Arriving back in Nightshade the remaining vampires and werewolves saw that Romulus and his mate Jasmine were gazing at their dead son on the altar.  The wolves all transformed and howled at the moon.  They howled their anger and sadness over the loss of their prince and then lowered their heads.  The vampires were saddened for their cousins and remained quiet.

Arashi and Yuki looked tired.  The vampires, no all the creatures, knew that this upcoming war would take a toll on their leaders.  “Romulus I’m sorry we couldn’t save young Zeus from being killed.”

“How did this happen?!” He growled in anger at his vampires and the werewolves.  Romulus too bared his teeth and snarled at his werewolves who all cowered on the ground in front of their king while the vampires whimpered.

Romulus lunged forward and grabbed the cowering Colonel Bane by his neck, lifted him up and slammed him back into the ground. The other wolves didn’t move to help their leader for fear that they would also get punished.  Romulus was in a rage and battered the blond werewolf before carefully picking up his son in his jaws and storming into the castle followed closely by Jasmine.  Colonel Bane whimpered as Arashi and Yuki looked down at him.  “Give your alphas some time Bane.  Though I also wonder what exactly happened at Azkaban. Send for one of the healers and they’ll heal your wounds.  Then I suggest you all retire and stay out of your alphas’ and my way for the next few days until Romulus calms down.”

Bane nodded and dragged himself towards the King of Vampires and leader of the Shadow Phoenix clan before licking his hand.  Arashi just shook his head and walked back into the palace with Yuki at his side.  The injured werewolves and vampires made their way to their respective camps and one of the vampires went to fetch a couple of healers to heal the injured.

Romulus was busy destroying the room Arashi and Yuki had given him and his mate when Jasmine pushed the door open with her muzzle.  She saw their son lying on their bed as her alpha and mate began shredding the plus soft carpet on the floor.  Their son would never move again.  He had been stolen from them a month ago. Somehow Aurors had killed the two guards and whisked their son away to Azkaban without any of the packs knowing of it.  Later they had found out that one of the alphas had leaked information to the Aurors.  That werewolf had been ripped apart by Romulus in a rage and the two guards had had died while trying to protect the young prince had been given an honorary funeral. Their bodies had been burned on pyres built out of sticks.  The honorary death was only given to those werewolves who had died protecting a member of the royal family or to children who had died before they had reached adolescence.

Jasmine transformed back into her human form and went to sit on the bed.  She gathered her dead son in her arms and brushed his bangs out of his eyes.  His sea green eyes that were flecked with amber were blank.  Romulus threw back his head again and howled in anger and grief while cursing the humans in his mind.  Saddened he transformed back into his human form and sat beside his mate with tears in his eyes.

“It isn’t your fault Romulus that Zeus died.  It isn’t anyone’s fault.  No,” she said as Romulus opened his mouth to protest, ‘it isn’t even Colonel Bane’s fault that Zeus died.  How were they to know that Aurors would come back to the island and trap them there?  How were they to know that our son would get hit with a cutting curse and that Shingetsu would begin to die as well?  Nobody could have known that would happen.  If it’s anyone’s fault then it is the humans.  They have restricted us too long and these new laws they enacted have just restricted all creatures further.”

“It is odd,” Romulus said after a moment.

“What is that love?”

“Don’t you find it odd that no werewolves have been allowed into Hogwarts since Remus Lupin was there?  No vampires have been there in twenty years since Titus Fang but then all of a sudden Shingetsu is allowed to go to Hogwarts?  I wonder if something deeper is going on that we don’t know about.  And what about the ‘Dark Creatures’ class that suddenly sprang to life when Titus went there as Shingetsu’s guard?  When have new classes ever sprung to life at Hogwarts?  When has the curriculum ever changed?”

“Why wasn’t there a class on light creatures?” Jasmine asked understanding where her mate and husband was going with this discussion.  “He can’t possibly know about Shingetsu being born Harry Potter can he?”

