Bold Italic=Shingetsu and Titus’s mental link

Italic=Shingetsu and Nightmare’s familiar bond

A group of masked figures apparated into Godric’s Hollow and walked down the street to a small cottage.  They stopped in front of the Potter Cottage and turned to the lead death eater.  “Our master is taking care of the Longbottom boy.  We are to kill the Potters.”

The other death eaters in the group nodded.  They blasted open the door and heard hurried footsteps coming from the living room.  “Avada Kedavra!” Lucius shouted and a jet of green light hit James Potter square in the chest where his lifeless body fell to the floor.  “Upstairs and kill the Mudblood and their child.  The Dark Lord doesn’t want to risk another threat to his power in case Dumbledore decides to use both boys to defeat him.”

In another part of Godric’s Hollow Lord Voldemort was walking towards the Longbottom’s House.  He opened the door with the Alohomora spell and slaughtered Frank and Alice Longbottom.  He heard a scream coming from the back bedroom and walked into it to see a woman who must have been the boy’s grandmother shielding her grandson.  “Get out of here you monster!”

“Avada Kedavra,” Voldemort said lazily and watched as she crumpled to the ground in a lifeless heap.  Smirking at his handiwork he went towards the boy who was sitting up in his crib looking at the scene with wide eyes.  “It’s a shame I have to kill you child but I can’t have anyone who will be alive to kill me.”  As he raised his wand a jet of green light shot towards the child, hit the child between the eyes and rebounded back on Voldemort. He let out a scream as his soul fled from his body and his body was destroyed.  The house immediately caught fire in green flames and quickly burned to the ground but little Neville Longbottom was shielded from the flames by the love of his parents and grandmother.  The only thing that marked the boy’s failed death was a crescent moon scar.

Back at the Potter Cottage Lily screamed as she met the fate of her friends and husband. A death eater pulled out a knife and slashed the infant’s right wrist.

Apparating outside a young death eater shot the dark mark into the air.  A green skull with a snake protruding out of its mouth composed of glittering green stars formed above the house.  In the trees watching this horror take place were two members of Shadow Phoenix Clan; the vampire king and a woman who was one hundred years old.

“Sire?” A young female vampire asked.  “What do we do about the death eaters?”

“The war between the wizards and witches has nothing to do with us.  Yet the child has done nothing to deserve death or a life of suffering which he will certainly face.  I’m going to watch the child for a while and make sure it’s protected. Return to our home Emerald.”

“Yes King Arashi.”

Emerald quickly disappeared in black flames leaving the vampire king to watch over the child.  Arashi Yamazaki ruled the vampires with his mate Yuki.  His own clan was Shadow Phoenix.  “Why these parents had to die when the Dark Lord attacked the boy in the prophecy I don’t know.”  Sighing Arashi jumped from the tree to the ground and began walking away when the house suddenly burst into flames.

When the cottage burst into flames the little infant was still trapped in his crib only for it to break and cause the child to fall to the floor.  Arashi ran into the house and quickly made the flames disappear before heading towards the back room where he heard a scream from the toddler and then howls of pain.  Arashi easily parted the flames as every member of Shadow Phoenix clan was a pyromancer and they could easily control and bend fire to their will.  When Arashi burst into the back room he saw the child bleeding out on the floor from a slash across one of the boy’s arms.  Growling in his throat he ignored the smell of the blood and quickly removed a dead child from his robes, injected the dying child’s blood into the dead child and cast a glamor over the child to make it appear like the dying infant.  Gathering the child in his arms Arashi and the infant disappeared in a flash of black flames.

Professor Dumbledore stared in shock and horror at the house that was still burning. The dark mark hovered over the house.  Dumbledore stood with a bundle wrapped in a blanket and disappeared from Godric’s Hollow.  He sighed as he knew Neville Longbottom had no other living relatives so he would have to be placed in an orphanage.  The idea made him shudder as Tom had grown up in an orphanage after his mother’s death and had turned into a dark lord.  Would Neville eventually revert into another dark lord if he was left in an orphanage?  Dumbledore sighed. For once the great wizard of the light was at a loss as to what to do.

Dumbledore knew he needed to shape the Longbottom boy into a weapon and the only way he could do that was if he left the boy with someone who would abuse and mistreat the child so that when the savior of the wizarding world came to Hogwarts then Dumbledore would be able to shape him to fight the Dark Lord in case the Dark Lord ever returned.  He left the child on the steps of a muggle family and disappeared.

