Hidden Inheritance




/word/=phoenix talk

‘word’=Harry’s thoughts

word=flashback/letter/article from Daily Prophet


Dumbledore Bashing

Vampire coven with Harry as head of coven

De-aged Sirius and Bellatrix

Weasley Bashing

This story will cover all seven books so it will be my longest fan fic. It will have story and comments in between.


Cold emerald eyes stared blankly at the opposite wall and the girl with flaming hair rocking back and forth opposite him.  They were beside the mass murderer Sirius Black and opposite them was Bellatrix Lestrange, infamous and slightly insane servant of the Dark Lord.  This boy was once known as the Boy-Who-Lived but now here he was in Azkaban with Ginny Molly Weasley opposite him.  Harry had to admit the girl was slightly insane but then who wouldn’t be after being possessed by the memory of a sixteen-year-old Dark Lord?

A dementor came to the cell and began to feed on Harry’s memories.  He clutched his head with his hands as his mind sank back to the day when he had rescued Ginny at the end of term.  There was an inhuman scream from the memory of Tom Riddle as Harry plunged the Basilisk fang into the diary.  Ink spilled out of the pages like blood and the memory of Tom Marvolo Riddle disappeared.  Harry felt himself stagger from the venom coursing through his veins.  As the venom reached his head, he felt a blinding pain behind his eyes and let out a scream as the basilisk venom battled the weak soul piece that the Dark Lord had unintentionally created when he had tried to kill Harry Potter twelve years ago.  There was a flash of white light as the black leech was drawn out of Harry’s scar and disappeared in black flames.  Harry had then blacked out.

He had been woken hours later by someone screaming his name.  “Harry! Harry! HARRY!”  He opened his eyes to see a shaken Ginny Weasley at his side.

“Ginny are you okay?”

“I’m s… sorry Ha… Harry.  He… m… made me do it! I didn’t wa…want to.  Tom… he… made me do those things.  Oh what will mom and dad say? What if I get expelled?!”

“Shh Ginny it’s okay.  It’s over,” Harry said and shakily sat up to hug the crying girl.  “My head feels like it’s on fire. How long have I been out?”

“A couple of hours.  I tried to wake you but you wouldn’t respond and then you stopped breathing…”

“Wait what? What do you mean I stopped breathing?”

“You stopped breathing.  You were breathing and then you just stopped,” Ginny said. 

“If I stopped breathing then that means I died,” Harry said.  “But I’m here so how is this possible?” He felt sharp canines in his mouth and ran his tongue over them, find they ended in sharp points.  “You’ve got to be KIDDING me!  I’m a fucking vampire?!”

Ginny let out a fearful gasp and backed away from Harry.  “Ginny… I won’t hurt you,” Harry said to the frightened girl.  “I came down here to save you from the Basilisk.  The roof caved in thanks to Lockhart but Ron is here too. He’s waiting for you. Just trust me,” he pleaded, hating to see the fear in her eyes.  Meanwhile his mind was spinning with the ramifications of being a vampire.  Just how the hell was he a vampire? His parents weren’t vampires were they? If they were then how was it they had died from the killing curse?

Harry blinked his eyes at the light and realized with shock that he was able to see. “I can see?” Harry asked the air, his voice showing surprise at the revelation.  He looked for his glasses and saw that they were snapped in half beneath him.  “Must have fallen on them when I blacked out,” Harry said.  He walked towards the diary and pocketed it, thinking it was best to the show the headmaster so Ginny wouldn’t be expelled.  “Come on Ginny let’s go.”

Ginny helped him up and a white light surrounded them, brightening the room before disappearing.  “Okay now this is just getting weirder by the minute,” Harry muttered and saw Ginny nod her head in agreement. 

Harry led Ginny to the cave in and was surprised to find that in addition to his improved eyesight, he could also hear better than usual. ‘Must have to do with me being a vampire.  Maybe the headmaster knows about this and can tell me more.’   They stopped as he heard Ron talking to himself outside on the other side of the blocked passage.

