Raising a Rebellion

Shingetsu paced his prison cell angrily. The few human guards at Azkaban didn’t give him blood.  The dementors didn’t affect him since he was a dark creature.  It had been two weeks since he had been arrested and thrown into this underground prison cell and he was starting to feel the effects of being separated from Nightmare as well as the  starvation pains of being cut off from blood.  Separating a person from their bonded familiar was a death sentence. 

Two weeks earlier:

Breakfast had just begun at Hogwarts when the doors to the Great Hall swung open and in marched a team of twenty Aurors.  Heading them was Kingsley Shackelbolt.  He walked up to the staff table and stood before Headmaster Dumbledore.

“Kingsley what is the meaning of this interruption?”  Dumbledore asked getting to his feet.

“Sorry for the intrusion Dumbledore but the Minister has ordered us to administer the creature test on all students here.  Not even purebloods are exempt from this law,” he said turning to look at the Slytherin table.   “I’m sure you have heard of the new law saying that all people who have creature blood in them or creature parents are to be tested and upon found out are sentenced to life in Azkaban, their wands snapped, magic bound, and expelled from Hogwarts.  It’s part of the Minister’s new law to keep creatures separate from wizarding society.”

“My father will hear about this,” Draco Malfoy spoke up.  “Forcing purebloods like Slytherin to submit to a disgusting creature test.  Nobody in Slytherin has creature blood in them.”

“Mr. Malfoy, you’re father has no right to overrun the Minister’s law.  Not even his precious bribes will get his son out of this,” Kingsley said with a look of glee on his face.  “All students are to be tested as I said and therefore by order of the Minister all classes are canceled for the day so that the testing can take place.  All staff and students will have to submit to the creature test.  And Mr. Malfoy unless the Malfoy family is as inbred as rumors suggest then you have no clue how many people in Slytherin are as ‘pure’ as you claim.”

There were snickers from the other three house tables at that suggestion that the Malfoy line wasn’t as ‘pure’ as they liked to claim.  The muggle born witches and wizards weren’t sure what was going on but the half-bloods and purebloods, at least those not in Slytherin, were worried.  Not many witches and wizards talked about the creatures that they had bred with for generations.  Some families had a mix of creature blood in their families while others had a specific creature blood line in their family tree.

“Since you seem so interested in proving that you don’t have creature blood in you Mr. Malfoy how about we start the testing process with you.  Everyone else will remain in the Great Hall all day so we don’t have to call you all down.  Those with creature blood,” Kingsley stopped and conjured up a cage in the middle of the Great Hall, “will go into that cage willingly or unwillingly if necessary and wait transportation to Azkaban.”

Draco Malfoy stood up and walked haughtily up to the Aurors in the center of the Great Hall.  “Wouldn’t it be funny if Malfoy had creature blood in him and he was thrown in Azkaban,” Ron said to Neville who snickered behind a hand as he watched the proceedings. 

“Well Mr. Malfoy. This is interesting.”

“What’s interesting?”

“It appears you have creature blood.  According to the results of the test you are a panther demon.”

“That’s impossible!  My family would never breed with disgusting creatures!”

“The test doesn’t lie Mr. Malfoy.  Now if you would be so kind as to go inside the cage.  Or we can put you in there by force if you prefer,” Kingsley said smiling.

“My father will hear of this!”

“Your parents will be joining you in Azkaban soon enough Mr. Malfoy and you’ll remain there for the rest of your life.  Tonks snap the panther demon’s wand.”

Malfoy began to protest but he was blasted back into the far wall and then tossed into the cage.  Neville Longbottom had also been found to have creature blood in him.  He was a werewolf.  Dumbledore was upset that the savior of the wizarding world was a creature and was going to be thrown into Azkaban.  Who would defeat Voldemort now that his precious weapon was going to Azkaban forever?  By the end of the testing thirty students from all four houses had been stunned and were lying in the cage with the ashes of their wands lying in the center of the Great Hall.  “We thank you for your service Dumbledore in helping us capture these creatures,” Auror Segway said.  “We’ll take them to Azkaban now and issue arrest warrants for their parents.”

Present Day:

“So the famous Boy-Who-Lived and the Prince of Slytherin are here in Azkaban with the Prince of Vampires,” Shingetsu said laughing.  “How ironic that children such as yourselves would breed with the very creatures you profess to hate and believe to be beneath you.”

Shingetsu continued laughing which quickly turned into screams as he fell to the floor of his cell.  He clutched his stomach in pain as he felt the strong hunger affects.  His arm hadn’t healed from the time it had been broken and he knew that it would have to be broken again in order to properly heal if he didn’t get out of this infernal prison soon.  What is taking dad and mom so long to get me out?

Palace in Nightshade, Calista:

King Arashi and Queen Yuki were sitting in the meeting room with the vampires and half-vampires that had fled persecution by the British Ministry of Magic after the testing.  They hadn’t been able to save every one of their subjects not living within Calista from escaping Azkaban but those who had been warned of the law beforehand had fled to Nightshade in order to seek sanctuary with the King and Queen. Arashi and Yuki knew that the other sentient humanoid half human and half creatures were also flocking to their respective peoples in order to seek sanctuary for fear of going to Azkaban just because of marriage or what they were.  Not even the human mates of the creatures were exempt from Azkaban and the new magical law on creatures and half-breeds.

Before them were fifty families comprising of full vampires and half-vampires with their parents before the king and queen.  “Please your majesties, we seek sanctuary on behalf of us and our families,” a human father said as he had an arm around his vampire wife who was holding their newborn son and clutching the hand of his eight year old half vampire daughter.  “We won’t be any trouble.  If you can’t give us humans sanctuary then at least give sanctuary to your own kind.”  The rest of the human parents nodded in the affirmative.  As long as their mates and children were protected they would gladly go to Azkaban.

