Breaking Off

Arashi called an emergency meeting of all the creatures to meet in Shadow Desert.  The leaders all apparated and made their way to the war chamber of Darlicrea Building.  Darlicrea stood for Dark and Light Creatures.  It was where the leaders of the creatures gathered in times of war and to get a respite from ruling their respective subjects.  Only visible to creatures, Shadow Desert could also be used as a sanctuary for the creatures of Britain. A normal human; muggle, squib, half-blood or magical; would see nothing but a wide expanse of black sand with permanent twilight. 

“First Romulus has some news,” Arashi said once everyone had gathered.

“Thanks Arashi. As you all know the rescue of our fellow subjects was successful as was the destruction of the Death Eaters and other supporters of Voldemort. Prince Shingetsu and Prince Zeus were rescued from their cells and the other creatures made it safely to Nightshade, the vampire capital of Calista.  But before my son and Arashi’s son could escape Aurors showed up at Azkaban.  A battle began in which the werewolves and vampires left there killed all the Aurors but in the process my son and heir was hit with a cutting curse and bled out before they could escape.  We also lost a few vampires and werewolves in that battle.  I believe it is time to declare war on magical Britain and possibly the rest of the magical world.  They need to learn that creatures will not be abused or restricted any longer.”

“What of Prince Shingetsu?”  The leader of the Griffins asked. 

“Prince Shingetsu was dying by the time he was taken from Azkaban.  He is still recovering but my healers expect him to make a full recovery. He is notably pissed off at Dumbledore and the Ministry for throwing him in that place in the first place and means to have his revenge.”

There were cries and squawks from the gathering.  “An important thing we need to get rid of is the acromantula that have set up residence within the Forbidden Forest. According to the centaur and unicorn herds the acromantula were introduced by half-giant Rubeus Hagrid shortly before his untimely expulsion from Hogwarts.  They are unnatural to our world and have no business taking over the remaining territory of the centaurs and the unicorns. We will need to wipe them out first thing in order to protect ourselves and our children at Hogwarts.”

“I have some important news Arashi if I may?” Lord Grim asked.

“Of course Grim. The floor is yours.”

“One of my subjects, a dementor, not one of the human citizens of the Isle of Azkaban or the Druid Islands, found a ritual to break us from human control. However it requires a sacrifice and can only be done on the Night of Chaos.”

The other creatures shuddered at that.  “Do you know who the sacrifice will be Grim and will it affect your human citizens?”

“No to both questions Arashi.  We have about six months before the Night of Chaos comes to pass.  In addition to freeing my fellow kin from human control it will also give Azkaban and the Druid Islands complete autonomy from the British Ministry of Magic.  We will be a free country again.”

“Six months of hell for your people Grim.  Will you be able to handle it?”

Grim nodded.  “The Azkabanians are excited that we will be free in six months but are worried about the sacrifice. They have already placed objections to me sacrificing myself even though I haven’t talked about it yet.”

“You are a good leader Grim.  Your people love you, both dementor and human.”

There were mummers of agreement.  “Now I think we should start by breaking completely off from the wizard world for now but first let’s put an article in the Daily Prophet and other papers around the world.  Let’s see just how the humans react to our declaration of open war, something that is sadly long overdue.”

Forty Aurors Found Dead at Azkaban

By Johnathan Panel

This morning forty Aurors were found dead last night when the morning shift went on duty.  Aurors checked the prison and found out that all the creatures that had been arrested and sentenced to Azkaban had escaped from their cells.  Even the princes of the vampire and werewolf nations escaped from Azkaban.  It appears that the Aurors were torn apart by wild animals in the battle that ensued.  There is no evidence to suggest where they went.  What does this mean for wizards and witches throughout Britain?  Where were the Dementors during the time this escape and attack took place?  The Ministry and the readers want to know!

Creatures of Britain Declare War!

By Johnathan Panel

Early this morning a letter was sent to the Daily Prophet and signed by all the creature leaders.  The letter is to be printed in its entirety:

To the wizards and witches of Magical Britain,

Vampires have been hunted by the Ministry for six hundred years.  Werewolves have been hunted since the 1400s.  Magical Britain is stuck in the Victorian Era and Hogwarts has fallen from what it was when the founders were alive.  No wonder Britain and Hogwarts are the laughing stock of the rest of the wizarding world. Purebloods rule and take most positions in your government which pushes muggle born and half-bloods out of the magical world upon finishing their education.  Lies are spread about Salazar Slytherin for reasons we can only guess.  You enslave the house elves, enslaved the Dementors and stole their lands from them; you mistreat the Goblins when they are the ones handling your money, and even have a law that says you can rape muggle born and squibs.  How many of you humans know about that last law?  But mentioning the law that muggle born and squibs can be raped and held hostage by purebloods is not the point of our letter.

We, the creatures of Magical Britain, are fed up with the wizards and witches thinking they are superior to creatures. Too long have we been enslaved, restricted, and nearly driven to extinction by humans.  We will no longer tolerate this treatment.  When the witch trials were occurring in Salem and the United Kingdom the magical world was also issuing a war against creatures.  We declare that we are now breaking off from Magical Britain and declare war on the human population of the magical world.


