning of this interruption?”  Dumbledore asked getting to his feet.

“Sorry for the intrusion Dumbledore but the Minister has ordered us to administer the creature test on all students here.  Not even purebloods are exempt from this law,” he said turning to look at the Slytherin table.   “I’m sure you have heard of the new law saying that all people who have creature blood in them or creature parents are to be tested and upon found out are sentenced to life in Azkaban, their wands snapped, magic bound, and expelled from Hogwarts.  It’s part of the Minister’s new law to keep creatures separate from wizarding society.”

“My father will hear about this,” Draco Malfoy spoke up.  “Forcing purebloods like Slytherin to submit to a disgusting creature test.  Nobody in Slytherin has creature blood in them.”

“Mr. Malfoy, you’re father has no right to overrun the Minister’s law.  Not even his precious bribes will get his son out of this,” Kingsley said with a look of glee on his face.  “All students are to be tested as I said and therefore by order of the Minister all classes are canceled for the day so that the testing can take place.  All staff and students will have to submit to the creature test.  And Mr. Malfoy unless the Malfoy family is as inbred as rumors suggest then you have no clue how many people in Slytherin are as ‘pure’ as you claim.”

There were snickers from the other three house tables at that suggestion that the Malfoy line wasn’t as ‘pure’ as they liked to claim.  The muggle born witches and wizards weren’t sure what was going on but the half-bloods and purebloods, at least those not in Slytherin, were worried.  Not many witches and wizards talked about the creatures that they had bred with for generations.  Some families had a mix of creature blood in their families while others had a specific creature blood line in their family tree.

“Since you seem so interested in proving that you don’t have creature blood in you Mr. Malfoy how about we start the testing process with you.  Everyone else will remain in the Great Hall all day so we don’t have to call you all down.  Those with creature blood,” Kingsley stopped and conjured up a cage in the middle of the Great Hall, “will go into that cage willingly or unwillingly if necessary and wait transportation to Azkaban.”

Draco Malfoy stood up and walked haughtily up to the Aurors in the center of the Great Hall.  “Wouldn’t it be funny if Malfoy had creature blood in him and he was thrown in Azkaban,” Ron said to Neville who snickered behind a hand as he watched the proceedings. 

“Well Mr. Malfoy. This is interesting.”

“What’s interesting?”

“It appears you have creature blood.  According to the results of the test you are a panther demon.”

“That’s impossible!  My family would never breed with disgusting creatures!”

“The test doesn’t lie Mr. Malfoy.  Now if you would be so kind as to go inside the cage.  Or we can put you in there by force if you prefer,” Kingsley said smiling.

“My father will hear of this!”

“Your parents will be joining you in Azkaban soon enough Mr. Malfoy and you’ll remain there for the rest of your life.  Tonks snap the panther demon’s wand.”

Malfoy began to protest but he was blasted back into the far wall and then tossed into the cage.  Neville Longbottom had also been found to have creature blood in him.  He was a werewolf.  Dumbledore was upset that the savior of the wizarding world was a creature and was going to be thrown into Azkaban.  Who would defeat Voldemort now that his precious weapon was going to Azkaban forever?  By the end of the testing thirty students from all four houses had been stunned and were lying in the cage with the ashes of their wands lying in the center of the Great Hall.  “We thank you for your service Dumbledore in helping us capture these creatures,” Auror Segway said.  “We’ll take them to Azkaban now and issue arrest warrants for their parents.”

Present Day:

“So the famous Boy-Who-Lived and the Prince of Slytherin are here in Azkaban with the Prince of Vampires,” Shingetsu said laughing.  “How ironic that children such as yourselves would breed with the very creatures you profess to hate and believe to be beneath you.”

Shingetsu continued laughing which quickly turned into screams as he fell to the floor of his cell.  He clutched his stomach in pain as he felt the strong hunger affects.  His arm hadn’t healed from the time it had been broken and he knew that it would have to be broken again in order to properly heal if he didn’t get out of this infernal prison soon.  What is taking dad and mom so long to get me out?