“No.  Not to my knowledge.  You know all the creatures have been sworn to keep that a secret.  The poor boy would have been used if anything had happened to Neville Longbottom.  And that’s something else.  Dumbledore is supposedly the ‘greatest wizard ever’ in modern times. Why didn’t he see that Tom Riddle was going dark?  Why did he do nothing to stop Tom in the first war and let thousands of innocents die?  Why is willing to ruin two innocent children’s’ lives just for a prophecy?”

“I don’t know the answers to your questions Romulus but it does make me wonder now that I think about it.  Things have just seemed to go downhill for us creatures since Prince Shingetsu was accepted at Hogwarts. Should we talk to the leaders?”

“Yes we should. Something needs to be done to protect both the light and dark creatures.  In this war there is neither light or dark.  There are only the humans and creatures.  Both light and dark creatures will side together in this war.  Even the light creatures have been restricted.  Look at the centaurs who have been restricted to the Forbidden Forest.  The dementors who are prisoners in their own home and forced to serve wizard kind. The goblins who are mistreated by the wizards and witches.  Even the owls are mistreated in a way.”

“You mean how they use owls to carry letters back and forth instead of using muggle means of communication?”

“Yes.  I’d like to know whose bright idea it was to use owls to send letters to each other.  The muggles don’t mistreat them like that.  Can you imagine if it got leaked to the muggles about magic and about owls carrying letters? They’d probably try to kidnap young owls and cage them to be like us.  Look at all the animals they keep in zoos and the poachers who kill innocent animals for their tusks or their fur.  Look at the muggles who hunt for sport instead of for food and clothing.  That’s cruel and they don’t see anything wrong with it.”

“That is true.  I too don’t understand how some muggles can be so cruel as to think it’s okay to use hunting as a sport.  And you’re right that muggle children who were fascinated with magic might try to cage owls and use them to deliver messages to each other.  Did you know that poor Fawkes had a forced bond to Dumbledore?”

“Yes.  It’s sad that a supposed ‘good wizard’ can do that to a noble bird.  Are you calm enough now to find out what happened at Azkaban?”

“Yes but we should find out about Shingetsu first.”

Jasmine smiled at her husband and the alphas walked through the halls until they came to Arashi and Yuki’s room. “Arashi may we come in?” Romulus asked as he knocked softly on the door.

“Enter,” Arashi said with sorrow in his voice.

The alphas entered and saw Arashi sitting on his bed. Yuki was nowhere to be found.  The two alphas suspected that she was with Shingetsu.  “What’s wrong with Shingetsu?”

“He was suffering from paralysis due to being separated from Nightmare.  He’s also suffering from starvation and had a broken arm when he was found.  He also had a concussion from where he had been slammed against the wall as well as a few broken ribs and a fractured skull.  His spleen burst and he was hemorrhaging.  That’s why he was convulsing.  The spell the Aurors hit him with didn’t help matters.  The healers had to break his arm again and reset it so that it could heal properly and they brought Nightmare, or rather Nightmare found Shingetsu,” at this a slight smile graced his face, “and he appears to be healing.  If he had been separated from Nightmare one more day then he would have died.  I’m sorry that we didn’t rescue your son and the other creatures in time.  Yuki is with him right now.  We are sorry for your loss and you are welcome to stay here as long as you need.  Your wolves as well.”

“Thank you but once my wolves are healed I think we should return to our homeland.  We are glad that Shingetsu is going to be alright.”

“Will Brian take up the leadership after you?”

“Yes.  Unless we have another heir he will take control of the werewolves in the event of our demise.”

Arashi nodded and shook his head.  They talked about their suspicions about why Shingetsu had been allowed into Hogwarts after twenty years and why no other werewolves had been allowed in Hogwarts after Remus Lupin had graduated.  But none of them had any answers.  “The other creatures will go to their respective kin after they are checked by our healers.  Though Nightshade may be crowded for a while I fear.”

Romulus and Jasmine excused themselves and went back to their room where they lay with their son between them and fell into a fitful sleep.  They knew, as did all the humanoid creatures, that nobody would be getting any sleep for a long time.  They will pay for what they did.  The wizards and witches of Britain will see what happens when they start a war with creatures! THEY WILL ALL PAY!


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