War Council

In Shadow Desert beings of every nature were either sitting or just apparating into the desert.  Before the King and Queen of Calista was Romulus, leader of the werewolves; Rofan, leader of the centaur herds; King Goldfang of the Goblin Nation; Empress Shiva of the Northern Lands which was the home of the Ice people; Prince Gale, ruler of the Giants; Lord Grim, leader and ruler of the Dementors and the people of Azkaban; and others who were too numerous to name among the human-sentient magical creatures.  They were all gathered within a circle, sitting or standing in the war council chamber of the only building within Shadow Desert.  The building was big enough to hold the prince of Giants. 

“Fellow creatures of the magical world I am glad you could come to our call,” King Arashi began.  “I am sure you have all heard by now that the Ministry of Magic has passed a law saying that all students of Hogwarts have to have a test that will determine if they are a creature or not.  Now I know this will only affect the vampires, werewolves, veela, elves, half-giants, half-dementors, and half-goblins who are attending Hogwarts but if they will send our children to Azkaban just for being who they are then they may turn on us as well.  Our son, Prince Shingetsu and heir to Calista, was taken in by Aurors and is probably now sitting in Azkaban.”

There were shouts of dismay and outrage that the prince of vampires could have been subjected to arrest by humans.  They looked to Lord Grim who was a Dementor.  “Yes what King Arashi says is true. The young prince has been thrown into one of the underground cells in Azkaban.”

Again the screams of outrage began and King Arashi had to let loose firecrackers from his wand to gain silence.  “We have a decision to make my fellow creatures and we must get the help of the non-sentient beings as well such as the trolls.   As we know when Voldemort was defeated by Neville Longbottom he approached many of us to side with him.  He made us various promises pertaining to our respective races but he didn’t fulfill those promises.  If he returns again he will no doubt seek us out for service to him again.  The Ministry and the magical world hate us and want to put tighter restrictions upon us.  They have enslaved the werewolves, treat the house elves like slaves, use the dementors to guard their prison, among other things.  Either way we are trapped between the Dark and the Light.”

The leaders murmured at the truth that King Arashi spoke.  The Dark Leader only wanted to use them while giving them false promises. The Light wanted them to be subjected to their will and demands.  Once the centaur and unicorn herds had been throughout many forests in the United Kingdom but were now sentenced to the small forest on the grounds of Hogwarts.  Already the creatures spoken of were having their citizens running to them and seeking shelter among their respective kind.  The beings who had bred with humans had hoped that they wouldn’t be subjected to prejudice and ridicule but they and their human parents had been treated with contempt by the wizards and witches of magical Britain.   

The leaders sat in silence as they thought over what King Arashi had said at the meeting.  “If the Dark Lord comes back he will come after us when we don’t side with him.  But he has never given us anything he promises us in order to make us work with him in the first place,” Empress Shiva said. “Though he has not thought to come to the Northern Lands the first time he may decide to seek our counsel at some point should he return.”

“I trust that nobody is going to end up harming the half-breeds or the human parents who are mated with each of our races?” King Arashi asked looking around at the group.  “They have done nothing to wrong our separate races and have been more accepted among our kind than in the wizarding world.”

“The only ones we may have to deal with are Fenrir Greyback and his pack,” Romulus said.  “As we all know Fenrir is a danger to my kind as well as the human race, both magical and muggle, in general.”

“You’re right Romulus.  Fenrir will need to be dealt with.”

“Leave him to us.  It’s a werewolf problem and I’m ashamed that it wasn’t taken care of sooner.  I should have killed both his father and the cub when it was turned.”

“What of his pack?” Lord Grim asked.  “Are they as much a danger to werewolves as their leader?”

“They are and I will make preparations to have them all killed as well.”

“Then we, creatures of the light and dark, will leave the death of Fenrir and his pack to the werewolf race,” King Arashi said.  “As for my proposal that we stay out of another war should Voldemort approach us and we deal with the problem of getting my son out of Azkaban how does the Council decide?”

“The humans have brought this upon themselves.  They will need to be dealt with.  I have no doubt that the humans would end up wiping us out,” Rofan said with a shake of his head. 

“Then the decision is made. We’ll show the humans just what they have done by restricting us and passing all these biased laws against the creatures of magical Britain.  They’ll regret they made war with us.  I’ll be sending some of my troops to Azkaban to free my son. Is that agreeable Lord Grim?”

“It is King Arashi.  Your son is left alone in Azkaban for none of the dementors go near him.  I her he’s already made a couple of friends among the citizens of Azkaban.”

Both the king and queen of Calista smiled. “Prince Shingetsu has always desired peace among our different races.  It’s a shame more humans can’t be the same way,” Yuki said dryly 

There were mutters of agreement at this and Arashi raised his hand for silence.  “Very well.  Messengers are to be dispatched when everyone is ready and final preparations made with the rulers of our respective kindred in another meeting that will take place in two months at the latest.  Is this agreeable?”

With cries in the affirmative the leaders departed to their respective domains and Shadow Desert was once again left in silence as the creatures of dark and light swept from building with various pops.  Arashi and Yuki appeared back at Nightshade in the living room of the palace.  “Guard!”

“Yes your majesties?”

“Prepare my army for war and place anti-apparation wards on Severus Snape’s room in the palace.  I am not sure where his loyalties lie so keep him in his room at all times until I find out for certain.”

“Yes sire,” the guard said before hurrying off. 

“What will we do about the friends of Shingetsu and the vampire child of the Potions Master at Hogwarts my love?” Yuki asked.

“They won’t be able to get any magical education here.  I think we should start looking for alternative magical schools in less restrictive countries for them though Zen’s will depend on whether his father remains with us or turns against us.”

“Do you trust him Arashi?”

“I don’t know.  He made some mistakes in his life that led him to becoming a death eater and appears to have repented from them though whether he is truly sorry for his crimes I have no idea.  Then he goes to Dumbledore, a man known for favoring his little lion cubs over the other three houses at Hogwarts, and gets forced into slavery with that man as well.  Another mistake on his part but then he’s only human.  Humans are bound to make mistakes in their life-though whether they learn from them or not is the question.  It appears they don’t learn that well from their mistakes if you look at all the wars they have made and continue to make.”

“Come sire let us retire and not trouble on these things that can wait until the morrow.”

“As you wish my lady,” Arashi said with a chuckle as he took his wife’s hand and kissed it softly before leading her up to their room. 

At Azkaban, Prince Shingetsu tried shadow flaming away but was disappointed to discover his powers were being constrained.  “If that fool thought to bound my magic and my powers I’ll kill the bastard myself!” Prince Shingetsu growled as he fell back on his bed and stared at the stone walls of his prison cell.  Who would have guessed that beneath the main part of the prison lay cells designed for the werewolves and vampires that sucked at their power so they couldn’t escape.  “You will pay Albus Dumbledore as well as the Ministry of Magic for your crimes against the heir of Calista.  A war is brewing and you’ll be lucky to be left alive at the end of it.”


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