“Albus!” McGonagall came into the headmaster’s office with a look of panic on her face.

“What’s wrong Minerva?”

“The Potters are dead!  Some Ministry officials are there now.  It appears that James and Lily were killed by the Avada Kedavra Curse and Harry’s wrist was slashed.  He bled to death.  We tested his blood and magical signature to be sure but yes it is Harry.”

Albus put his head in his hands.  “Then we have lost our only other chance at defeating the Dark Lord if Neville isn’t up to the challenge.”

“What do you mean Albus?”

“There were two boys that could have been referred to in that prophecy.  One is Neville Longbottom and the other was Harry Potter.   When Voldemort tried to kill Neville he disappeared leaving only a crescent moon scar in the middle of his forehead.  I think that he ordered his death eaters to kill the Potters as well.”

“Why would Voldemort order the murder of the Potters when Harry wasn’t the child of the prophecy?”

“Perhaps he thought it would be safer to order the murders of the two boys who would potentially be his downfall.  I must admit that Tom has points for that.  He was always a clever and bright student.”

“Where is Neville?”

“With Muggles.  It’s the best thing for him if he grows up away from all this before he returns to the wizarding world.  As you know Augusta Longbottom was the last living relative of Neville and I fear what he might have been like if he had been sent to an orphanage. I didn’t want to take the risk that he would end up like Tom.”

Arashi walked into his home.  “Get a healer!” The vampire scurried away to do his king’s bidding.  He laid the infant on the couch and tapped his fingers impatiently.  Soon a healer arrived and bowed before Arashi.  “King Arashi what is it you wish me to do?”

“Heal this child if you can.  Do not turn him as that is going to be my privilege.  I’ve decided this child will become the prince of Shadow Phoenix Clan.”  Arashi used his teeth to bite into his wrist and placed it over the baby’s mouth and watched with concerned eyes as the child swallowed the blood of the vampire king. Raising the child’s bleeding wrist to his mouth he lapped at the blood flowing from the child before placing his wrist over the baby’s wounded wrist.  It screamed as the blood mixed and then Arashi got up.  “Come find me and Yuki when the prince is healed.  I do not expect failure on your part.  My vampire blood should be working but make sure that wound doesn’t leave a scar.”

“As you wish sire,” the vampire said bowing before turning to tend to the little prince.  The healer turned and watched as the blood began to react with the infant’s blood as the wound began to heal.  The infant would be in for a night of pain as its body changed from that of a human into a vampire.  When the bleeding finally stopped the healer got to work fixing the prince’s wound so it wouldn’t scar.  Placing his hand over the prince’s arm he muttered a few words under his breath and watched as the skin knit together leaving no sign that the prince had been left to die.  The healer pulled out bandages to wrap around the infant’s arm to stop the bleeding.

“Yuki I have found us a son and a prince to take over for me in the event of my death,” Arashi said as he sat by his mate on their bed.  “Wizards killed his parents and slashed his wrist leaving him to die.  I stole him from the home and placed a dead child there in his place.”

“How old is he Arashi?”

“He appears to be about seventeen months old.  I left him with a healer but have already turned him.  If I hadn’t taken him when I did he would have died.  It’s why I turned him as well.”

“Yes if he hadn’t been turned then he would have died anyway from the blood loss anyway.  I don’t understand how humans can do that to their kind.”

“They’re different than we are Yuki.  Though I fail to understand how they can so easily kill either.  At least vampires only kill to feed or when defending their territory and home from those who wish them harm. Humans will kill for any stupid reason they can come up with.”

The healer came in with the prince in his arms. “King Arashi and Lady Yuki your son is healed. Sire your vampire blood worked to heal the wound but I knit the skin together.  I brought him to you because I knew you would want to watch over him while he undergoes the transformation.”

“Thank you Shade.  Dismissed and tell everybody not to bother us for the rest of the night.”

“Of course sire,” Shade said as he bowed and left the room.

“What will we call him?” Yuki asked her mate.

“Shingetsu Yamazaki.  Prince of the vampires.  I have passed into him all the powers of myself and you.  As such he will be a pureblood.  Though we’ll need to find him a sister soon. You know how purebloods mate with each other in vampire society.”

“True. Though we can worry about that when he is five years old.”

They watched their son scream before finally quieting.  The transformation had changed the child before them.  His hair had lightened to auburn with midnight blue streaks in it and his eyes had changed to violet.  Yuki picked up her prince and set him in the crib in their room before the king and his mate fell asleep on the bed.


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