Once Harry was healed the Riders of Hogwarts returned to Hogwarts.  The wards pulsed with magic as Harry and his riders stood staring up at the castle.  Welcome back to Hogwarts Riders of Hogwarts.  Everything was sealed upon your departure but will be unsealed once again.

“Thank you Lady Hogwarts,” Harry said.  “How have things been since our absence?”

Jonas Sherbet is currently headmaster. A young girl is coming to Hogwarts in ten years.  She, like you, Lord Gryffindor is the victim of a headmaster’s manipulations. 

I want access to her records.

Of course Lord Gryffindor.  You should know that you are owner of Hogwarts.


It is part of your inheritance Lord Gryffindor.  You can rightfully take the place of headmaster.

Good. Throw out all death eater children and supporters of this new ‘dark lord’.

Harry and his riders made their way into Hogwarts.  “Go to Dragon House. I’m going to the headmaster’s office and taking over rightful ownership of this school.”

The others nodded and made their way back to their home. Harry felt the wards of Hogwarts pass to him and made his way up to the headmaster’s office where he appeared. “I am the rightful owner of this school and I hereby throw you out of Hogwarts. You are fired Headmaster Sherbet.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m Harry James Potter, Lord Gryffindor by blood, Lord Ravenclaw by blood, Lord Slytherin by conquest and magic.”

Harry then proceeded to call a meeting of all students and staff in the Great Hall.  He was disgusted to see that Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were on the staff.  Dragon House walked in with their swords at their hips and their wands in their holsters hidden under their sleeves and took seats at their table.

“Who are you?” Ron Weasley asked as Harry approached the staff table.

“Why you don’t recognize me traitor?  I’m offended,” Harry said.

Harry moved the bangs from his forehead to reveal the lightning bolt scar Voldemort had given him as a toddler.  “Now do you know who I am and who these others with me are?”

“Potter,” Draco Malfoy sneered.  “What are you doing back here?”

“Hello Malfoy.  Lady Hogwarts please expel this death eater scum along all of Slytherin House and any other hidden supporters as well as Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger at the gates and seal all secret passages into and out of Hogwarts.  Also block any owls from entering or leaving as well as the floo conection.”

It is done Lord Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Slytherin.

There were several pops and all of Slytherin as well as several members of the staff and a few members of each of the other three houses, along with their luggage were found at the gates of Hogwarts.  Harry took his seat at the staff table and watched as his riders took their seats at the table for Dragon House.

“For those who do not know me I am Harry James Potter, son of James Potter and Lily Potter-Evans, heir by blood to Godric Gryffindor on my father’s side, heir by blood to Rowena Ravenclaw on my mother’s side which makes me a pureblood, and heir by magic and conquest to Salazar Slytherin for destroying Lord Voldemort.  I also destroyed Albus Dumbledore as well as all of Voldemort’s death eaters and his supporters.  The students before you are all former students here at Hogwarts.  I own three-fourths of Hogwarts, the grounds it sits on, Hogsmeade and the land it sits on which makes me rightful headmaster.”

A Hufflepuff raised her hand.  “Headmaster Potter where have you been?  It was presumed that you were dead and why do you look the same age?”

“May I ask what year you are in and your name?”

“Amber Weasley.  I’m a second year headmaster.”

“Who is your father Miss Weasley?”

“Fred Weasley sir.”

“Fred and George Weasley were trouble makers when I was in school Miss Weasley.  As to your question I’m afraid I cannot answer that and neither can my comrades.  All I can say is we are part of a noble order and were gone for a long time and time passes differently between the place we were at and here.  As to why I and my comrades look the same it is because only a year passes where we were compared to ten years passing here.  We came back after a war we participated in to complete our education at Hogwarts.

“I will be fixing the curriculum here at Hogwarts.  Britain and Hogwarts are or at least were twenty years ago the laughing stock of the magical world.  Purebloods hold too much power and this causes Muggle born witches and wizards as well as half-bloods to leave the magical world forever and seek jobs in the Muggle world because they cannot find employment in the wizarding world.  Bullying will not be tolerated at Hogwarts and will result in immediate suspension.  Failure to keep up your grades will result in immediate suspension.  The words “blood traitor”,“ mudblood” and “squib” will no longer be tolerated at Hogwarts and results in immediate expulsion.  Pointing your wand at someone will result in immediate expulsion, your wand being snapped and your magic bound.  Bullying by staff is immediate grounds for being fired and a one way ticket to Azkaban.  Supporting a dark lord will have your magic stripped from you, your wands snapped and a one way ticket to Azkaban.  Starting next year all muggle born witches and wizards will be required to take a Wizarding Cultures and Customs class for the next three years.  Purebloods and those who grow up in the wizarding world will be required to take Mundane Cultures and Customs for the first three years at Hogwarts.  Potions and Herbology will be combined into one class as they both work together.  Divination is hereby expelled from the curriculum.  You either have the gift of sight or you do not.  I aim to bring back curriculum that the four founders taught their students and make Hogwarts a place for all magical beings.  If you have a problem with that then you can leave. You will no longer be able to use your family name or your parents to weasel your way out of something you do not like.  Muggle subjects will also be included in the Hogwarts curriculum.  I don’t know how the headmasters and headmistresses of the past managed to get away with only teaching magical subjects.”

As the years passed Harry and his riders finished their education.  Half of his riders made their way back to Alagaesia while the other half stayed with Harry and helped to shape Hogwarts into a school where elves, werewolves, vampires, goblins, witches and wizards, and veela could study.  At first there was resistance by some of the purebloods but Harry put a stop to that nonsense when they realized they would have to go overseas to seek an education.  Kings Cross was made available to Muggle born parents so they could see their children off to Hogwarts.  Harry also took custody of the girl who was destined to have her life ruined and destroyed another dark lord along with his followers.  Five years later Harry, the child he had adopted who he named Rowena Lily Potter, and the rest of his riders made their way back to Alagaesia for the second time and continued their duties as dragon riders.  They never returned to Britain.


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