Palace in Nightshade, Calista:

King Arashi and Queen Yuki were sitting in the meeting room with the vampires and half-vampires that had fled persecution by the British Ministry of Magic after the testing.  They hadn’t been able to save every one of their subjects not living within Calista from escaping Azkaban but those who had been warned of the law beforehand had fled to Nightshade in order to seek sanctuary with the King and Queen. Arashi and Yuki knew that the other sentient humanoid half human and half creatures were also flocking to their respective peoples in order to seek sanctuary for fear of going to Azkaban just because of marriage or what they were.  Not even the human mates of the creatures were exempt from Azkaban and the new magical law on creatures and half-breeds.

Before them were fifty families comprising of full vampires and half-vampires with their parents before the king and queen.  “Please your majesties, we seek sanctuary on behalf of us and our families,” a human father said as he had an arm around his vampire wife who was holding their newborn son and clutching the hand of his eight year old half vampire daughter.  “We won’t be any trouble.  If you can’t give us humans sanctuary then at least give sanctuary to your own kind.”  The rest of the human parents nodded in the affirmative.  As long as their mates and children were protected they would gladly go to Azkaban.

“Mr. Wolf, we are not so inconsiderate and cruel as to deny you and your fellow humans sanctuary just because you are not of vampire blood.  This is the same with the rest of the sentient humanoid creatures who have their own subjects fleeing this blatant persecution,” Yuki said looking at the man with sympathy. 

“My wife is correct Mr. Wolf.  Right now there are hundreds of creatures, human mates and half-breed children fleeing to their creature mate’s respective kin in order to escape Azkaban.  You and the rest of you humans are allowed to remain here with your families but until this war between the magical beings and the wizards and witches is put to an end you and the rest of your kind will need to remain here or anywhere throughout Calista for your own safety as well as the safety of your mates.  Since your children are hereby expelled from Hogwarts we are not sure what will be done about their education and the education of the future half-breed children.  This is something we creatures need to work on.  The last vampire war lasted ten years.  The one before that lasted twenty years.”

“Has there ever been an uprising between the magical creatures and the wizards and witches before?”  Rosaline Collins, a muggle woman asked.

“No.  We came close once fifty years ago but that rebellion was only between the veela and the humans. There has never been something of this magnitude before.  Then again the humans of magical Britain have never thought to do something so disgusting like this before,” Arashi said.  “We are not sure how long this new war will last.  It may be that we will triumph or… or it may be that we will fail and magical Britain will get her wish and slaughter all the magical creatures, both sentient and non-sentient.  Until then all humans will swear allegiance to Calista. The same will be for all human mates of the other sentient humanoid creatures.”

“Would they really wipe out all magical creatures?” A witch named Bella asked.

“Yes they would.  You’re a witch are you not?”

“A muggle born witch.”

“Ah then you wouldn’t know but magical Britain has hunted my kind for seven hundred years.  Creatures are looked down upon in magical Britain.  Actually in much of the world we are looked down upon but it is worse for those of us who live in Britain.  It is a pity that Hogwarts does not teach this history to all half-bloods and muggle born witches and wizards when they enter the magical world.  To the purebloods and those who have grown up in the magical world without creature blood in them we are nothing but disgusting freaks who should be slaughtered for they consider us unworthy to practice magic, seek jobs, mates, families or an education like them.  Humans think they are so superior to magical beings. Even among your own kind you kill and slaughter each other for no reason other than greed or power or resources. Not all humans are like this but the vast majority is.  It is a pity that humans cannot accept those who are different, let alone magical races not accepting each other. ”

“In addition for your allegiance you will be allowed to live here peacefully or anywhere in Calista,” Yuki said.  “You will not be harmed while in Calista as long as you don’t betray us or leave our empire. If you betray us your lives will be forfeit.  That is our law.”