“Mr. Wolf, we are not so inconsiderate and cruel as to deny you and your fellow humans sanctuary just because you are not of vampire blood.  This is the same with the rest of the sentient humanoid creatures who have their own subjects fleeing this blatant persecution,” Yuki said looking at the man with sympathy. 

“My wife is correct Mr. Wolf.  Right now there are hundreds of creatures, human mates and half-breed children fleeing to their creature mate’s respective kin in order to escape Azkaban.  You and the rest of you humans are allowed to remain here with your families but until this war between the magical beings and the wizards and witches is put to an end you and the rest of your kind will need to remain here or anywhere throughout Calista for your own safety as well as the safety of your mates.  Since your children are hereby expelled from Hogwarts we are not sure what will be done about their education and the education of the future half-breed children.  This is something we creatures need to work on.  The last vampire war lasted ten years.  The one before that lasted twenty years.”

“Has there ever been an uprising between the magical creatures and the wizards and witches before?”  Rosaline Collins, a muggle woman asked.

“No.  We came close once fifty years ago but that rebellion was only between the veela and the humans. There has never been something of this magnitude before.  Then again the humans of magical Britain have never thought to do something so disgusting like this before,” Arashi said.  “We are not sure how long this new war will last.  It may be that we will triumph or… or it may be that we will fail and magical Britain will get her wish and slaughter all the magical creatures, both sentient and non-sentient.  Until then all humans will swear allegiance to Calista. The same will be for all human mates of the other sentient humanoid creatures.”

“Would they really wipe out all magical creatures?” A witch named Bella asked.

“Yes they would.  You’re a witch are you not?”

“A muggle born witch.”

“Ah then you wouldn’t know but magical Britain has hunted my kind for seven hundred years.  Creatures are looked down upon in magical Britain.  Actually in much of the world we are looked down upon but it is worse for those of us who live in Britain.  It is a pity that Hogwarts does not teach this history to all half-bloods and muggle born witches and wizards when they enter the magical world.  To the purebloods and those who have grown up in the magical world without creature blood in them we are nothing but disgusting freaks who should be slaughtered for they consider us unworthy to practice magic, seek jobs, mates, families or an education like them.  Humans think they are so superior to magical beings. Even among your own kind you kill and slaughter each other for no reason other than greed or power or resources. Not all humans are like this but the vast majority is.  It is a pity that humans cannot accept those who are different, let alone magical races not accepting each other. ”

“In addition for your allegiance you will be allowed to live here peacefully or anywhere in Calista,” Yuki said.  “You will not be harmed while in Calista as long as you don’t betray us or leave our empire. If you betray us your lives will be forfeit.  That is our law.”

The humans there nodded and swore their allegiance to the king and queen of Calista for as long as the war between the magical creatures and the wizards and witches of magical Britain lasted.  “Allendale,” Arashi called and a guard immediately came into the room where he had been standing outside guarding the door before bowing before his king and queen.  “Show the humans and their families to cabins in any of the villages around Nightshade.  Give the humans work to do to keep them busy.”

Allendale nodded and more guards appeared to take the humans and their vampire families to the nearby villages.  The closet village was Moon Valley and was five miles away from Nightshade.  A knock on the door sounded and Severus Snape entered.  “Yes Professor?”  Arashi asked looking at the former Potions master of Hogwarts.

“My King and Queen,” Snape said bowing to the vampire royal couple.  “I would like to remain in Calista with my son but I am afraid of both of my masters.  You see Albus Dumbledore, the professed leader of the light, also marked me as his slave.  I fear for my safety and my son’s safety if I don’t return but Albus has threatened to send me back to Azkaban and I would most likely end up there anyway once news got out to the Ministry about Zen being a vampire.  This would also put me in danger with the Dark Lord as he doesn’t know I have a son.”

“You have not thought to have these marks removed from your person?” Yuki asked curiously.  She felt sorry for the Potions master.  To be abused like that by a dark lord and the professed ‘leader of the light’ was abhorrent even among creatures.  Never would a human slave belong to two masters at the same time.

“I didn’t know they could be removed.  I can’t even find the mark that Albus Dumbledore put on me.”

“We can find it and remove both of them.  We can remove the magics as well as the marks themselves but it will probably be painful for a human.  Are you certain you wish to go through with this Severus Snape?”

“They can be removed?  Are you sure?” Severus looked at them both desperately.  He would give anything to be free of both his masters and be a free human again. 

“You do not need to repay us Severus Snape,” Arashi said. “What has been done to you should be illegal.  Binding a human to someone in that manner can easily kill the slave during the process but it can also kill the slave if they disobey the master or he can choose to kill them at any time.  It also drains the slave’s magic.”

“What does that mean?”

“It means Severus that you are extremely weak.  It has nothing to do with you.  I know you made a mistake by joining Voldemort and you probably didn’t think that Dumbledore would bind you to him as well.  It is natural that you wouldn’t think of the ‘light leader’ as being able or wanting to do this but he did and that shows just how evil he is.  Once the marks are found and removed you should be extremely more magically powerful than you are now.  Get some rest and we will see about this tomorrow.  It may take a while though as it depends on where your second mark is hidden and how long it takes for us to find it.”

“Thank you!”  Severus shouted kneeling before them before hurrying back to his son.  Arashi and Yuki looked after him with smiles on their faces before they turned back to the fire.  “How do you think Shingetsu is doing Arashi?”

“I don’t know Yuki.  I have seen how painful it is for Nightmare to be away from our son.  I can only imagine what our son is going through. The humans will regret taking our son and heir away from Calista and they’ll regret angering the magical races of the world.”


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