“I guess Potter and Ginny are dead.  Stupid Potter dragging me into this mess of his. Him and his schemes that nearly get me and Hermione killed every year.  First it was the Sorcerer’s Stone. Then this year he drags me into the Forbidden Forest when we aren’t supposed to be out of school after curfew and then down here to the mythical Chamber of Secrets to kill a Basilisk.  And Ginny is just an annoying brat who’s always trying to bother me.  I’m glad she’s dead.  If it wasn’t for the money Dumbledore was paying me then I wouldn’t even be friends with him.  I can just go back and say that there was a cave in and by the time I got there that Ginny and Potter were dead.”

Harry frowned as he heard this.  He couldn’t believe that Ron would betray him like that.  What about Hermione? The Weasley family? Were they all out to steal his money?  He walked forward with Ginny behind him and spoke up.  “Ron? Hey are you still there?”

“Harry? You’re alive!”  But Harry could hear the disappointment in Ron’s voice at his being alive.  “Is Ginny with you?”

“Ron? Ron is that you?” Ginny asked rushing forward.

“Ginny!  Don’t worry I’ll get you two out.  What took you two so long? I was getting worried.” 

‘Fat chance,’ Harry thought to himself as his eyes flashed to pure blackness for a moment before changing back to their emerald green. “Killing the Basilisk was harder than I thought,” Harry said.  “I ended up blacking out after it and only woke up ten minutes ago.”

“Well come on then. Let’s get these rocks cleared away. Ginny needs to get looked at by Madam Pomfrey,” Ron said. 

“Sure Ron,” Harry said and pulled out his wand only for it to erupt into flames and turn to ash in his hands.  Harry yelped in shock and stared at the pile of ash in his hand. 

“What happened? Did something happen to Ginny?”

“My wand burst into flames when I took it out,” Harry said. 

“Oh that’s too bad,” Ron said. 

Again the newborn’s eyes flashed with anger but he pushed it down and focused on shifting the rocks.  A dark phoenix suddenly appeared in a flash of black flames and settled on Harry’s shoulder, letting out a soothing trill which took away his anger.  “Eh hello,” Harry said to the phoenix.  The phoenix had black and red feathers with obsidian eyes.  It nuzzled Harry’s head affectionately and let out another soothing trill. 

/Hello young one.  I am Nexus and am your familiar./

Harry jumped a foot in the air at the voice in his head.  Ginny looked at the dark phoenix with wonder in her eyes.  “Who are you exactly?”

/I am a dark phoenix. We serve dark creatures and dark wizards. We are the opposite of the light phoenixes young master.  I have been waiting for your creature inheritance to awaken for some time now./

“My… creature… inheritance?”

/Did you not wonder why the other phoenix did not help you? It was because the other phoenix could see that you were a dark creature so it did not come to your aid.  I would have come sooner if your creature inheritance had not been blocked when you were a baby.”

“Who blocked it? And what of Hedwig?”

/I am afraid to say that animals tend to be afraid of dark creatures such as dementors, vampires, dark veela, and werewolves.  Hedwig will want nothing to do with you anymore master now that your vampire gene has awoken and changed you.  As to your first question that was Albus Dumbledore.  And the white light that surrounded you and the girl was a soul bond.  By wizarding law you are now legal adults./

Harry said nothing but inside he was furious and Nexus sensed his master’s anger.  He lifted Ginny up and watched her crawl through the gap before crawling through himself.  Nexus flew through the gap after him and stared at Ron with hatred.  What the dark phoenix wouldn’t love to peck out the weasel’s eyes for betraying his master.  They then made their way to the Headmaster’s office where they were met by Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and the elderly headmaster.

“Ginny!” Mrs. Weasley shouted and hugged her daughter.  Mr. Weasley looked at Harry and then the dark phoenix sitting on his shoulder before managing a painful smile.

“It’s good to see you’re okay Ginny,” Mr. Weasley said.  “We were so worried about when you went missing.  Glad to see that Ron rescued you.”

“Harry rescued me daddy,” Ginny said.  “It was Tom Riddle who made me do those things.  Harry killed the Basilisk and defeated Tom Riddle.”