The humans there nodded and swore their allegiance to the king and queen of Calista for as long as the war between the magical creatures and the wizards and witches of magical Britain lasted.  “Allendale,” Arashi called and a guard immediately came into the room where he had been standing outside guarding the door before bowing before his king and queen.  “Show the humans and their families to cabins in any of the villages around Nightshade.  Give the humans work to do to keep them busy.”

Allendale nodded and more guards appeared to take the humans and their vampire families to the nearby villages.  The closet village was Moon Valley and was five miles away from Nightshade.  A knock on the door sounded and Severus Snape entered.  “Yes Professor?”  Arashi asked looking at the former Potions master of Hogwarts.

“My King and Queen,” Snape said bowing to the vampire royal couple.  “I would like to remain in Calista with my son but I am afraid of both of my masters.  You see Albus Dumbledore, the professed leader of the light, also marked me as his slave.  I fear for my safety and my son’s safety if I don’t return but Albus has threatened to send me back to Azkaban and I would most likely end up there anyway once news got out to the Ministry about Zen being a vampire.  This would also put me in danger with the Dark Lord as he doesn’t know I have a son.”

“You have not thought to have these marks removed from your person?” Yuki asked curiously.  She felt sorry for the Potions master.  To be abused like that by a dark lord and the professed ‘leader of the light’ was abhorrent even among creatures.  Never would a human slave belong to two masters at the same time.

“I didn’t know they could be removed.  I can’t even find the mark that Albus Dumbledore put on me.”

“We can find it and remove both of them.  We can remove the magics as well as the marks themselves but it will probably be painful for a human.  Are you certain you wish to go through with this Severus Snape?”

“They can be removed?  Are you sure?” Severus looked at them both desperately.  He would give anything to be free of both his masters and be a free human again. 

“You do not need to repay us Severus Snape,” Arashi said. “What has been done to you should be illegal.  Binding a human to someone in that manner can easily kill the slave during the process but it can also kill the slave if they disobey the master or he can choose to kill them at any time.  It also drains the slave’s magic.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means Severus that you are extremely weak.  It has nothing to do with you.  I know you made a mistake by joining Voldemort and you probably didn’t think that Dumbledore would bind you to him as well.  It is natural that you wouldn’t think of the ‘light leader’ as being able or wanting to do this but he did and that shows just how evil he is.  Once the marks are found and removed you should be extremely more magically powerful than you are now.  Get some rest and we will see about this tomorrow.  It may take a while though as it depends on where your second mark is hidden and how long it takes for us to find it.”

“Thank you!”  Severus shouted kneeling before them before hurrying back to his son.  Arashi and Yuki looked after him with smiles on their faces before they turned back to the fire.  “How do you think Shingetsu is doing Arashi?”

“I don’t know Yuki.  I have seen how painful it is for Nightmare to be away from our son.  I can only imagine what our son is going through. The humans will regret taking our son and heir away from Calista and they’ll regret angering the magical races of the world.”

War Council

In Shadow Desert beings of every nature were either sitting or just apparating into the desert.  Before the King and Queen of Calista was Romulus, leader of the werewolves; Rofan, leader of the centaur herds; King Goldfang of the Goblin Nation; Empress Shiva of the Northern Lands which was the home of the Ice people; Prince Gale, ruler of the Giants; Lord Grim, leader and ruler of the Dementors and the people of Azkaban; and others who were too numerous to name among the human-sentient magical creatures.  They were all gathered within a circle, sitting or standing in the war council chamber of the only building within Shadow Desert.  The building was big enough to hold the prince of Giants. 

“Fellow creatures of the magical world I am glad you could come to our call,” King Arashi began.  “I am sure you have all heard by now that the Ministry of Magic has passed a law saying that all students of Hogwarts have to have a test that will determine if they are a creature or not.  Now I know this will only affect the vampires, werewolves, veela, elves, half-giants, half-dementors, and half-goblins who are attending Hogwarts but if they will send our children to Azkaban just for being who they are then they may turn on us as well.  Our son, Prince Shingetsu and heir to Calista, was taken in by Aurors and is probably now sitting in Azkaban.”

