Two years had passed since the Riders of Hogwarts had come to Alagaesia which meant twenty years had passed in England.  After Eragon had met Harry, Harry had brought his riders back to Vroengard to begin their training so that they could kill King Mordred.  They had trained and learned the history of Vroengard as well as more about the rider war that head rider Eragon and his brother Murtagh had been a part of.  Harry had managed to help all the Riders of Hogwarts become Animagi.  On a warm summer day they made their way to Urubane. 

“Urubane.  I didn’t think I’d be back here,” Murtagh said shivering despite the sun.

The Black King is gone little one.

I know but now we have to face the son of my former lover.  Will we ever be free from war Thorn?

I don’t know Murtagh.  But we are riders and it is our job to keep peace between the four races.  It’s why Eragon Shadeslayer brought the dwarves and the urgals into the dragon pact after the fall of the Black King.

Finally they reached the gates of Urubane after two months of flying.  It had been renamed when Nasuada had taken the throne and become the high queen of the Empire but had been changed back to Urubane when Mordred took the throne after his mother’s death.  A hundred dragons covered the air, both bonded and those wild dragons who knew that the riders were essential towards their kind existing in this world.  Amazingly not all the riders had been destroyed.  There were riders who had lived on the island Eragon had sailed to and some had come to Vroengard and settled there once Eragon had cleared it of the invisible poison that had plagued the island for centuries.

Eragon and Saphira flew ahead of the dragons and he raised his hand as the soldiers and wild dragons began to notice them.  “BRISINGER!”  Blue fire shot from Eragon’s hand as Saphira let loose her own flames and covered the soldiers on the battlefield.  The other riders stared in shock at the sheer power of Eragon and Saphira.  The dragons met in halfway to the gate of the fortress and began tearing at each other. Roars filled the air for miles around.  Sadly this soldiers in the fortress to come out onto the battlements and begin firing arrows at the riders dragons and the wild dragons who sided with them.

“Pathetic,” Eragon said.  “Half of you with me and the other half storm into the castle and take down anyone who doesn’t surrender their lives to you. Your mission is to take down King Mordred.  That’s why you became dragon riders and that is what we will do!”

The rest of the riders nodded and half split off to continue into the fortress itself while the rest continued to slaughter the wild dragons under King Mordred’s control and the soldiers who were shooting at them.  Harry and half of his riders landed on the ground and left their dragons to help fight outside while they changed into their various Animagus forms and began making their way inside the keep.  Communicating to each other they split up further and one half made their way to where King Mordred was while the rest killed all who tried to fight them.  A few of the soldiers surrendered to the riders when they revealed themselves and were left alone.

As they made their way further into the fortress the roars and screams from the battle outside got dimmer until they were surrounded by their own footfalls and the beats of their wings.  Reaching the doors Harry summoned his magic and blasted the doors off their hinges.  Mordred looked up at the riders as they entered.   “It appears you managed to get into my fortress after all,” the king said. 

Unsheathing their swords and holding their wands in their other hands the Riders of Hogwarts that had followed their leader into the fortress began firing spells.  Harry summoned his anger and fired a Cruciatris at King Mordred.   Their spells worked as they were foreign to Alagaesia and the curse successfully hit the king making him scream in pain.  Harry held the spell for five minutes before canceling.  They weren’t at Hogwarts anymore so the Unforgivables could be used. 

The other riders stared at Harry in shock. They had known that he had cast the Cruciatris curse at Bellatrix Lestrange after the death of his godfather Sirius Black as he had told them of his past crimes when the rest had elected him as their leader but hadn’t expected him to use it on the king who was killing off their fellow riders and the other dragons.  “Avada Kedavra!” Twenty green jets of light flew at the king and he fell to the ground.  Harry wasn’t finished.  Channeling his power he summoned the ancient power that had destroyed the death eaters, Dumbledore and Voldemort and slew the supporters and wild dragons that hadn’t surrendered to the riders outside.  The force of the power again sent him crashing to the floor.  Before he blacked out he said “It’s done.”

Silently the riders levitated their leader and they made their way back through the various halls outside.  Eclipse landed and they carefully strapped Harry to her before mounting their own dragons and making their way back to Vroengard.  It was time to return to Hogwarts to finish their education.


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