“Who is Tom Riddle?” Mr. Weasley asked the headmaster.

The headmaster was staring at Harry and the dark phoenix on his shoulder in shock.  Fawkes let out a trill of fear and flew up into the headmaster’s bedroom.  The newly awakened vampire had a black aura around him which made everyone except for the dark phoenix and Ginny shudder in fear and back away.  Neither of the two mentioned people seemed to notice. 

“Tom Riddle was once a student here at Hogwarts fifty years ago,” the headmaster said.  “He was a bright charismatic student who grew up in an orphanage and was the last descendant of Salazar Slytherin.  He now goes by the name Voldemort.”

The Weasleys flinched at the name and looked at Harry again. 

“It was this diary headmaster,” Harry said pulling out the diary with the basilisk fang still inside it.  He proceeded to tell the story, starting from the time that he and Ron had gone to visit Hermione in the Hospital Wing and how she had torn a page out of a library book about Basilisks, how Harry had realized it was a snake and that because he was a parslemouth he was the only one who could hear the snake, how they had gone looking for Professor Lockhart in the staff room and had hidden in the wardrobe where they had found out Ginny had been taken, how they had snuck out of the Gryffindor dorms and found Professor Lockhart, discovered he was a fraud and had guessed that the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets was in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, how they had gone down into the Chamber, how Lockhart had tried to wipe their minds with Ron’s broken wand and how it had backfired, hitting him instead and causing a cave in, how Harry had proceeded alone, met Tom Riddle and had defeated the Basilisk. 

“That’s quite an interesting story you thought of Harry,” the headmaster said looking at them.  “But I’m afraid I will have to expel you both and have you arrested for releasing a dangerous creature on the students of Hogwarts.”

“WHAT?!” Harry shouted and Ginny burst into tears.  “But headmaster!”

“Don’t ‘but headmaster’ me Mr. Potter.  You admitted you are a parselmouth.  I don’t believe that Tom Riddle was possessing Miss Weasley.  Arthur please call some Aurors here to escort these two to Azkaban.”

Mr. Weasley went to do as the headmaster commanded and the headmaster took the diary from Harry.  “Now you two are going to wait right there until the Aurors come to arrest you,” the headmaster said pointing the elder wand at the two confused and terrified children. 

“Mom don’t! Harry didn’t do anything!” Ginny pleaded, turning to her mother.

“Ginerva Weasley you are dead to me.  I thought I raised you better than this.  To consort with a dark creature and to release a Basilisk on your fellow students but I guess I was wrong.”

Mr. Weasley turned back to the others as he finished making the floo call.  “What do you mean by ‘dark creature’ Molly?”

“I am afraid that Molly is right, Arthur.  Harry Potter is a vampire.”

Ron fainted to which Harry snickered.  “That phoenix on his shoulder is a dark phoenix. They only bond with dark creatures and dark wizards.  They are the opposite of regular phoenixes,” the headmaster continued.  “I knew that Harry was a vampire but I blocked his creature inheritance so it would never arise and take over the boy’s soul but something must have happened to make the blockage on his creature inheritance break.  I’m afraid there is nothing that can be done for your daughter. It appears she has been taken in by the vampire.”

The fire flared green and five people stepped into the headmaster’s office, led by Cornelius Fudge.  He was followed by Kingsley Shacklebolt, Amelia Bones, and three unnamed Aurors who didn’t bother to introduce themselves.  “What’s all this then?” Cornelius asked pleasantly.  “Why are you back here Dumbledore when you were suspended?”

“Ah Minister,” the headmaster said.  “It appears that the Board of Governors decided I was fit for the position after all. They told me strange stories about how Lucius Malfoy threatened to kill them and their families if they didn’t comply to sign the order to get me banned from Hogwarts.  But no matter I have caught the culprits responsible for the attacks on the students at the school.”

“And who might they be?” Fudge asked.

“Mr. Potter and Miss Weasley.”

The Aurors stared at Harry and Ginny in shock.  “The Boy-Who-Lived?!” One of the unnamed Aurors shouted staring at Harry in shock.

