Prince’s Fate

“Shingetsu Yamazaki you are hereby sentenced to life in Azkaban without the possibility of parole as the Muggles say,” Fudge said.

Prince Shingetsu, heir to the throne of Calista, son of King Arashi and Queen Yuki, brother and future husband to his sister, Princess Hana Yamazaki; was sitting in a chair with his feet shackled together as chains bound him tightly to the chair of Courtroom Ten in the Ministry of Magic. Before him was Fudge, Madam Bones, Umbridge, and others he didn’t know all sitting before him as Fudge carried out the sentence.  On either side of him were two Aurors who were waiting to ‘escort’ him to Azkaban.

“By sentencing me to Azkaban you are going to start a war with my people.  My parents and my people will not take kindly to you throwing me in prison for life.  By creating this stupid law against creatures, you are showing them that humans are nothing but prejudiced bastards who deserve to be wiped out of existence and are breaking countless treaties that your ancestors set in place with the creatures of the world.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the dementors decide to no longer obey you either.  I hope your happy Fudge.  You have just sentenced the wizarding world to death.”

“There is no way a bunch of creatures can defeat wizards and witches.  We are their betters and it is time they learn their place.”

“Then you are fools.  Have fun dying,” Shingetsu said before he was yanked up by his arms once the chains had released  him and punched in the stomach which made the young prince cry out and collapse to his knees as the Aurors on either side of him began beating the unfortunate prince. Prince Shingetsu Yamazaki kept his lips pressed together as the beating continued.  He would not give these barbarians an ounce of satisfaction at hearing him scream or cry.

“Take the vampire away,” Fudge said in dismissal.  The two Aurors brutally yanked the young prince up and there was the audible sound of a crack as the prince’s right arm broke.  The people in the courtroom watched in silence as the young prince was hauled away to his life of imprisonment in Azkaban.  They didn’t know that Shingetsu had spirited his friends and familiar to Nightshade and they were now in the palace with the King and Queen before them.

Tobias, Claudius, Violet, Titus and Nightmare had indeed been spirited away to Nightshade which was the capital of Calista as well as the home of the royal family.  The three human children found themselves surrounded by guards and Shingetsu’s mother standing with a man who must be her husband and therefore the king of the vampires.  Titus remained unconscious.

“Where is Shingetsu?  What happened?” King Arashi asked the three human children lying on the entry floor in front of them.

“Your highness Prince Shingetsu is in trouble.  The Aurors have captured him and plan on sentencing him to Azkaban,” Tobias said.

Queen Yuki gasped and put a hand to her mouth. King Arashi frowned at the young child’s words.  “Come with us.  Guards return to your post.  Someone take Titus to his room and alert me when he awakens and bring a healer for these children.”

“Yes your majesty,” the guards said bowing before falling to their orders. Two guards carefully lifted Titus between them and took him to his room.  Titus was one of a handful of vampires who lived in the palace.  The three friends and Nightmare followed the king and queen through the hallway into the living room where a fire was crackling in the hearth despite it being hot outside.

“Now what exactly happened at Hogwarts that has our son being sent to Azkaban?” Arashi asked.

Violet was the one to speak.  “We were in Professor Fang’s class as we sometimes hang out there to learn more about the vampire empire.  As we were talking ten Aurors burst into the classroom and demanded they turn over their wands.  They informed Professor Fang that he was fired from his position as the Dark Creatures professor and that Shingetsu was expelled.  He also said they were both under arrest by order of the Ministry.  Shingetsu turned over his wand but Titus snapped his rather than handing it over.  Then the Aurors sent Professor Fang and Shingetsu into the wall which knocked them out.”

Claudius continued.  “Nightmare launched himself at the Aurors and was hit with the Cruciatris curse.  Somehow Shingetsu’s magic acted even when he was unconscious and his magic blasted five of the Aurors into the opposite wall while erecting a shield around the three of us.  The Aurors were convinced Shingetsu had done something to our minds and were going to take us to St. Mungo’s in order to be ‘examined’ by healers and ‘unbrainwash’ us.  We ran to Nightmare and the shield moved with us; expanding to cover Nightmare which stopped the Cruciatris Curse.  Shingetsu opened his eyes and his magic helped him to stand and then we were flashed away along with the professor.  The last thing I saw before we left was Shingetsu blasted back into the wall and his wand snapped.”

“What else did they say?”

“They said they were under orders from the Minister to kill Professor Fang,” Tobias said.  “We aren’t sure what led up to this but Shingetsu has wondered if the headmaster doesn’t have ulterior motives for allowing the prince to go to Hogwarts.”

“We have been wondering about that ourselves.  My wife told me how he reacted when my son and a boy named Tobias Moon, who our son has written us about as being his first friend, tried to stop them from going with the guards sent with my wife and daughter to celebrate the birth of Calista.  Forgive me but I should have asked earlier.  Who are you three?  I know two of you are wards of Calista.”

“My name is Tobias Moon,” Tobias said pointing to himself.

“I’m Violet Stone,” Violet said.  Violet had blond hair and jade green eyes

“I’m Claudius Zodiac,” Claudius said.  Claudius had brown hair and blue eyes.