There were shouts of dismay and outrage that the prince of vampires could have been subjected to arrest by humans.  They looked to Lord Grim who was a Dementor.  “Yes what King Arashi says is true. The young prince has been thrown into one of the underground cells in Azkaban.”

Again the screams of outrage began and King Arashi had to let loose firecrackers from his wand to gain silence.  “We have a decision to make my fellow creatures and we must get the help of the non-sentient beings as well such as the trolls.   As we know when Voldemort was defeated by Neville Longbottom he approached many of us to side with him.  He made us various promises pertaining to our respective races but he didn’t fulfill those promises.  If he returns again he will no doubt seek us out for service to him again.  The Ministry and the magical world hate us and want to put tighter restrictions upon us.  They have enslaved the werewolves, treat the house elves like slaves, use the dementors to guard their prison, among other things.  Either way we are trapped between the Dark and the Light.”

The leaders murmured at the truth that King Arashi spoke.  The Dark Leader only wanted to use them while giving them false promises. The Light wanted them to be subjected to their will and demands.  Once the centaur and unicorn herds had been throughout many forests in the United Kingdom but were now sentenced to the small forest on the grounds of Hogwarts.  Already the creatures spoken of were having their citizens running to them and seeking shelter among their respective kind.  The beings who had bred with humans had hoped that they wouldn’t be subjected to prejudice and ridicule but they and their human parents had been treated with contempt by the wizards and witches of magical Britain.   

The leaders sat in silence as they thought over what King Arashi had said at the meeting.  “If the Dark Lord comes back he will come after us when we don’t side with him.  But he has never given us anything he promises us in order to make us work with him in the first place,” Empress Shiva said. “Though he has not thought to come to the Northern Lands the first time he may decide to seek our counsel at some point should he return.”

“I trust that nobody is going to end up harming the half-breeds or the human parents who are mated with each of our races?” King Arashi asked looking around at the group.  “They have done nothing to wrong our separate races and have been more accepted among our kind than in the wizarding world.”

“The only ones we may have to deal with are Fenrir Greyback and his pack,” Romulus said.  “As we all know Fenrir is a danger to my kind as well as the human race, both magical and muggle, in general.”

“You’re right Romulus.  Fenrir will need to be dealt with.”

“Leave him to us.  It’s a werewolf problem and I’m ashamed that it wasn’t taken care of sooner.  I should have killed both his father and the cub when it was turned.”

“What of his pack?” Lord Grim asked.  “Are they as much a danger to werewolves as their leader?”

“They are and I will make preparations to have them all killed as well.”

“Then we, creatures of the light and dark, will leave the death of Fenrir and his pack to the werewolf race,” King Arashi said.  “As for my proposal that we stay out of another war should Voldemort approach us and we deal with the problem of getting my son out of Azkaban how does the Council decide?”

“The humans have brought this upon themselves.  They will need to be dealt with.  I have no doubt that the humans would end up wiping us out,” Rofan said with a shake of his head. 

“Then the decision is made. We’ll show the humans just what they have done by restricting us and passing all these biased laws against the creatures of magical Britain.  They’ll regret they made war with us.  I’ll be sending some of my troops to Azkaban to free my son. Is that agreeable Lord Grim?”

“It is King Arashi.  Your son is left alone in Azkaban for none of the dementors go near him.  I her he’s already made a couple of friends among the citizens of Azkaban.”

Both the king and queen of Calista smiled. “Prince Shingetsu has always desired peace among our different races.  It’s a shame more humans can’t be the same way,” Yuki said dryly 

There were mutters of agreement at this and Arashi raised his hand for silence.  “Very well.  Messengers are to be dispatched when everyone is ready and final preparations made with the rulers of our respective kindred in another meeting that will take place in two months at the latest.  Is this agreeable?”

With cries in the affirmative the leaders departed to their respective domains and Shadow Desert was once again left in silence as the creatures of dark and light swept from building with various pops.  Arashi and Yuki appeared back at Nightshade in the living room of the palace.  “Guard!”

“Yes your majesties?”

