“Who are you?”

Titus and Shingetsu looked up to see they were surrounded by four vampires, all of whom were obviously wizarding vampires for they had wands pointed at them.

“Do you not know your prince?” Shingetsu asked staring at the wizarding vampire who was obviously the leader. 

“Lumos,” a vampire with black hair muttered and held up his wand. “Your Highness!”

The vampires in the circle quickly lowered their wands and bowed before their prince.  “Forgive me sire,” the vampire who had questioned Shingetsu said shaking. 

“You’re forgiven,” Shingetsu said.  “Titus and I are here to hunt and feed. What better place to feed than in a mortal prison?”

The vampires laughed at their prince’s question which was true.  Nobody would care if a prisoner died now and then among the mortals especially if murders, kidnappers and child molesters were dying in mass numbers thanks to the population of vampires in each country. 

“What’s it like at the magical school sire?” A vampire with blond hair asked Shingetsu.

“Horrible.  We can’t feed on the students and except for one friend in my dorm the rest of the student body seems to hate me and Titus.”

“We are sorry to hear that young prince,” the vampire continued. 

“Who are you all?” Titus asked the four vampires.

“My name is Sebastian,” the wizard who had been speaking said. 

“Cinder,” the red haired vampire spoke.

“David,” the white haired vampire said. 

“Jet,” a black haired vampire said softly not daring to look up at Shingetsu or Titus.

Shingetsu nodded.  “What clan are you?”

“We are of the Leopard Clan,” David said.

Shingetsu nodded.  The vampires parted as Titus and Shingetsu made their way into the prison with the others following.  “Why are you following us?” Shingetsu asked hearing the others footsteps behind him.

“Guard duty,” Cinder said.  “Vampires and mortals alike guard the prisons. The mortals look the other way while we feed.”

“Will they bother Titus and I?” Shingetsu asked Cinder.

“No prince.  As long as they know who you are they won’t think of stopping you or Titus from feeding.”

Shingetsu nodded and the six vampires walked into the prison.  “Who is this?” A gray haired human said looking at the child with the four vampire guards.

“This is the vampire prince,” David said. “Prince Shingetsu Yamazaki, son of King Arashi and Queen Yuki.  Brother to Princess and Future Queen Hana.”

“The prince and his guard are here to feed Falkner so don’t bother them,” Cinder said.

Falkner nodded and continued watching the security cameras as the rest of the vampires went through into the main part of the prison.  Shingetsu calmly walked through the prison using his mind reading ability to look inside the prisoners’ minds to see what they were in for.  Finding someone that he figured wouldn’t be missed, Shingetsu apparated into the cell and pinned the pimp against the wall before sinking his fangs into the man’s throat.  There was a scream from the prisoner as he tried to get the vampire child off of him.  The other vampires watched the prisoner’s life force being drained away before Shingetsu dropped him and allowed the dead body to fall to the ground.  Titus was busy feeding on his own prisoner; a drug smuggler who had shot and killed a border agent while trying to smuggle drugs into the country.

When the two visiting vampires were finished with their meal Sebastian approached Shingetsu before bowing.  “Majesty the vampire governor in charge of the Tasmanian vampires would like to speak with a member of the royal house.”

“About what?”

“We would like to have an empire instead of being a commonwealth your highness.”

“I’m just a prince and unable to help you.  Besides why do you want my parents to create an empire?”

“The vampires who live near the royal city of Nightshade get the protection of the royal army along with being protected by the royal family while the commonwealths and other societies do not get that protection.  There are governors from all the commonwealths here who hope to speak with the king or queen about making this a possibility. The last ones arrived yesterday and are patiently waiting.”

Shingetsu sighed.  “Fine.  I’ll go get my parents and bring them here if it means that much to you.”

“Thank you sire,” the four members of Leopard clan said.

Shingetsu shook his head and slipped into the shadows before shadow transporting himself back to Nightshade. He walked up the road leading to the palace and through the gates before stopping at the stairs of his home.  He walked up the stairs and the two guards who guarded the palace doors bowed to their prince.  “Sire what are you doing back home?” A palace servant asked as Shingetsu walked through the doors before they swung shut behind him.

“I was hunting with Titus in Tasmania and I need to speak to father and mother.  Do you know where they are Star?”

“In the garden with Hana.  Should I fetch them?”

