Animagi and Dragons

A jet black panther with emerald eyes walked through forests of Du Weldenvarden.  Beside it were a brown fox and a white wolf.  A gray rat was riding on the wolf’s head while an owl flitted from tree to tree and a calico cat ran about happily in front of all the animals gathered.  The panther growled a warning at the cat as its ears heard something in the darkness and the animals instantly came to a halt, listening for whatever the panther had sensed. Looking at the wolf and fox, the panther moved its head in front of it and they immediately tore off through the woods to investigate.  The poor rat ended up going along for the ride since the wolf had taken off quickly and hadn’t given the rat time to clamber to the forest floor.

Around each of the animal’s left legs was a gold bracelet that had a dragon on it.  This was the symbol of Dragon House and thus the symbol of the Riders of Hogwarts.  This bracelet had been invented by a couple sixth years before arriving at Alagaesia.  It allowed the Riders of Hogwarts to communicate with each another in their Animagi forms. So far only the fifth years had managed to become Animagi.  They were working on helping the first to fourth years so that each member of the Riders of Hogwarts would have an Animagus form.  They figured that being Animagi would help them sneak as Dragon Riders.

Just some elves walking through the forest Elda Harry, Blaise who was the wolf Animagus, said. 

Come on back then.  We should probably get back before sunrise. 

 Neville Longbottom, Terry Boot, and Blaise Zabini made their way back to the three houses where the Dragon Riders lived when in Du Weldenvarden.  Murtagh and Thorn had taken the Riders of Hogwarts to the Crags of Tel’naeir and showed them where Oromis and Glaedr had lived in hiding before their death at the hands of the Red Rider when he and his dragon had been possessed by the Black King and Shruikan.  One day he would tell them of his role in the war of the Black King and the Blue and Green Riders. The young pupils deserved to know why Murtagh and Thorn had gone into the North and the horrors they had been forced to commit.

Dragon Riders who had been trained in Ellesmera had learned to sign trees into houses.  These houses were where riders had stayed with their dragons while training or visiting Ellesmera.  This was the Riders of Hogwarts first task when they had arrived in Ellesmera and they had all performed well, even the first year riders.

“Harry,” Amber said as she came up to him with her dragon Mist.

“What is it Amber?  Are you enjoying Alagaesia?”

“Yeah but I can’t help wondering how are we going to continue our magical education if we’re going to live here in Alagaesia forever? They don’t have magical schools here do they?”

Harry looked and saw the other first year riders and some of the upper years looking at him as well.  Harry knew that though Kayla had been head rider at Hogwarts it was him that the Riders of Hogwarts really saw as a leader.  “No there are no magical schools in Alagaesia.  I don’t know if we will ever go back to Britain.  I know I will never go back.  The magical community used me all my life from the day I was born.  There’s nothing there for me to return to.  The rest of you though may have something to return to.  If you want to go back to Britain then I won’t stop you.  But we need to stay at least until the riders are born and the threat of King Mordred is taken care of.”

The other riders turned and made their way back to their own houses.  Harry sighed and made his way up the stairs of his own tree house and walked inside the bedroom.  Harry what is wrong?

Some of the other Riders of Hogwarts are wondering if they will ever go back to magical Britian and how we will complete our magical training as witches and wizards. There are no magic schools here in Alagaesia. But they do have a point Eclipse. 

And what point is that Harry?

We may be dragon riders but we are also witches and wizards.  How can we be fully accomplished dragon riders if we don’t learn the magic that has been born in us and that some of us have been learning for two to five years?  Granted Hogwarts sucks in terms of their education system and they don’t seem to teach us anything of use.  There has to be a way we can go back and finish our education before coming back to Alagaesia for good. And is it really fair for the rest of them to have to give up their families and everything they know just to rebuild an ancient order of another land?

Will you abandon the people of Alagaesia and the dragon race to die at the hands of King Mordred Harry?

No!  I would never do that Eclipse! But I do not; we do not know these people or anything about this land other than what Kayla told us before we came here.  Voldemort and his death eaters are defeated which is good and now we have to fight another stupid war. I’m sick of war Eclipse.  All I want is to be normal but my life is never and has never been normal.  They look up to me since I was the first rider and I was willing to allow people from all four houses become dragon riders.  Since Dragon House formed the barriers that separated house from house have disappeared.  The long standing hatred between the lions and snakes vanished when we all became riders. They look up to me and see me as their leader. Not Kayla, not Murtagh, not Elva, and not Otvek.  It is me they look up to and will follow to the ends of time.  But how can I be a good leader when I only have a fifth year magical education? 

Eclipse raised her head from the bed she was lying on and hummed to herself.  I do not know the answer young one. If you  were to go back to your own land after defeating King Mordred, and who knows how long that war will last, what is to say that another Dark Lord won’t rise up and you’ll be expected to defeat that Dark Lord as well?

Harry shuddered at the thought of being used as a puppet if he ever went back to Britain.  Who is to say another Dark Lord won’t rise and the wizarding community of Britain won’t destroy some other child’s life with another stupid ‘prophecy’.  I can’t let that happen to another child.  If that means defeating another Dark Lord then I’ll do it. I already defeated Dumbledore and Voldemort and now I have to help kill off some stupid king of a land I have no allegiance to.  What is the point of going back when the wizarding world is just run by idiots and doesn’t seem like they want to change. They persecute all creatures, muggle born witches and wizards and half-bloods. The purebloods are destroying magic by breeding with their cousins because no new blood is coming into their respective lines and families.  If we were to go back to Britain then they would probably enslave all of our dragons or worse destroy you all.

What are you going to do about the Moon and Shadow riders Harry?  Any ideas?

  1. I don’t know anything about them.  I think they bear watching.  I’m grateful that they helped us get to Ellesmera but I have no idea if they are working for King Mordred or someone else more powerful.  Perhaps I will need to send some of my Animagi to follow them and keep an eye on them.

What is Animagi Harry?  Some of the dragons saw some animals running through the forest last night and I know you turned into a panther I think you called it.

Yes I’m a panther Animagus.  An Animagus is a person who can change into an animal at will.  Animagi is just the plural term for multiple Animagus.  My godfather was a dog Animagus and my dad was a stag Animagus.  The traitor who sold out my parents and landed my godfather in Azkaban for twelve years was a rat Animagus.  The Animagus to my knowledge cannot be chosen and Professor McGonagall said it’s impossible for someone to be a magical Animagus form or have multiple Animagus forms.  We are slowly teaching the younger years to become Animagi.  I believe it will be helpful for us as dragon riders.

A good idea Harry.  We should get some sleep. 

Good night Eclipse.

Good night little one.


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