“Prepare my army for war and place anti-apparation wards on Severus Snape’s room in the palace.  I am not sure where his loyalties lie so keep him in his room at all times until I find out for certain.”

“Yes sire,” the guard said before hurrying off. 

“What will we do about the friends of Shingetsu and the vampire child of the Potions Master at Hogwarts my love?” Yuki asked.

“They won’t be able to get any magical education here.  I think we should start looking for alternative magical schools in less restrictive countries for them though Zen’s will depend on whether his father remains with us or turns against us.”

“Do you trust him Arashi?”

“I don’t know.  He made some mistakes in his life that led him to becoming a death eater and appears to have repented from them though whether he is truly sorry for his crimes I have no idea.  Then he goes to Dumbledore, a man known for favoring his little lion cubs over the other three houses at Hogwarts, and gets forced into slavery with that man as well.  Another mistake on his part but then he’s only human.  Humans are bound to make mistakes in their life-though whether they learn from them or not is the question.  It appears they don’t learn that well from their mistakes if you look at all the wars they have made and continue to make.”

“Come sire let us retire and not trouble on these things that can wait until the morrow.”

“As you wish my lady,” Arashi said with a chuckle as he took his wife’s hand and kissed it softly before leading her up to their room. 

At Azkaban, Prince Shingetsu tried shadow flaming away but was disappointed to discover his powers were being constrained.  “If that fool thought to bound my magic and my powers I’ll kill the bastard myself!” Prince Shingetsu growled as he fell back on his bed and stared at the stone walls of his prison cell.  Who would have guessed that beneath the main part of the prison lay cells designed for the werewolves and vampires that sucked at their power so they couldn’t escape.  “You will pay Albus Dumbledore as well as the Ministry of Magic for your crimes against the heir of Calista.  A war is brewing and you’ll be lucky to be left alive at the end of it.”

Prince’s Fate

“Shingetsu Yamazaki you are hereby sentenced to life in Azkaban without the possibility of parole as the Muggles say,” Fudge said.

Prince Shingetsu, heir to the throne of Calista, son of King Arashi and Queen Yuki, brother and future husband to his sister, Princess Hana Yamazaki; was sitting in a chair with his feet shackled together as chains bound him tightly to the chair of Courtroom Ten in the Ministry of Magic. Before him was Fudge, Madam Bones, Umbridge, and others he didn’t know all sitting before him as Fudge carried out the sentence.  On either side of him were two Aurors who were waiting to ‘escort’ him to Azkaban.

“By sentencing me to Azkaban you are going to start a war with my people.  My parents and my people will not take kindly to you throwing me in prison for life.  By creating this stupid law against creatures, you are showing them that humans are nothing but prejudiced bastards who deserve to be wiped out of existence and are breaking countless treaties that your ancestors set in place with the creatures of the world.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the dementors decide to no longer obey you either.  I hope your happy Fudge.  You have just sentenced the wizarding world to death.”

“There is no way a bunch of creatures can defeat wizards and witches.  We are their betters and it is time they learn their place.”

“Then you are fools.  Have fun dying,” Shingetsu said before he was yanked up by his arms once the chains had released  him and punched in the stomach which made the young prince cry out and collapse to his knees as the Aurors on either side of him began beating the unfortunate prince. Prince Shingetsu Yamazaki kept his lips pressed together as the beating continued.  He would not give these barbarians an ounce of satisfaction at hearing him scream or cry.

“Take the vampire away,” Fudge said in dismissal.  The two Aurors brutally yanked the young prince up and there was the audible sound of a crack as the prince’s right arm broke.  The people in the courtroom watched in silence as the young prince was hauled away to his life of imprisonment in Azkaban.  They didn’t know that Shingetsu had spirited his friends and familiar to Nightshade and they were now in the palace with the King and Queen before them.

Tobias, Claudius, Violet, Titus and Nightmare had indeed been spirited away to Nightshade which was the capital of Calista as well as the home of the royal family.  The three human children found themselves surrounded by guards and Shingetsu’s mother standing with a man who must be her husband and therefore the king of the vampires.  Titus remained unconscious.