The creatures of Britain

Wizards and witches I ask you what will you do now that the creatures have declared war on us?  We are finally at peace after the Boy-Who-Lived saved us from Voldemort and now we have another war upon us by inferior beings?   These creatures should have been wiped out long ago. 

An owl brought a paper to Shadow Desert later that morning and Arashi quickly enlarged the article so that everyone could read it.  They all started laughing as they began reading the influx of panicked letters from the humans of magical Britain freaking out.  “Has Gringotts closed down?”  Prince Gale asked.

“Yes all branches of Gringotts around the world and the main branch in Diagon Alley shut down this morning.  All wizarding vaults are hereby frozen and the humans won’t be able to get to their vaults. They’re already starting to panic,” Goldfang said with a smile.  “There was already a riot outside the bank in Diagon Alley.  The guards ended up throwing them out of the bank and sealed the doors.”

“Do you think Fawkes will break free from Dumbledore?” 

“Hopefully.  Phoenixes are noble creatures and don’t deserve to be forced into slavery.  We need to figure out what to do about the house elves.  There has to be some way to free them from their human masters.”

In the headmaster’s office Dumbledore threw down that morning’s edition of the Daily Prophet in disgust.  He had just gotten back from Gringotts and was disturbed that he couldn’t gain access to Neville Longbottom’s trust fund or his own vaults.  They had been frozen once it had been confirmed at Azkaban that Neville had been ripped apart.  Now who was going to save the wizarding world from Voldemort when he came back?  Who could he use now to defeat Tom Riddle since both boys of the prophecy were now dead?

Pushing back his chair he made his way over to Fawkes who squawked in terror as he saw his master’s eyes.  Fawkes had been forcefully bonded to Dumbledore after Grindelwald became a Dark Lord.  “I suppose you think this funny don’t you?” Dumbledore asked the phoenix.  “Well you’re not ever getting away from me.”

Fawkes stared back at Dumbledore with a mixture of terror and anger in his eyes.  Dumbledore was furious that Hagrid, Flitwick and Severus had vanished from Hogwarts.  When he went to go to tend to matters elsewhere in the school, Fawkes began to break the bond enslaving him to the headmaster.  In his years of slavery Fawkes had learned that Dumbledore wasn’t as light and kind as he pretended to be.  The old man wanted power and he didn’t care who he had to kill or use to get that power.  The humans who treated him like a God or the next Merlin and were his loyal supporters were fools.

Screaming in pain Fawkes fell off his perch as he worked quickly to sever the bond tying him to Dumbledore and several other bonds that kept him forcefully at Hogwarts.  Hearing footsteps Fawkes severed the last bond holding him just as the headmaster came towards him.  “YOU STUPID BIRD!  YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM ME!  BOMBARDA!”

Because Fawkes had been under the bonds for so long he didn’t have time to get out of the way as the spell hit him.  Instead he was blasted back into the wall and let out another scream as he felt his spine snap along with both his wings.  “CRUCIO!”  The scream continued as the noble bird was hit with the torture curse.  On top of the pain he was already feeling Fawkes was suffering from the effects of severing the bond and breaking it quickly like he had instead of breaking it slowly like most phoenixes did.  Looking up through his blurry vision Fawkes flashed away only to collapse in front of the palace in the Phoenix Kingdom.  As he looked around he saw other phoenixes that had been forcefully bonded to human masters appearing and their cries filled the air before they blacked out.

“DAMN THAT BIRD!” Dumbledore shouted as he began to destroy his office in his rage.  With the death of Neville Longbottom his monitoring charms and little gadgets had exploded.  Waving his wand he repaired the damage to his office and then fell to the floor screaming in pain as he dealt with the after effects of the broken bond.  He had kept the silencing spell up so nobody would be able to hear him scream.  He was at a loss as to what to do now. His plans were falling apart.  Nobody disagreed with Albus Dumbledore!  He was the leader of the light.  He was the one who had locked up Grindelwald after defeating him and he was the one who had made Lord Voldemort the way he was. He would defeat these creatures and put them in their place or wipe them all out in the process if needed.  Nothing would stand in his way of world domination!

The Minister was not having a good day.  First the morning shift of Aurors to Azkaban had found forty dead Aurors and all the creatures and human spouses of the creatures taken from Azkaban.  The Dementors had been nowhere to be found and had not done their duty in helping restrain the other creatures.  Then Gringotts had shut down all their banks around the world and the wizarding world was beginning to panic since they couldn’t access their funds.  On top of that a letter had been printed in the Daily Prophet saying the creatures were going to start a war with Britain and the rest of the magical world.  He was being swamped with howlers from angry people, mainly purebloods, saying that something needed to be done to fix the problem.    This was going to ruin his chance of election.  As if he didn’t have enough to deal with due to the fact that the Boy-Who-Lived had been a werewolf and had then been ripped apart while in Azkaban.  Fudge’s life was going to hell quickly.


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