Shingetsu was with Titus, Nightmare and his three friends in the Dark Creatures classroom when the door burst open and the group saw ten Aurors enter the classroom with their wands drawn.  “Shingetsu Yamazaki and Titus Fang, by order of the Minister of Magic you are both hereby under arrest.  Shingetsu Yamazaki you are hereby expelled from Hogwarts and Titus Fang you are fired from your position of the Dark Creatures class,” Kingsley Shackelbolt stated.  “Children step away from the vampires and come over here where you’ll be safe.”

Nightmare snarled and stepped in front of his bonded.  Tobias, Claudius and Violet got up and stood in front of their friend as well.  “Professor Fang happens to be a great teacher,” Violet said.  “And Shingetsu is a great friend.  Neither of them have done anything to warrant being sentenced to Azkaban for.”  Claudius and Tobias nodded in agreement to Violet’s words.

“It’s alright guys,” Shingetsu said looking at his friends sadly. “There’s nothing you can do to stop some wizards from sentencing us to Azkaban.”

“My prince is right,” Titus said looking at his prince’s friends.  “You best leave before you get in trouble.  But the children are right Shackelbolt.  Shingetsu and I have never harmed a student or staff member in this school.  Nor has my prince’s familiar harmed anyone.”

“Turn over your wands,” Shackelbolt said.  “You won’t need them anymore.”

Shingetsu summoned his wand where it was hidden in his holster and tossed it over to the Aurors. A female Auror caught it and looked to Titus.  Titus ignored the Aurors and looked to his prince with a question on his face.  Give them your wand Titus.  Though I have a feeling the Minister wants to kill you so get away if you can.

I won’t leave you sire. 

You will do as you’re told Titus Fang! 

But sire I am ordered by your parents to protect you even if it costs me my life.

TITUS  ARCHIBOLD FANG I ORDER YOU TO OBEY ME!  The humans drew back as Shingetsu’s magic crackled around him and his long hair whipped in the wind that was swirling around him.  A snarl ripped from his throat as he stared at his professor, guard and friend.  Tobias placed a hand on Shingetsu’s arm in an attempt to calm the vampire prince down before he did something he would regret. 

“Your highness do not harm your friend and don’t give the Aurors reason to harm you,” Tobias said.  “We’ll find a way to alert your parents to what is going on.”

Titus was forced onto his knees before his prince from the force of Shingetsu’s magic.  Nightmare felt Shingetsu’s fear and anger through their bond and laid his head against Shingetsu’s left side in an attempt to settle his master down.  Slowly Shingetsu got control of his magic and it settled back into his body.  Titus got up and snapped his wand.  There was no way he’d give his wand over to the Aurors.

“Stupefy!” Ten red beams of light hit Shingetsu and Titus blasting them into the wall as a blue shield sprang up around the three human children.  The two vampires hit the wall hard and crumpled to the ground having been knocked unconscious.  Nightmare let loose a roar and launched at the Aurors.  “Crucio!” The female Auror who had caught Shingetsu’s wand shouted stopping the panther in midair and sending it to the floor where it screamed in pain as its body contorted under the effects of the torture curse. 

“Stop it!” Violet shouted as she gazed at the panther twisting about on the floor.  “Leave him alone!”

The three friends ran towards their friend’s fallen panther.  The Aurors stood in shock at the shield that moved with the three humans which expanded to include Nightmare.  “What kind of magic is this?” Brian Sage asked staring from the vampires to the humans and the panther.  “I’ve never heard of a shield being created when someone is unconscious, let alone a moving shield.”

“Never mind what magic it is!  Arrest them both!” Shackelbolt shouted.  “And muzzle that panther.”

Two Aurors went to the vampires and placed magic suppressing cuffs on them.  The rest went over to the panther that had stopped convulsing when the shield had encased it and tried to get hold of the three children.  “No doubt they’ve been brainwashed by the vampires.  They’ll have to be taken to St. Mungo’s for examination.”

“The Minister’s orders were to kill the vampire ‘professor’”, Segway said sneering as he looked at the two creatures before him.  “Albus Dumbledore is a fool for allowing creatures to work or attend school. Do we have orders to arrest the half-giant?”

“No but with the Minister’s new law I’m sure we’ll be able to arrest him soon enough,” Shackelbolt said.

The second female Auror, Rosemary Sage, raised her wand and pointed it at Professor Fang.  “Ava-”

She didn’t get a chance to finish as magic swirled around the room and in a flash of black flames the human children, panther and professor had been swept away.  Shingetsu opened his eyes and glared at the humans in front of him.  “As if I would allow you to harm my familiar or friends,” Shingetsu said as his magic helped him to stand against the wall.  His eyes had changed to pure black and his pupils had changed to the slits of a cat.  His magic continued to swirl around the room in his rage at being attacked and the threat to his friends and familiar being harmed by witches and wizards. 

Humans like these are exactly why vampires only keep muggles as slaves.  I just hope my friends are alright and got safely to Nightshade. 

Shingetsu’s magic flung half of the Aurors into the opposite wall.  “CRUCIO!” Five voices shouted and Shingetsu screamed in pain as his body contorted.  The spell lifted him into the air and slammed him into the floor as his magic spiraled around him which destroyed the classroom before he blacked out.   A shield was flung up over the ten Aurors so they wouldn’t get hurt by flying debris. 

“How is it possible that the vampire was able to do magic when he has magic suppressing cuffs on him?” Segway asked, his voice a mixture of horror and awe.