“Where is Shingetsu?  What happened?” King Arashi asked the three human children lying on the entry floor in front of them.

“Your highness Prince Shingetsu is in trouble.  The Aurors have captured him and plan on sentencing him to Azkaban,” Tobias said.

Queen Yuki gasped and put a hand to her mouth. King Arashi frowned at the young child’s words.  “Come with us.  Guards return to your post.  Someone take Titus to his room and alert me when he awakens and bring a healer for these children.”

“Yes your majesty,” the guards said bowing before falling to their orders. Two guards carefully lifted Titus between them and took him to his room.  Titus was one of a handful of vampires who lived in the palace.  The three friends and Nightmare followed the king and queen through the hallway into the living room where a fire was crackling in the hearth despite it being hot outside.

“Now what exactly happened at Hogwarts that has our son being sent to Azkaban?” Arashi asked.

Violet was the one to speak.  “We were in Professor Fang’s class as we sometimes hang out there to learn more about the vampire empire.  As we were talking ten Aurors burst into the classroom and demanded they turn over their wands.  They informed Professor Fang that he was fired from his position as the Dark Creatures professor and that Shingetsu was expelled.  He also said they were both under arrest by order of the Ministry.  Shingetsu turned over his wand but Titus snapped his rather than handing it over.  Then the Aurors sent Professor Fang and Shingetsu into the wall which knocked them out.”

Claudius continued.  “Nightmare launched himself at the Aurors and was hit with the Cruciatris curse.  Somehow Shingetsu’s magic acted even when he was unconscious and his magic blasted five of the Aurors into the opposite wall while erecting a shield around the three of us.  The Aurors were convinced Shingetsu had done something to our minds and were going to take us to St. Mungo’s in order to be ‘examined’ by healers and ‘unbrainwash’ us.  We ran to Nightmare and the shield moved with us; expanding to cover Nightmare which stopped the Cruciatris Curse.  Shingetsu opened his eyes and his magic helped him to stand and then we were flashed away along with the professor.  The last thing I saw before we left was Shingetsu blasted back into the wall and his wand snapped.”

“What else did they say?”

“They said they were under orders from the Minister to kill Professor Fang,” Tobias said.  “We aren’t sure what led up to this but Shingetsu has wondered if the headmaster doesn’t have ulterior motives for allowing the prince to go to Hogwarts.”

“We have been wondering about that ourselves.  My wife told me how he reacted when my son and a boy named Tobias Moon, who our son has written us about as being his first friend, tried to stop them from going with the guards sent with my wife and daughter to celebrate the birth of Calista.  Forgive me but I should have asked earlier.  Who are you three?  I know two of you are wards of Calista.”

“My name is Tobias Moon,” Tobias said pointing to himself.

“I’m Violet Stone,” Violet said.  Violet had blond hair and jade green eyes

“I’m Claudius Zodiac,” Claudius said.  Claudius had brown hair and blue eyes.

“We understand that matters concerning the young prince would be more important than learning our names my Lord,” Tobias said.  “It is only natural and I imagine this is true for all parents no matter their species that parents will worry when their children are in danger.”

“You are wise Tobias Moon for someone who is a first year,” King Arashi said approvingly.  He turned to Violet and Claudius. “Am I to assume you both are wards of Calista then?”

Violet and Claudius both nodded.  “And have your parents disowned you,” he said with a growl, “like you suspected?”

“Yes sire,” Violet and Claudius said.

“That bears troubling news indeed.  Well since you are both wards of Calista and since our son came to my wife who brought the matter to me in the summers and holidays you will both have rooms at the palace.  Is there anything either of you need from your homes?  I can have some of my people or perhaps the slaves would be better,” as he looked at Yuki, “to get anything you may want and bring them back here.”

“Those idiots at the Ministry are fools.  They could very well-well never mind.  It’s nothing for children to be concerned about,” Yuki said shaking her head but the three friends noticed both the king and queen appeared troubled.  After a few minutes of silence she sighed.  “However as Shingetsu’s friends and two of you being wards of Calista I suppose you have a right to know.”

