The raven haired dragon rider with the killing curse eyes groaned.  All he wanted to do was get some sleep.  He had felt the tremor throughout the manor but didn’t yet know that his second enemy, a manipulative old goat along with the death eaters and prejudiced pureblood bigots were now just smoldering piles of ash all around the magical world.  His brain was foggy and he thought he heard someone calling his name.


The shouting grew louder and Harry suddenly opened his eyes.  He saw Eclipse leaning over him with worry and concern in her eyes. Winching Harry sat up and looked around him.  Riddle’s Manor and the garden shed were completely destroyed.  There was no trace of them anywhere. 

“What happened Eclipse?  How did you find me?”

Whatever powers you gained by touching the stone circle completely obliterated all traces of the manor of the Dark Lord. They also destroyed the Dark Lord, his followers and Dumbledore so the wizarding world will have no fear of the leader of the light nor the leader of the dark.  You suffered some magical exhaustion when you destroyed the Dark Lord Harry and passed out.  I found you when I felt you collapse.  I’ve been trying to wake you for seven hours.

I’m sorry for worrying you Eclipse.  I just didn’t want to risk losing you.

I understand Harry but we are partners. We are supposed to stick together.  Please don’t leave me again and worry me like that.

Then we can finally leave this pathetic world and go save your home and the home of your kin.  The Dragon Riders will ride once more in Alagaesia.

Eclipse picked up her bonded in her jaws and spread her wings before flying back to Hogwarts.  They flew for two hours until they reached Hogwarts.  Eclipse set Harry on the ground and walked with him until he reached the doors to the Entrance Hall before turning and going to the Dragon Hold.  Harry pushed a door open and made his way up to Dragon House where Kayla, Murtagh, Otvek and Elva were waiting for him.

“Where have you been?!”  Kayla shouted at her pupil.

“Voldemort’s dead.  That’s where I’ve been.  All the death eaters, pureblood bigots and Dumbledore are also dead.  We can return to Alagaesia.”

“So that’s why the staff was freaking out,” Murtagh said chuckling.  “Apparently you turned the headmaster into a pile of ash before the eyes of Professors McGonagall, Snape, Flitwick, Sprout and the healer Poppy.”

“Interesting,” Harry said. “I’ve been unconscious for seven hours and we just got back now after two hours of flying so forgive me but I need to get something to eat and sleep.”

Harry made his way up to his room and shut the door.  “Dobby!”

A house elf with tennis ball size green eyes appeared.  “Harry Potter sir calls Dobby?”

“Hi Dobby.  Can you get me something to eat and have some house elves send Eclipse a live cow?”

“Yes Master Harry Potter sir.”

A few moments later Dobby popped in with a tray of sandwiches, a bowl of soup and a jug of pumpkin juice.  Harry thanked Dobby who popped back to the kitchens and Harry began digging into his meal.  By this time tomorrow hopefully they would have found a way back into Alagaesia and be home.

The next morning snow began falling.  Word had spread of in Dragon House the next morning that they were finally returning to Alagaesia and were waiting outside by Hagrid’s hut for Charlie and Hagrid to show up with their dragons.  They were all nervous to go to a new land and face another war but were proud to have been chosen and looked forward to bringing out a new age of dragon riders.  There was nothing left here for any of them.

“Harry Potter! Where do you think you’re off to?”

Everyone turned and winched as Professor McGonagall, transfiguration professor and Deputy Headmistress came running out of the castle towards them followed by some of the other professors.  “Professors what can I do for you?  What can we do for you idiots who have forced the destruction of a dark lord onto the hands of an innocent child?” Harry asked as the rest of the Dragon Riders sniggered behind him.

“What did you do to the headmaster?”

“What makes you think it was me Minerva?”

“Don’t be stupid boy!  The headmaster did everything for you!”

“The headmaster was a manipulative old fool who lived far beyond his time. He believed in a stupid prophecy that would have allowed myself or Neville to be marked with a curse by a dark lord that he put into power and then we would have died after defeating said dark lord.  I think Tom Riddle had a few things correct about the wizarding world and I’m just glad that Neville never had to go through what I did since I returned to the wizarding world four years ago.  If Dumbledore had killed Tom when he was a child instead of letting him make Horcruxes and stay alive just so Dumbledore could gain a weapon to use against the dark lord that he created then he’s just as evil as Tom ever was.  I hate to say it but I feel sorry for Tom.  He didn’t deserve to grow up in an orphanage where he was bullied relentlessly by the muggles and he didn’t deserve to be bullied in Hogwarts.  I realize that now after I killed him.  Heck I think I realized that a long time ago.  We’re leaving and will never return to this wretched world.  A world that ostracizes an entire house when there have been plenty of dark lords who come from all four houses, a world that puts their faith on a little boy over some stupid prophecy instead of taking the matter themselves, a world that takes away the human rights of magical creatures and makes it hard for them to thrive in society, a world that would gladly see a child die just so some old fool can get more power.”

The Riders of Hogwarts turned and disappeared into the Forbidden Forest.  While Harry had been hunting down and destroying Horcruxes; Murtagh, Elva, and Otvek had figured out how to return home to Alagaesia.  Walking through the forest while forty-eight dragons flew over the trees before they came to a clearing that was pulsing with pure magic.  Landing on the ground the riders moved to stand by each of their dragons in a circle. 

“Dragons place your nose on the air in front of you.  Riders place the hand with your gedwey ignasia on the air in front of you,” Murtagh instructed as he stood beside Thorn.  When everyone had done as he ordered Murtagh thought of home.  Of the villages, towns and cities he so remembered.  Of  Ellesmera and Du Weldenvarden-home of the elves. Of the Beor Mountains where the dwarves lived.  Of Farthen Dur where the Varden had gone into hiding during the Black King’s reign.  Of Helgrind-that place where superstitious fools had worshipped the Ra’zac and sacrificed humans and their own limbs to those horrible man eating creatures.  Of Tornac, his friend and mentor, who had died at the hands of the Black King when they had tried escaping from his former master’s control.  Of Surda, the land that had been free during the time of Galbatorix’s reign when Eragon Shadeslayer, his half-brother and dragon Saphira had been born, and brought hope once more to the peoples of Alagaesia.  Of dragons and their riders flying through the skies after the fall of the Black King before things had begun to go wrong.  It had taken many years to rebuild the riders and Murtagh wished for that again.  There was a pull on the riders and their dragons and when they opened their eyes they found themselves in the woods where Murtagh, Elva and Otvek had gone to England 1995 Hogwarts.

“Welcome back dragons of Alagaesia.  Welcome Riders of Hogwarts to Alagaesia,” a voice said. 


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