“And who are you?” Eragon asked the child standing next to his half-brother.

“My name is Harry Potter,” Harry said. 

“The child leader of strange riders who appear from a living crystal,” Eragon said.  “I imagine your people follow you?”

“Yes they do and I won’t allow you to harm them.”

“Spoken like a true leader.  I’m interested in why you radiate power.”

“What do you mean?”

“Idiots.  Well let’s start with where the hell you and your riders come from.  I can sense you are not from Alagaesia.”

“We came from England.  Hogwarts to be exact.  It’s a school for wizards and witches. That’s what me and my fellow riders are.  We’re wizards and witches who just happened to be chosen by dragons brought to England a long time ago that were hidden in our bank, Gringotts, and by chance became dragon riders.”

“This is another world then?”


“I’m still curious as to how you are radiating power.  It’s coming off you in waves.”

“I’m not sure as I have no clue what you’re talking about.  If you’re talking about my magic then sometimes it flares when I’m angry.”

“You’re angry about being asked to come to Vroengard at my request?”

“No I’m angry that I have to fight in another stupid war when I just got done defeating two dark lords in my own world before we came to this land.”

“Fair enough but we did not ask for this war either Harry Potter,” Eragon said.  “Our problems started long ago when I was still a naïve farmer boy in the Spine during the reign of Galbatorix, the Black King.  Then Nasuada decided to control all magicians and now her son, King Mordred, is trying to wipe out the riders and magicians.  Many of my people were killed in the last war.  I have only recently returned here with my dragon and my servants who you have already met.  I came back to help my riders that choose to live here in Alagaesia even though it was prophesied that I would never return to this land.  You have been here for what?  Two weeks?  Do not presume to know anything about the races of our land or what the people have suffered at the hands of tyrants.”

“Eragon why did you come back?  Where have you been all this time?”

“I’ve been training my few riders who have decided to live with me and the wild dragons on the island I sailed for after the defeat of the Black King.  I was never supposed to return here to this land but I did as I caught wind that my riders were being persecuted again.  If dragon riders were not essential to Alagaesia to keep the peace between the four races I would have them all move away from here and leave them to fend for themselves.  I had thought that you and Arya could handle things with my leaving but apparently that is not the case.

“Harry what is the problem with your riders?”

“They want to go home to complete their magical education.  I have to go back myself sadly so I can finish up two more years of school.”

“There is a way to go back.  Help us defeat this idiot and then you can go back if you want.  I have never heard of riders being in another world before but if it is necessary to you and your riders in order to stay here in Alagaesia permanently then I’ll allow it.”

“Thank you. They’ll be happy to hear that, especially the first years.”

“First years?” Eragon asked.

“Yeah.  Hogwarts has seven years of magical education.  We’re a mixture of first to fifth year students.”

“Interesting.  Well stay here with your dragon.  I’ll try to teach you some history of this place and then you can go back to your riders.  Are they trained enough to help defeat King Mordred?”

“We had only a few months of training before we came to Alagaesia. Not all of them have their own swords yet and their dragons haven’t advanced as far as Eclipse.  So I’m sorry but I don’t think they are ready.”

“Bring them to Vroengard and I’ll train them for two years.  Hopefully at the end of two years we will be able to kill Mordred and restore peace again.  Then you and your riders can return to this ‘England’ and complete your magical education.”

“Thank you Elda Eragon Shadeslayer.”


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