Battle at Azkaban

Before the line of vampires and werewolves was a group of forty humans.  The vampires and werewolves growled in anger and pointed their wands at the human guards.  The heirs of the Werewolf and Vampire Nations were more important than their own lives.  Rescuing the heirs of the werewolf and vampire nations as well as the rest of the creatures and destroying the supporters of Lord Voldemort were the reasons for their mission.  If they didn’t save the werewolf and vampire heirs then nothing mattered anymore.

“This is none of your concern human,” spat a vampire.

“Oh this is too our concern when disgusting creatures are breaking into Azkaban,” a middle aged Auror replied.  “Drop what you’re holding and lay down your wands.  We’ll give you nice cells in Azkaban.”

“Do you really think we would listen to a bunch of disgusting sheep?” This time a black werewolf spoke up and he felt his canines lengthening.  The rest of the werewolves’ canines began lengthening and the vampires claws began to grow.  Some of the wolves had embraced the wolf inside them and their eyes were more yellow than amber.  What the humans didn’t know was that Wolfsbane was poisonous to a werewolf and that they would slowly go insane if they took it.  If a werewolf accepted the wolf within them then they would be able to transform at will and the transformations would be less painful then if the werewolf didn’t accept their inner wolf.  The wolves who lived among the humans didn’t know that. They didn’t know because the wolves who lived within the werewolf nation didn’t want the humans to discover their secret.  It was the one advantage they had over the humans.  The full moon just strengthened their power.

Some of the wolves who had embraced their wolf and lived among humans chose to only transform on the full moon to protect the rest of their kin and the werewolf nation.  Inside the werewolves’ heads their inner wolves were growling and struggling to get out in order to protect their prince and the vampire prince as well.  The vampires had no such problems but in all the vampires’ minds was a desire to protect their prince and the heir to Calista.

“Who are you human to demand of us anything?” Colonel Bane asked.  Colonel Bane was a colonel in the werewolf army. He had been left behind along with Colonel Rabastan, who was a colonel in the vampire army, to make sure the two heirs were successfully removed from Azkaban.  The dementors were nowhere in sight as they had fled into the underground tunnels of their home.

“I am Auror Barthelme,” the leader of the group of humans said.  “Are you aware of the laws issued recently by the Minister of Magic?”

“Of course we are. They’re stupid and created by bigots.  No wonder Britain and Hogwarts are the laughing stock of the wizarding world!”

“How dare you creature!  Creatures like yourself should have been killed from the day you were born!”

“Get the princes out of here!” Colonel Rabastan shouted to the werewolf and vampire who were each holding their respective princes.

“Not so fast.  Crucio!”  Forty voices shouted the torture spell and cast it at the vampires and werewolves. The use of the unforgivable was allowed to be used on creatures and slaves.  Screaming the first two lines of the vampires and werewolves fell to the floor screaming in pain.  Of course all this did was further piss off them all off and now the inner wolves were screaming for blood.  The werewolves were having a hard time holding their inner wolves in check and they weren’t sure now that they wanted to hold their wolves in check.

“You will surrender the vampire and werewolf heirs, turn over your wands and give yourselves up immediately.  And where are the dementors?!”

The vampires and werewolves smirked.  “Stupefy!”  A vampire shouted and the battle began.

Spells flew along the hallway.  Communicating telepathically the werewolves began shifting at will and the humans stared in shock as fur began sprouting on the werewolves.  Claws and teeth fully lengthened as their bodies began to change.

“What the hell is going on?!”

“It’s not even a full moon! How… how is this possible?”

Snarling the werewolves and vampires fell on the humans.  There were only seventeen werewolves and fifteen vampires left at Azkaban.  Now that the werewolves had revealed their secret these humans had to die.  Oh they were going to die anyway for kidnapping the princes and the other creatures but they could not be allowed to leave the island alive now.

A curse got through and struck the werewolf prince who screamed in pain.  A second later the vampire prince began convulsing and his breathing began to slow.  “Sire!  Colonel Rabastan Prince Shingetsu is dying!”

“WHAT!” All the vampires shouted.  “What about Prince Zeus?”

“He got hit with a cutting curse. He’s bleeding out.  Oh fuck what are we going to do?  The princes can’t die!”

The vampires and werewolves were panicking.  “Get them home!  QUICKLY!” Colonel Rabastan shouted at the two guards who were holding onto the dying princes.

With renewed vigor the vampire and werewolf army began the fight in earnest.  They heard two pops as the wards were lifted and the two guards vanished before the wards fell back down.  Even though the dementors were underground they were still controlling the wards.

“The wards are lifted.  Someone send for backup!”

The vampires parted as a werewolf dashed through the foray and leapt on the human tearing him from limb to limb.  A few other werewolves quickly protected their fellow pack mate as the humans turned on the werewolf who was savaging the poor Auror who had tried to make a break for it.  Azkaban was soon filled with blood flowing along the halls and complete silence for the first time since it had been turned into a prison.  On the floor laid the dead bodies of all the Aurors.  A few of the vampires and werewolves were sporting injuries from the fight and they had lost three vampires and four werewolves in the fight but other than that they had come out okay.  Notifying Lord Grim the werewolves lifted their dead comrades and disapparated back to Nightshade where their fallen would be buried in their respective nations.  The dementors had been alerted that the humans had been slaughtered.

Underground a few dementors were digging for information. They were trying to find a way to break free of human control.  “Lord Grim!”  A dementor ran up to the Lord of Dementors who was staring into the fire.

“What is it Vince?”

“I think we have found something. But…”

“But what?”

“The ritual requires a sacrifice on the night of Chaos.”


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