Plot of Destruction

Violet and Claudius were given sanctuary after their parents had disowned them for being friends with Shingetsu Yamazaki.  They now had scholarships to go to Hogwarts since with the disowning their tuition was no longer being paid for.  The four friends were doing well in their school and two months had passed since the party celebrating the birth of Calista.  The rest of Shingetsu and Tobias’s dorm mates were ignoring Shingetsu but it didn’t bother him as much anymore as it had when he had first started at the magical school since he had gained a couple new friends. 

Titus and Shingetsu had gotten used to having to hunt outside of Hogwarts.  It allowed them both to see how the vampires of Calista were faring.  The vampire nation may have been at peace but things were not going well for them at the British Ministry of Magic once Cornelius Fudge learned there was a vampire attending Hogwarts.

A few Slytherins had written to their parents about the vampire prince attending Hogwarts and how they were uncomfortable with a dark creature being in the school.  Cornelius Fudge had received letters from distressed parents about the fact that Dumbledore had allowed a vampire into the school.  He didn’t care that the enrolled student was the prince of all vampires. “Hogwarts is not for dark creatures!” Fudge shouted to a room full of people later that day in Dumbledore’s office.  “What do you mean by allowing vampires to come to this school?”

“I assure you Minister that precautions have been taken so the vampire prince and his guard, who is also our Dark Creatures professor, are not attacking students.  They are given animal blood three times a day and no students have reported being bitten by either of the two vampires.”

“How many other dark creatures have you let into Hogwarts headmaster?”

“Well Remus Lupin is a werewolf as you know.  He was in Hogwarts when he was a student and he wasn’t a danger to anyone either.”

“You let a werewolf into Hogwarts as a student when he could have been a danger to the other students?!  The law states that these creatures have to be registered for a reason Albus.  There’s no need for any creature to seek an education.  Hagrid has already been taken care of since he’s half-giant but he shouldn’t have been allowed in school either. For some reason my predecessor chose to allow a half-giant into the school.”

“I am the headmaster of this school and can do whatever I want.  So far the vampire prince and his guard haven’t posed a threat to the school.  If they do then I will of course expel the child and turn them both over to the Ministry of Magic.”

“I have been bombarded with letters with parents worrying about vampires being in Hogwarts.  I have no choice but to act.  Shingetsu Yamazaki is hereby expelled from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Titus Fang is hereby under arrest for working with human children.”

“You have no authority in my school as long as I’m headmaster Cornelius.”

“Who was the one who invited a vampire into this school anyway?  Was that your doing Dumbledore?”

“Yes it was.  Just because the child is a vampire is no reason why he shouldn’t attend school.  Other countries aren’t as biased as the British wizarding world is concerning creatures getting an education.”

“And that is where the mistake lies.  If creatures are allowed to get an education then they will turn against us.”

“Do you really think that if we don’t allow them to have an education that things will be normal?  Many of the creatures out there already hate us because of the restrictions put upon them by the Ministry and British wizarding society.  Perhaps if we allow them to seek an education and give them equal rights to wizards and witches then relations between everyone won’t be so strained.”

“Come off it Albus.  You know as well as I do that creatures-no matter if they are light or dark-pose a threat to wizarding kind.  How would you feel if you had a child and that child married or fell in love with a creature?”

“I would be disappointed of course.”

“Then there’s your answer.  Eject the creatures from Hogwarts or I will see to it that you lose your position as headmaster of this school as well get you expelled from the Wizengamont.”

“What will you do Albus?” Minerva McGonagall asked as they watched the Minister of Magic sweep out of the headmaster’s office. “He can’t really think that he can sack you from the Wizengamont.”

“He doesn’t have the authority to do either,” Dumbledore said smugly.  “Hogwarts can’t survive without me leading it. The people can’t survive without me leading it.”

Minerva didn’t say anything to that and neither did Severus or Flitwick.  “Do you really believe what you just said headmaster?” Snape asked.

“Yes why did you allow a vampire to come to Hogwarts and for a vampire to be employed here?  They’re too dangerous to have around Hogwarts.”

“Minerva aren’t you being biased towards the young vampire prince?  I find him to be a wonderful student and his guard, Professor Fang, to be a wonderful colleague.  You had no objections to Remus Lupin coming to Hogwarts even though he was a werewolf.”  As a half goblin Flitwick knew of the prejudice creatures faced. 

Snape was silent throughout this.  “I also find that Professor Fang is a wonderful colleague and the young prince is quite adept in potions unlike some of the other dunderheads I have taught.”

“Remus Lupin was different.  He was all alone and had actually registered with the Ministry of Magic as per the laws enacted on Werewolves.  How do we know that this vampire doesn’t mean to kill us all?”

“I’m ashamed of you Minerva,” Filius said looking at his colleague with disdain.  “The only differences between Remus Lupin and Shingetsu Yamazaki is that one was bitten and the other was born a vampire.  Other than there is no difference.”

“I confess that I am also at a loss as to why you would be prejudiced against a creature that was sorted into your house Minerva,” Snape said.  “I feel sorry for the poor boy.  Not only is he away from his parents and kind with only a guard for company but his dorm mates and the entire school shuns him except for three human friends he has made.”

Snape and Flitwick turned and left the office in disgust.  McGonagall was speechless at Flitwick’s words.  She turned to Dumbledore and collapsed into a chair.  “Am I really so heartless Albus?”

“No my dear you aren’t,” Dumbledore said as he looked at his lover and fellow colleague.  “It’s only natural to be afraid of creatures that could harm us and I don’t blame you for hating the vampire prince.”

Fudge was deeply concerned that creatures had been allowed to go to Hogwarts. “The Ministry must act or I’ll look like an idiot and lose the next election.”

“Sir if we do anything to harm the prince of the vampires then the king and queen will lead their forces to attack the Ministry.  What is the harm in allowing him to attend Hogwarts or any other magical school?”

“He can attend any other magical school accept Hogwarts!  The vampires should have been eradicated millennia ago instead of allowed to flourish!  They’re a danger to us all!”

“He’s gone off the bend that one,” one of the people working in the Ministry said.

“Arrest the vampire and sentence him to Azkaban.  Kill the guard as well as any other creatures found at Hogwarts.”

“And just how are we going to do that?”

“Test every student at the school for creature blood!”

“Minister that is not only stupid but impossible unless a law is passed. It’s an invasion of privacy and you’ll piss off a lot of parents if you do this!  Not to mention we’ll have the vampires’ attacks to deal with if you harm the prince,” another person tried to reason with the Minister of Magic.

Fudge ignored the rationality of such a plot and turned on his subordinates.  “Anyone found in cahoots with any creature is to be arrested and sentenced to Azkaban!  I expect a law to be drawn up in the next hour.”

The few Ministry workers who were creatures themselves or friends with creatures were disturbed at the Minister’s words. However creatures were not equal beings in the British wizarding society and they knew the only thing they could do was to warn their friends and go into hiding or else they’d end up in Azkaban.  What the Minister was planning on doing was suicide. 


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