“Maybe it has something to do with him being a vampire.  Or maybe he’s unusual even among vampires,” Shackelbolt said.  “Sage bring the others around and let’s get back to the Ministry.  We’ll have to tell Fudge about this.”

“Ennervate,” Sage said pointing her wand at the five unconscious Aurors.  Once they had come around the team made their way to the Headmaster’s office.  Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape looked up as the ten Aurors and one bound and magically exhausted vampire prince made their way into the office.

“Where are Professor Fang and Mr. Yamazaki’s familiar?”  Minerva asked.

“Apparently the vampire used his magic to send them away before we could capture the adult vampire and take the children to St. Mungo’s to see what has been done to them.  The strange thing this was done when both vampires were unconscious.”

“Can you figure out where they were sent?”

“No.  For some reason the vampire’s magic is untraceable.”

“Impossible,” Severus said.  “All child magic is traceable.  Even among creatures it’s traceable!”

“Well not among this creature,” Sage said with disgust.  “We have to get to the Ministry.  The vampire’s going to Azkaban where it belongs.  A law has been passed stating all children in Hogwarts to be tested and if they are creatures they are expelled from Hogwarts and not allowed to receive an education. You should also expect Ministry officials to come for the game keeper and sentence him to Azkaban as well as any other creatures you have employed in your school.”

“You don’t have any authority to pass a law without approval of the Wizengamont Shackelbolt,” Dumbledore said. 

“You have been suspended indefinitely headmaster for allowing creatures to come to Hogwarts and employing creatures in your school. I know of at least two half creatures that will be arrested sometime later tonight.  Professor Flitwick and Rubeus Hagrid.  All students will have to submit to a blood test which will take place over the following week at Hogwarts.  No student is exempt from this test.  Good day Headmaster, Professors.”  Throwing some floo powder into the fireplace the ten Aurors and their prisoner made their way to the Ministry of Magic.

“What can we do headmaster?”  Severus asked.  “Can they really suspend you from the Wizengamont and start testing students for creature blood?”

“The Minister sadly overrules the Wizengamont Severus.  My hands are sadly tied.”

“Why did you allow the vampire prince to come to Hogwarts headmaster?” Severus asked.  “And what can we do about Filius and Hagrid from being taken to Azkaban?”

“I thought that he deserved an education like Mr. Lupin was given when he was a boy.  The same thing with Rubeus and Filius also receiving educational instruction at Hogwarts when they were children.  But I fear they may start a war with the vampires and other creatures once this law gets out.  Relations are already strained enough between the humans and the magical creatures of the world without this prejudice.”

Severus frowned.  Only Filius knew that his son was a vampire In fact very few people knew he had a son or that his son had been bitten by a vampire when he was four years old.  He would have to leave his home on Spinner’s End and go to Calista where he knew he could seek safety there.  He knew that creatures all over would be fleeing Hogwarts.  Making a decision that he knew would cost him his life if he was found out by the Ministry he made his way to the Charms Professor’s office and knocked on the door.

“Enter,” came the squeaky voice of Flitwick.  “Ah Severus.  Come in.  Is there anything you need?”

“Filius you need to flee and seek the help of your people,” Severus said.  “I’m going to warn Hagrid to flee as well and then I’m getting Zen and going to Calista.”

“Severus what’s wrong?”

“The Minister has passed a law saying that all students are to be tested for being creatures and if so they are going to be expelled, their wands snapped and very likely sent to Azkaban.  Aurors are supposed to come for you and Hagrid later tonight to take you both to Azkaban.”

“Can’t Albus do anything to help us?”

“No. He’s been suspended indefinitely from the Wizengamont and says his hands are tied.” 

“What about Professor Fang and your prince?”

“The prince has been taken captive but it appears his magic is something that the magical community has never heard of.  Dumbledore said he wanted Prince Shingetsu to have an education but I can’t help thinking if it’s something more than that.  He never seemed-” Severus was unable to finish his sentence.

Filius nodded in understanding.  “I agree Severus that it seems that Albus secretly doesn’t trust creatures.  You know he offered to teach the Marauders how to become Animagi if they would befriend Mr. Lupin?”

“Really?  I didn’t know that.  So they didn’t become his friends willingly?”

“No they didn’t.  Minerva and I were there when Dumbledore talked to Mr. Potter, Mr. Black, and Mr. Pettigrew in his office after Mr. Lupin was enrolled at Hogwarts.  The only ones he trusted were myself, Poppy and Pomona.  Get Zen and get out of here Severus.  I’ll stop by Hagrid’s and warn him before leaving myself.  The Ministry has no bearing on goblin territory.  Is it also the same for Calista?”

“Yes it’s the same thing.  Good luck my friend.”

Severus made his way down to his private quarters where he collected Zen and made his way to the edge of the wards while Filius made his way to Hagrid’s to inform him of what Severus had told him.  All four creatures quickly left Hogwarts in order to escape Azkaban.  Severus and Zen made their way to Calista, Filius to Gringotts, and Hagrid made his way north to where the giants lived. 

At the Ministry Shingetsu was automatically sentenced to Azkaban by the Minister.  Never mind that Shingetsu would be the youngest person in the prison.  Never mind that a war could very well start from torturing the prince of the vampires and the prejudiced law which could tear the magical world apart.  No according to Fudge and the pureblood idiots this was the best thing.  Shingetsu’s wand was snapped before he was sent to Azkaban in front of him in an effort to demoralize the young prince. Shingetsu’s eyes just blazed with anger and rage as he was led away by Aurors to the appartion point where a boat would take him to the island prison.

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