Slave to Free

“Severus Snape my healers can remove the marks that enslave you to two masters now,” Arashi said looking at the former potions master of Hogwarts.

“Thank you sire,” Severus said.

“Don’t thank me until the marks are removed and they will be.  My healers are the best.  And I’m not your master or your king so none of that ‘sire’ stuff Severus.  Get some rest when it’s over.  You may be in pain for a while after the marks are removed but once it’s done you’ll truly be free.  And you’re welcome.”

Severus made his way down to the hospital wing.  “Professor Snape?” The female vampire asked as she looked up from the window seat she was sitting on. 

Severus looked up at the vampire before him.  She had waist length silky auburn hair with almond shaped sapphire eyes.  He felt his heart skip a beat as he gazed at her.  This was something different from Lily.  “It’s Mr. Snape Miss…?”

“Forgive me Mr. Snape.  I’m Selena Ravenscar. I’ll be your healer while I remove the marks on you that bind you forcefully into slavery.  If you could please lie on one of the beds we can get started.”

Selena walked over to the bed that Snape had laid down on and pushed up the sleeve of his shirt on his left arm.  The dark mark was easy to find.  The light mark was nowhere to be seen but that didn’t mean it wasn’t hidden somewhere. Pulling out her wand she performed some quick diagnostic spells and then her face turned into a scowl as anger flashed in her eyes. 

“What is it?”

“It appears that Dumbledore did not just mark you Mr. Snape.  He also put compulsion charms on you to be mean to Neville Longbottom, loyalty spells, memory modifications, and placed blocks on your magic.  King Arashi and Queen Yuki will want to hear of this.”

“Can you fix everything?”

“Yes.  But you may end up being here in the hospital wing longer than expected.  I’m going to put you to sleep now so I can remove everything without you feeling pain.”

Severus nodded and Selena put him into a deep pain numbing sleep.  He wouldn’t awaken until he was healed fully.

Selena examined the dark mark and easily detected the dark magic surrounding it.  “Semi fetch King Arashi and Queen Yuki and bring them to the hospital wing!”

Semi, another female vampire, hurried out of the hospital wing and made her way to the king and queen’s quarters.  “What the hell happened to you?”  Selena asked the quiet room.

Arashi and Yuki came into the room and glanced at Severus lying on the bed before turning their attention to Selena.  “What warrants our presence Selena Ravenscar?”  Yuki asked.

“I am sorry for disturbing you both your majesties but it appears there is more problems with Mr. Snape then was originally suspected.”

“What type of problems?” Arashi asked.

So Selena began to explain everything she had found wrong just with examining the former potions master of Hogwarts.  Most of the problems seemed to link back to Dumbledore. 

“It seems the headmaster of Hogwarts and the ‘leader of the light’ is more evil than we imagined.  Do what you can for him.  He won’t be going back to Hogwarts for his own safety.  Alert us when he is awake.”

“Yes your majesties,” Selena said with a bowl. 

Arashi and Yuki left the hospital wing.  “Dear I think our healer is interested in the Potions Master,” Yuki said to her husband.

“What makes you say that Yuki?”

“Selena kept glancing at the Potions Master when she was talking to us about his condition.”

Arashi just looked at his wife in shock and then laughed.  “Well we may end up having a new citizen of Calista then if they get together.  Yuki we need to figure out something for schooling the children.”

“That’s true.  Perhaps you should call another meeting.  I don’t think it will be safe for us to send the children to school anywhere with a war coming.  Perhaps we should place a school in Shadow Desert.  We can find staff easily among the human spouses and creatures.”

“You’re right.  The children need to be educated in both magical and muggle subjects.  I’ll hold a meeting in a couple of weeks.  I can’t understand why Hogwarts doesn’t teach muggle subjects.  How are the witches and wizards who are half-blood or muggle born and have grown up in the wizarding world explain their absence?  How can they get a job since they have no proper muggle education if they leave the wizarding world?  It makes no sense at all.”

“Your majesties!” Tobias ran into the room and quickly bowed.  “Prince Shingetsu is awake and asking for you.”

“Thank you Tobias,” Arashi said. 

Arashi and Yuki made their way to their son’s room and saw that he was indeed awake as Tobias Moon had said.  A healer was sitting beside him on the bed but upon her king and queen entering got quickly up and gave a bow before disappearing into the hallway so that they might have some privacy.

“Shingetsu my son,” Yuki said as she sat beside him on the bed, her navy blue dress pooling around her feet as she laid a hand on her son’s head.  “How are you?”

“Better mom.  What happened to Zeus?  The last thing I remember is being rescued by two guards.”

“Prince Zeus is dead Shingetsu,” Yuki said.  “He was hit with a cutting curse by the Aurors and didn’t make it.  The army that was left at Azkaban was halted by Aurors before they could escape.  You’ve been in a coma for two months now.”

Tears came to Shingetsu’s eyes at the loss of his friend.  “I’ll KILL Dumbledore for this!”

“You aren’t going anywhere Shingetsu until you get some rest,” Arashi ordered his son. “A war is starting and you won’t be going back to Hogwarts.  Neither will your human friends and the children of the other creatures.  We’ll show these humans not to mess with creatures any longer.”

Selena worked on Severus Snape all through the night.  After removing the dark mark she removed the dark magic that linked Voldemort to his death eaters.  Finding the light mark was harder and it took her half an hour to find it.  At midnight she laid her wand down and went to her office to sleep after posting an assistant healer to come for her if Severus showed any signs of waking.  It was going to be hard explaining what had been done to her patient when he awoke but he already looked much healthier than when he had entered Nightshade two months ago. Perhaps he is the mate I have been waiting for.  I definitely feel a bond between us.  But does he feel the same for me?


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