“We understand that matters concerning the young prince would be more important than learning our names my Lord,” Tobias said.  “It is only natural and I imagine this is true for all parents no matter their species that parents will worry when their children are in danger.”

“You are wise Tobias Moon for someone who is a first year,” King Arashi said approvingly.  He turned to Violet and Claudius. “Am I to assume you both are wards of Calista then?”

Violet and Claudius both nodded.  “And have your parents disowned you,” he said with a growl, “like you suspected?”

“Yes sire,” Violet and Claudius said.

“That bears troubling news indeed.  Well since you are both wards of Calista and since our son came to my wife who brought the matter to me in the summers and holidays you will both have rooms at the palace.  Is there anything either of you need from your homes?  I can have some of my people or perhaps the slaves would be better,” as he looked at Yuki, “to get anything you may want and bring them back here.”

“Those idiots at the Ministry are fools.  They could very well-well never mind.  It’s nothing for children to be concerned about,” Yuki said shaking her head but the three friends noticed both the king and queen appeared troubled.  After a few minutes of silence she sighed.  “However as Shingetsu’s friends and two of you being wards of Calista I suppose you have a right to know.”

“By taking our son from us and harming him which I have no doubt the Ministry has done and no doubt that he has already been sentenced to Azkaban, the humans have sparked a war with Calista.  With the vampires would be more accurate.  If Fudge has made any more stupid laws then it could very well spark a war between the humans and all the magical creatures,” Arashi said.

Before any of the children could speak up to this shocking statement a couple of guards came in.  Between them were-

“Professor Snape!” Tobias shouted.  “Are we in trouble sir?”

Severus looked at the three children and inwardly groaned.  He should have guessed the young prince would send his friends to Nightshade. “Your majesties,” Severus said bowing to the king and queen and motioning for the six year old boy to follow suit.  “I ask if my son can have sanctuary within Calista.”

“What of yourself Mr. Snape?  Do you also not seek sanctuary with us?” Queen Yuki asked as she looked at the young vampire before her.  “Although you are human you are welcome to the sanctuary we will give your son.  What will your ministry do if they find out your son is one of us?”

Severus Snape was conflicted.  He had both his masters to contend with but he also had a duty to his son and his snakes at Hogwarts.  If he left his position as a death eater it could end up bringing Voldemort and his death eaters after him.  They may kill his son if he left their service.  What would his light master do if Severus left his position as ‘spy’ for the Order of the Phoenix?  No doubt he would be thrown back into Azkaban.  “I don’t know what to do.  I want to accept sanctuary with my son but I’m afraid for my son’s life if I suddenly leave both my masters.”

“Then take the time to think on this Mr. Snape and let us know of your decision. Regardless we will give your son sanctuary here in Nightshade.”

“Do you know of anything that happened when the Aurors came to Hogwarts? How is our son?” Yuki asked.

“The Minister of Magic has issued a law saying that all students at Hogwarts have to be given a blood test to see if they have creature blood in them.  If so their wands will be snapped and they’ll be expelled from Hogwarts and not allowed an education.  I had to tell Filius Flitwick, the Charms professor who is half goblin and half human to flee.  There’s also our gamekeeper who is half giant.  I took Zen and left and Filius warned Rubeus to flee as well. They would have been thrown into Azkaban.  I think the Minister plans on putting tighter restrictions on magical creatures, no matter if they are light or dark.”

“Then I am afraid we have no choice.  We need to call a council.  Guards!”

Guards came running into the room at their king’s call.  “Yes your highness?” A black guard name Romulus asked.

“Send for the leaders of all the creatures and have them meet in the Shadow Desert.”

“Yes sire,” Romulus said as they all bowed and hurried out of the palace to send messengers to all the creatures of magical Britain.

“I am sorry but you children will not be returning to Hogwarts.   You’ll have to stay here for your own protection,” Arashi said.  “Severus Snape stay here and rest. I’ll have someone take you and Zen to a home in the city or I’m sure we can put you in a village if you prefer to be away from city life.  As for the friends of my son and heir you will be given rooms in the palace.”

“What is the council about your highness?”  Violet asked in worry for her friend.

“It is a council that marks the beginning of a war.  A war between the magical beings of Britain. You do not need to fear the creatures for they will not harm you.  Those who befriend a creature are never harmed by the creatures of the magical world.  I have will have food sent to you and you can take your repast here before being shown to your rooms and go to sleep.  Severus and Zen you are also welcome to food and in your son’s case blood.  We bid you good evening but we must get ready for this plan.  Severus you may need to come with us to the council meeting in order to relate what you have learned to the council.”

“Of course King Arashi, Queen Yuki,” Severus said bowing.

“Thank you for helping me and daddy,” Zen spoke up since they had arrived in Nightshade.

“It is our pleasure young one.  You are among kin now and we never fail to protect our own,” Yuki said.  With a word to a passing slave to bring food, drink and blood for the young vampire child as well as get rooms ready for the three friends of their son the king and queen of Calista made their way to Shadow Desert.

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