Ancient Power

Arriving at the gates in the village of Little Hangelton Harry Potter looked around him.  Before him on a hill stood Riddle Manor.  It was a two story home with a small house off to the side that had been for the caretaker who had been murdered sometime in the summer before Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts.  He knew he should have brought Eclipse with him but he didn’t want to risk injury to her or seeing her die.  With the magic he had gained from fixing the stone circle at Hogwarts he felt strangely more powerful than he had ever felt before and his magic felt pure and hot.  He could feel it now in the center of his magical core churning and roiling inside him, just waiting to be released.

Harry made his way up to Riddle Manor, extending his magic in front of him to detect any wards or traps that Voldemort may have laid out around the property but surprisingly found none.  He knew that the snake would be here somewhere but he was unable to sense it so it must be hiding or in the house.  “Either Tom is a bigger fool than I thought or he’s not here after all.  But I can sense his snake and knowing Tom he won’t be far from Nagini.”

Harry looked around him in the darkness for any sign of guards but found none which again he thought was odd.  Surely Tom would have had guards or something posted even if he believed himself all powerful and ‘immortal’.  Shivering from the cold eerie wind that suddenly sprang up around the grounds he made his way into the house and began making his way through the rooms on the lower floor looking for any sign of his enemy.  “Expecto Patronum,” Harry said softly and was surprised to see multiple patroni fly out of his wand.  What had only been a stag which symbolized his father he found a dog, a wolf and a doe.  “Prongs, Padfoot, Moony.  But who is the doe for?”

“Mom?” Harry asked as the doe pranced up to him and nuzzled his shoulder.  “So mom was a leopard?” he asked the three other patroni.  As the doe that resembled his mother drew back and looked into his eyes he saw a brief flash of a scene in his mind’s eye.

“Hey James when did Lily become an Animagus?”

“What?  Lily’s an Animagus?  Lily flower why didn’t you say anything?”

“I wanted to surprise you James but Sirius had to go and spoil the surprise,” she said as she ran towards him before changing back into her Animagus form and coming to a halt in front of James. 

“Well then we need to come up with a name for you?  Do Moony and Wormtail know about this?”

“Yeah of course they do.”

“What?! So I’m the only one who doesn’t know.  How could you do this to me Padfoot?”

“Mrs. Prongs,” James said.

“No. We aren’t getting married until after we graduate Prongs,” Lily said.


“NO!” Both James and Lily shouted. 

“How about Gem?”  Moony asked appearing with Wormtail. 

“What do you think flower?” James asked.

“It’s better than ‘Clip’,” Lily said.  “Gem it is.”

“Gem,” Harry said softly as he looked at the doe before him.  “Can you help me search for Nagini and Tom Riddle?”

The four patroni nodded and began making their way through the rest of the lower floor before coming back to Harry and making their way upstairs.  “I take it they aren’t on this floor then.”

Harry followed Moony and Prongs upstairs with Padfoot and Gem behind him.  He knew that his godfather, parents, and uncle would protect him even if they were the patroni and not real.  Stopping on the landing Harry turned his head from side to side listening.  Suddenly Nagini shot forward and knocked him back down the stairs before slithering down after him.

“Harry Potter. So we meet again,” the low hiss of Voldemort came out of the shadows as Harry desperately looked around for the source.  Stepping out of the shadows of the room was Voldemort.

“Hello Tom.  I figured you would be here.  Tell me what did it feel like to have your Horcruxes be destroyed by me?”

“You insolent child!  NOTHING can defeat me!  I’m the most powerful wizard alive.  Even Dumbledore knows that.”

“Dumbledore is turning into you Voldemort.  Did you know that?  I am charged with defeating him after I kill you.  Apparently the wizarding world can’t even bother to solve their own problems and instead would rather pile a ton of responsibility upon an innocent child.  I never plan on coming back to this world once I defeat you and Dumbledore.  The manipulative old fool!”

“Then why not join me and we can put the wizarding world in their place.”

“Because Tom while I may believe the wizarding and muggle worlds need to remain separate instead of merging them together like Dumbledore seems to want and that it would be best for Muggle born witches and wizards to be removed from their parents care and put with foster families in the wizarding world I am not about to go kill innocent people to prove a point.  The wizarding world has manipulated and used me ever since I was a tot and I could care less what happens to them.  However for my parents’ sake I will avenge their deaths and kill you here tonight so that the wizarding world can rest in peace and then I will go on to slay Dumbledore before leaving for the Muggle world forever.  I want nothing more to do with a world that would place an innocent child on a pedestal and expect that child to solve all their problems when they can’t even do anything for themselves.”

“Why not just leave them to me then?”

“Because that wouldn’t be fair to the innocents of the magical and muggle worlds.  You wouldn’t stop with dominating the wizarding world.  You would want to destroy all the muggles, half-bloods and squibs as well.  Though I do admit they deserve anything that happens to them.”

Harry withdrew Dauth Garzjla from its scabbard and slashed at Nagini who had bound tightly around his legs.  Unable to move Harry instead slashed blindly in front of him as he felt blood spray the front of his robes.  With a snarl of rage Harry opened his eyes and swung Dauth Garzla in a wide sweep, severing Nagini’s head from her body.  Voldemort screamed in rage and pain as the last horcrux was destroyed.  “Now you die Tom,” Harry said as he forced himself to his feet and summoned every last bit of energy he had.  Using the knowledge he twisted his magic in his core and in the very air and called forth an ancient magic that hadn’t been used since the Mayans had been alive.  His eyes glowed pure white and suffused his body in the same blinding white glow of light before thrusting his magic out at Voldemort.  “Goodbye Voldemort,” he said as the magic hit his enemy and caused Voldemort’s body to explode.  Then he collapsed on the floor next to a pile of ash that was all that remained of Voldemort.

Around the wizarding world death eaters and supporters of Voldemort, such as Fudge, burst into ash everywhere.  Snape had been spared since he had truly repented of his crimes.  Even Dumbledore was incinerated from the inside where he was sitting in his office.  Minerva, Snape, Filius, Poppy and Pomona could only watch in horror as Dumbledore cooked, his screams filling the air before all that was left was a pile of smoldering black ash.


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