“By taking our son from us and harming him which I have no doubt the Ministry has done and no doubt that he has already been sentenced to Azkaban, the humans have sparked a war with Calista.  With the vampires would be more accurate.  If Fudge has made any more stupid laws then it could very well spark a war between the humans and all the magical creatures,” Arashi said.

Before any of the children could speak up to this shocking statement a couple of guards came in.  Between them were-

“Professor Snape!” Tobias shouted.  “Are we in trouble sir?”

Severus looked at the three children and inwardly groaned.  He should have guessed the young prince would send his friends to Nightshade. “Your majesties,” Severus said bowing to the king and queen and motioning for the six year old boy to follow suit.  “I ask if my son can have sanctuary within Calista.”

“What of yourself Mr. Snape?  Do you also not seek sanctuary with us?” Queen Yuki asked as she looked at the young vampire before her.  “Although you are human you are welcome to the sanctuary we will give your son.  What will your ministry do if they find out your son is one of us?”

Severus Snape was conflicted.  He had both his masters to contend with but he also had a duty to his son and his snakes at Hogwarts.  If he left his position as a death eater it could end up bringing Voldemort and his death eaters after him.  They may kill his son if he left their service.  What would his light master do if Severus left his position as ‘spy’ for the Order of the Phoenix?  No doubt he would be thrown back into Azkaban.  “I don’t know what to do.  I want to accept sanctuary with my son but I’m afraid for my son’s life if I suddenly leave both my masters.”

“Then take the time to think on this Mr. Snape and let us know of your decision. Regardless we will give your son sanctuary here in Nightshade.”

“Do you know of anything that happened when the Aurors came to Hogwarts? How is our son?” Yuki asked.

“The Minister of Magic has issued a law saying that all students at Hogwarts have to be given a blood test to see if they have creature blood in them.  If so their wands will be snapped and they’ll be expelled from Hogwarts and not allowed an education.  I had to tell Filius Flitwick, the Charms professor who is half goblin and half human to flee.  There’s also our gamekeeper who is half giant.  I took Zen and left and Filius warned Rubeus to flee as well. They would have been thrown into Azkaban.  I think the Minister plans on putting tighter restrictions on magical creatures, no matter if they are light or dark.”

“Then I am afraid we have no choice.  We need to call a council.  Guards!”

Guards came running into the room at their king’s call.  “Yes your highness?” A black guard name Romulus asked.

“Send for the leaders of all the creatures and have them meet in the Shadow Desert.”

“Yes sire,” Romulus said as they all bowed and hurried out of the palace to send messengers to all the creatures of magical Britain.

“I am sorry but you children will not be returning to Hogwarts.   You’ll have to stay here for your own protection,” Arashi said.  “Severus Snape stay here and rest. I’ll have someone take you and Zen to a home in the city or I’m sure we can put you in a village if you prefer to be away from city life.  As for the friends of my son and heir you will be given rooms in the palace.”

“What is the council about your highness?”  Violet asked in worry for her friend.

“It is a council that marks the beginning of a war.  A war between the magical beings of Britain. You do not need to fear the creatures for they will not harm you.  Those who befriend a creature are never harmed by the creatures of the magical world.  I have will have food sent to you and you can take your repast here before being shown to your rooms and go to sleep.  Severus and Zen you are also welcome to food and in your son’s case blood.  We bid you good evening but we must get ready for this plan.  Severus you may need to come with us to the council meeting in order to relate what you have learned to the council.”

“Of course King Arashi, Queen Yuki,” Severus said bowing.

“Thank you for helping me and daddy,” Zen spoke up since they had arrived in Nightshade.

“It is our pleasure young one.  You are among kin now and we never fail to protect our own,” Yuki said.  With a word to a passing slave to bring food, drink and blood for the young vampire child as well as get rooms ready for the three friends of their son the king and queen of Calista made their way to Shadow Desert.