“Yes.  Oh and don’t go near him. He’s a vampire,” Dumbledore said.

“V… va…”  The Auror fainted. 

“Now see here Dumbledore! You can’t just let dark creatures into Hogwarts like this.  He could have bitten somebody!” Fudge shouted.

“I placed a block on his creature inheritance when I found out what it was,” Dumbledore said. “But somehow it broke free.  Oh and there was a tremor through the castle.  That only happens when a soul bond is created.  I’m sorry Mr. and Mrs. Weasley but it appears your daughter…”

“She is not my daughter!” Mrs. Weasley shouted.

Mr. Weasley said nothing but all could see the grief on his face.  “and the vampire have a soul bond.”

Fudge didn’t bother to hear anymore and had the two students arrested and transported back to a Ministry holding cell to await trial. They were held in the trial without food or water, and in the case of Harry, blood for a week before the trial was commenced.  Nobody would take their case because of Harry being a vampire, not that they were allowed to tell their side of the story anyway.  Dumbledore presented the evidence, had Ron called as a witness and they were sentenced to life in Azkaban. 

The memory faded and Harry was once more left with his thoughts as the dementor floated away.  Beside him, the mass murderer, Sirius Black, moaned in agony.  “No don’t.  I’m sorry James.  I didn’t know he would betray us.”  Harry hadn’t bothered talking to the man as he made no sense.  The newborn vampire was weak from lack of blood.  They had been in this cell for two weeks and nobody had come to visit them.  His only comfort was Nexus who had flashed into the prison after flashing away to avoid being killed by the killing curse shot from one of the Aurors when Nexus had tried to defend his master.  The dementor left Black when it had its fill and silence reigned again, broken only by the whimpers of the man next to him and the insane laughter of the woman opposite his cell. 

A flash of light appeared in the cell and before them was a box with a letter attached to it.  Harry looked around him and made his way to the box, before he removed the letter and unfolded it. 

Dear Harry Potter and Co.,

Here you will find seven books on Harry Potter’s life.  These books will tell you what type of future you would have had Mr. Potter if your creature inheritance hadn’t been awoken when the Basilisk killed you.  Yes Mr. Potter, you did die in the Chamber of Secrets and your vampire gene saved you and brought you back to life. 

These books are in fact true.  Now you may hate Mr. Black when you discover what he has done in the third book but please refrain from killing him until the end of the third book. Note also that Mrs. Lestrange is not the woman she appears to be.  Talk to her and allow her to tell her story.  You will see she was under use of an Imperious Potion.  The Imperious spell is one of the Unforgivables, all three of which can earn you a lifetime in Azkaban if you are caught using them against another human being.

The books are to be read in this order:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

After reading these books you can decide what to do with your life.  The books will disappear when the dementors make their rounds.  I suggest heading to America where you’ll be free of the Dark Lord and his followers as well as those who betrayed you.


A Friend

P.S. You can count on Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom to stick by you.

P.P.S. You will also find that I have stocked you with blood bottles until you are able to free yourself from this prison. 

Harry looked at the letter in his hands, puzzled over who could have sent it to him.  Harry looked at Ginny whose eyes shown with curiosity as she looked at the box and then to Bellatrix who had fallen silent.  He turned his head to look at Sirius Black who had also fallen silent and was staring back at Harry.  “Well I guess we have no choice.  Going to be stuck here anyway for the rest of our lives,” Harry said.  He grabbed a bottle of blood from the box and uncorked it before taking a gulp.  “Guess we’ll take turns reading it but how are you supposed to read it Bellatrix?”

Another flash of light and a second paper appeared in Harry’s lap.  He set the first one down and picked up the second one.

Mr. Black and Mrs. Lestrange will be transported to your cell when it is their turn to read the book.  The box of books will be invisible to everyone except you four.  Not even the headmaster or the Aurors will be able to see the box.

“Well then I guess I’ll start,” Harry said.  He didn’t know why he wasn’t afraid of the letter or the box of books in the cell.  And he was grateful to see that he had three friends at Hogwarts to count on.  He turned the first book over in his hands and cleared his throat.


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