“Yes. Find someone to watch Hana.  We may need to return to Tasmania and then afterwards I will be returning to school with Titus before we are missed by the humans.”

“Of course sire,” Star said before scurrying in the direction of the garden.  Shingetsu made his way into the living room and sat down before the crackling fireplace.  Five minutes later his parents appeared.  His mother swept him into her arms and hugged him tightly while crying over seeing her son again.  When she broke the hug his father hugged him as well. 

“What brings you home Shingetsu?  Shouldn’t you be at school?” Arashi asked his son after the three vampires took their seats.

“I was hunting with Titus in Tasmania since we aren’t allowed to feed on the students.  We can’t even kill the death eater children.  I made a friend named Tobias Moon.  He’s in Gryffindor like me and seems to be the only person in the school who likes me and wants to be friends with me.  It’s depressing being away from you and Hana and the nation at a school that hates creatures.   One of the guards who work in a prison on Tasmania said that the governors of all the commonwealths are there and want to speak with you about creating an empire.  It’s why I shadow traveled back here.”

“An empire?” Yuki asked looking from her son to her husband in disbelief.  “Why ever do the commonwealths want an empire?  The commonwealths have worked well so far for the past two thousand years.”

“They said that they want the protection of what an empire entails and the protection of the royal army. I said I would see about bringing you both there so the meeting can begin.”

Arashi looked into the fire and then sighed.  “Fine we’ll shadow travel there. Star!”

“Yes your majesty?” Star asked coming into the room.

“Please watch Hana for us.  We’re going to Tasmania to meet with the commonwealth governors and will return later.”

“Yes sire,” Star said bowing.  The prince and his parents stepped into the shadows of the living room and shadow traveled back to Tasmania.  Waiting for them were David, Cinder, Jet and Sebastian.  They had arrived back at the prison after traveling through the shadows to get there.  Shadow travel was tiring if done long distances and without blood or food.  It could also take a toll on newly turned vampires and children of the Shadow Phoenix clan who had never shadow traveled before until they got used to that method of transportation.  The four vampire guards bowed to their king, queen and prince.

“King Arashi, Queen Yuki, Prince Shingetsu please follow us to the governor’s mansion,” David said.  The vampires made their way out of the prison and through the various roads until they came to a gated driveway with trees on either side which blocked out the sky.  David opened the gate and they stepped through before walking down the long paved driveway until they arrived at a three story mansion.  David knocked on the door and they were given admittance. 

David led the way to the meeting room and there were the governors of the forty-two commonwealths.  Tasmania, Fiji, Alcatraz, Maldives, Singapore, Canary Islands, Cyprus, Easter Island, Tokelau, Christmas Island, Bahamas, Jamaica, Atlantis, Philippines, Bermuda, Saint Lucia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Nauru, Indonesia, Cuba, Australia, Guam, Hong Kong, Prince Edward Island, Thailand, Haiti, Iceland, Kantia, Tuanaki, Himalayas, Frisland, Antilla,  Saint Brendan’s Isle, Venice, Emerald Island, Nimrod Islands, Sannikov Land, Los Jardines, Thula, Mu, and Machu Picchu.   

“Greetings governors of the commonwealths.  My son informs me that you are interested in being part of an empire?” Arashi asked as he sat down with his wife and son on either side of him at the long table. 

The governor of Mu, a vampiress named Lucy, stood up and spoke.  “Yes your majesty.  I speak for all forty-two commonwealths when we say that we would like to be an empire.  The vampires who live near Nightshade in Scotland are well taken care of and don’t have to fear attack from enemies as they can easily go into the capital and stay there but the commonwealths do not have that protection.  It is our hope that you will grant us this request and allow an empire to form.  You will gain loyal troops as part of the imperial army and navy and we will feel a lot safer if we were in some way connected to the royal house.”

“Is this really what you all want?” Arashi asked looking at each of the forty-two governors seated around the table.  At everyone’s nods he sighed and stood up.  “The people speak for the gods and I will listen to them.  If this is what the people want then an empire we shall be.  From this day forth we shall be Calista.”

“All hail King Arashi!  All hail Queen Yuki!  Long live the king and queen! Long live the prince and princess of Calista! Gods save Calista!” Arashi sat down, looked at his wife and son and shook his head with a smile on his face. 


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