The Shadow and Moon riders stood in Vroengard.  Their dragons rested nearby. It was a full moon out and the moon dragon was lying still with its head raised up as it absorbed the moon’s energy.  Tulsa and Nimbus stared off into the distance.  They had taken refuge here on the abandoned island of Vroengard after becoming servants to Eragon Shadeslayer and his dragon Saphira Brightscales. 

“Do you remember when we first met master Nimbus?” Tulsa asked her friend.

“Aye I do,” Nimbus said as the wind blew from behind them and they watched the dark waves of the ocean crash against the beach below. 

The last two ancients had washed up on the shores of the Dragon Island one stormy night unconscious.  They had awoken hours later to find a man in his mid-100s and a huge blue dragon gazing at them. 

“Do not move,” the cold voice said as the rider forced both of them back onto the beds they were lying on.  “What are you doing here in my home and why do you have the shadow and moon dragons with you?”

“What do you know of the Shadow and Moon dragons’ human child?”  Nimbus asked. 

The blue rider just smiled dangerously. “I have lived a long time ancient one and I know of your past and the fact that the ancients used to ride dragons not of this earth.  Helios came to me a few years ago.  It is interesting that the Moon and Shadow dragons would once again reappear with their riders after centuries of being gone from this world.”

“The solar dragon has come back to the world?” Tulsa asked in shock.

“Indeed.  My name is Eragon Shadeslayer, son of Brom and Selena, half-brother to the red rider Murtagh, head rider of the Dragon Riders and this is my dragon Saphira Brightscales. Since I left Alagaesia on my quest we have been happy here without the threat of war. The Black King and his mad dragon are finally destroyed and peace once again claimed the land.  In my time here I have trained countless riders, brought the dragons a safe haven to live in and grow up, and have spent my time studying everything there is to know about the mysteries of this world.”

“We don’t know why were sent to this world.  We just had a sudden urge to come to this place.”

Helios did you call the ancients here?

  1. It is time they came back to the world with their shadow and moon dragons and helped you bring peace once again to the land.

I see.  And what exactly am I supposed to do with powerful riders such as these?

Everyone is a servant to somebody.

Ah I see.  You think they should be my servants then?  But what could they offer me that would make Saphira and I accept their servitude like we did with you?

They can help you with the war to come and if you use the ancient ritual of bondage they can’t ever defect from you Eragon Shadeslayer and King Killer.  Besides ancients must be the servants of a powerful rider.  It is a curse on their kind after they fled this world long ago.

Very well Helios.

Eragon performed the ancient ritual that caused the two ancients and their dragons to be bonded to him and Saphira just like he had with Helios.  “It is done.  From now on I am your master.”

There was a flap of wings and they looked up to see Saphira and Helios land on the ground behind them.  Eragon unloosened the straps securing him to Saphira and jumped down.  “Bring Murtagh, Thorn, and the leader of these new riders with his dragon here.  I believe it is time we finish this once and for all.”

Tulsa and Nimbus watched Eragon walk away from them in the direction of Doru Araeba, the capital.  Sighing they called for their dragons and made their way back to Ellesmera to fulfil their master’s latest mission.  “The red rider will be in for a shock to see his half-brother alive,” Tulsa said. 

“Yes and I bet Crimson Wings will be pleased to see his mate after all this time.”

The two riders flew for a week to Ellesmera and finally halted before the guardian.  “Guardian of the Elves we seek passage to meet with Murtagh and the rider known as Harry Potter,” Nimbus said.

“You may pass,” the Guardian said and vanished into the shadows of the trees.  Iris and Ceres flew towards the center of Du Weldenvarden and landed on the ground near Murtagh’s tree home. 

Nimbus undid the straps and jumped to the ground before making his way up the stairs and knocking on the door to the Red Rider’s home.  Murtagh came to the door at the knock and looked at Nimbus.  “What is it you what?”

“Our master wishes to see you, your dragon, and the leader of these new riders that came from the living crystal,” Nimbus said.  “Best to hurry up.  He isn’t happy if you’re late when he calls for you.”

Murtagh looked at Thorn who clambered to his feet and left the house.  “Alright we’ll come. Though I can’t imagine what is so interesting about me.”

Murtagh had managed to regrow Thorn’s missing wing and the rest of tail that had been bitten off during the fight with Oromis and Glaedr.  Thorn was grateful for without his wing he wouldn’t have been able to fly any longer.  Murtagh followed Nimbus down the stairs carrying the saddle Thorn used.  He strapped it to Thorn and then climbed on.  Once he was securely strapped to the saddle they took off to Oromis’s old home where Harry and Eclipse had been staying.  This time Tulsa spoke to Harry who shrugged and saddled up Eclipse before the four riders made their way back to Vroengard.

A week passed and they arrived in Vroengard.  The invisible poison had disappeared but nobody lived on the island anymore.  It had once been the home and training area for the dragon riders before the fall of the riders.  For years it had sat abandoned until the two ancient riders and Eragon had made it their home after he had returned to Alagaesia. He had restored the island to its former glory when he had taken up residence. The creatures that had come to the island after the invisible poison had been destroyed in the purification of the island.

“Where are we?” Harry asked.

“Vroengard,” Murtagh said astonished.  “It used to be the home of the riders before the Black King killed the riders with his Forsworn.”

Nimbus and Tulsa remained silent as did Ceres and Iris.  They landed and made their way to the capital where their master was waiting their arrival.  Arriving in the capital they were surprised to see all the buildings that had either been destroyed had been rebuilt.  “This is amazing,” Murtagh said.  “Everything is as it once was.”

“Yes but sadly our master could not find any contents of the library as it was destroyed.  So it sits empty.”

“We’re here,” Tulsa said.  She and Nimbus led the way into their master’s home and bowed.  Murtagh and Harry immediately followed suit, not wanting to offend the person who had requested their presence here.

“Master they have come as you requested,” Nimbus said. 

“Very good Nimbus and Tulsa.  You may both leave,” a voice spoke from the darkness of the room.

When the door closed behind the ancients Murtagh and Harry glanced at each other before getting to their feet.  In the shadows Eragon surveyed his half-brother and then flicked his gaze to the child beside him. The child radiated power, nowhere near as powerful as himself and Murtagh but he did have power.  He sensed a sense of sadness in the child standing before him mixed with other emotions he couldn’t identify at the moment.

“Who are you?”  Harry asked as he peered around in the darkness trying to find the person who had called them here.

Eragon stepped into the light and smiled at the look of shock on Murtagh’s face.  “Hello brother.”



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