Murtagh, Elva, and Otvek were in the library looking through books trying to find out about what could be used to defeat Voldemort.  It was when Elva was reading an old book that she shouted in surprise.  “Master I think I may have found the answer to our problem,” Elva said pushing the book in front of Murtagh.  Otvek got up to look over Murtagh’s shoulder as they read the passage.


A horcrux is a dark artifact.  A horcrux is the darkest magic a wizard or witch can create for it involves the killing of innocents to split the soul and is banned in all schools except Durmstrang, a school that specializes in the dark arts.  A horcrux can be any inanimate or animate thing which the wizard or witch attaches a piece of their soul onto.  If a witch or wizard has a horcrux then they will not die even if they are hit by the AK curse.  They can be destroyed via Basilisk venom or a goblin made object.  However danger lies in wait for those who are attempting to destroy a horcrux.  A horcrux will fight to defend itself from being destroyed. It will prey on a person’s fears and desires by creating illusions.  Once all the Horcruxes are destroyed the creator is mortal and is able to be killed.

“A horcrux,” Murtagh said.  “Do you think that is what this Voldemort fellow has created and that’s why he didn’t die when Harry was a baby?”

“Possible,” Elva said with a shrug.  “Thank the Gods that King Mordred doesn’t know of Horcruxes back home.”

“We should take this to Harry.  He may be able to shed some light on this.”

Murtagh grabbed a piece of parchment Harry had given him and quickly copied the book title, author, page number, and paragraph down before placing the book back in the restricted section.  Then the three elder riders left the library to go find their fellow rider.  They found Harry in Dragon House in the common room.  “Harry what do you know about Horcruxes?” Murtagh asked as he handed the piece of parchment to Harry.

“Horcruxes?  I’ve never heard of them before,” Harry said looking down at the piece of parchment in his hands.  Murtagh, Elva, and Otvek sat down in some other chairs and waited as Harry read the copied information in front of him.

“That must be how Voldemort survived when he tried to kill me!” Harry shouted.

“We figured as much when we found the information,” Murtagh said nodding.  “Do you have any clue what his Horcruxes might be and how many?”

“I imagine his Horcruxes would be something that had sentimental value to him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something from each of the four founders of Hogwarts.  The diary-the diary must have been a horcrux!  I destroyed that in my second year when I was in the Chamber of Secrets.  And the ring-the ring that’s on Dumbledore’s dying hand.  That’s related to his father. We’ll need to find information on items of importance to the four founders.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his snake is a horcrux.  She’ll be hard to get to as she’s always by Voldemort’s side.”

“Harry is there any possibility you are a horcrux?” Elva asked.

“What?  Not that I’m aware of.  How could I be a horcrux?”

“Maybe Voldemort accidently put a bit of his soul into you when he tried to kill you when you were a toddler,” Otvek said.  “It could explain your Parsletongue ability and some of your other traits.”

“I should go to Gringotts.  Maybe they can help me.”

“Maybe you should also talk to the headmaster,” Elva suggested.

“If I did then he would just stop me from going to look for the Horcruxes. I’ll never go back to that bastard for help.  First we need to figure out what would be of importance to the four founders.”

For the next week when Dragon House wasn’t working on homework they looked for information on the Horcruxes.  Finally they had it narrowed down.  Hufflepuff’s cup, Ravenclaw’s Diadem, and Slytherin’s locket.   “Wait the locket!  That bitch Umbridge must have it!  What a fool I am. She has that locket around her neck!”

“The trick will be getting that necklace away from Umbridge then,” Murtagh said thoughtfully.  “Leave that to the three of us.”

Murtagh, Elva and Otvek made their way down to the DADA classroom and snuck into Umbridge’s office.  Otvek and Elva looked around while Murtagh kept watch in the doorway.  “It’s not here Murtagh,” Otvek said.  “She must be wearing it.”

“Then we’ll wait here for her to return.”

It didn’t take long for Umbridge to return to her office.  A detention was scheduled for 8PM that evening with a stupid Gryffindor by the name of Ambrose Hunter who believed Dumbledore and Harry Potter’s accounts that the Dark Lord was back.  She was enraged that there were dragons at Hogwarts.  Creatures like that needed to be exterminated. And Harry Potter was at the forefront of this problem.  “Insolent child,” Umbridge said nastily.  She didn’t see the three elder riders standing in the shadows.

“Deyja,” Murtagh said smiling as he spoke one of the twelve words of death.  Umbridge fell to the ground.  “Otvek get the locket from around the toad’s neck,” Murtagh said to the Urgal.

“Got it Murtagh,” Otvek said holding it as far away from him as possible.

“Brisinger,” Murtagh said and the three riders watched the bitch burn before leaving the office and going back to Dragon House.

“Harry!  We’ve got the locket and we’ve taken care of Umbridge.  She won’t be torturing anyone else again.”

“What did you do to her?”

“Killed her and then burned her to ash.  Do you have anything to kill this stupid locket with?”

Harry hurried up to his room and pulled out the basilisk fang that he had used to destroy Riddle’s diary in his second year.  He had kept it with him as a memento of his victory of saving Ginny and kept it locked up in a piece of cloth in the bottom of his trunk.  Hurrying back downstairs he took the locket from Otvek, set it on the floor and then stabbed the basilisk fang into the locket.  There was a scream as the locket was destroyed and Harry sat back on his knees breathing heavily.

“Lady Ravenclaw,” Harry called into the silence.  The Grey Lady appeared before the riders who had all hurried downstairs from their rooms at the scream from the locket.

“What is it you need young rider?”

“Lady Ravenclaw we have found a way to defeat Voldemort but would like to know if you know of objects of importance to Helga Hufflepuff and to Rowena Ravenclaw and if you know where they are.”

“My mother’s diadem is cursed.  I threw it somewhere in the Room of Requirement.  As for Helga Hufflepuff I know she had a cup that she treasured.  It’s bronze with yellow citrines and emeralds set in the metal but I do not know where it is.  I only know that it was taken out of Hogwarts several years ago.”

“Thank you Lady Ravenclaw.”

“You are going to destroy my mother’s diadem?”

“We will try to destroy the soul within and give it back to you once it has been cleansed of the evil Lady Ravenclaw if that is your wish.”

“Yes thank you Harry.  Good luck on your quest.”

“Everyone to the room of requirement!”  Harry shouted taking command.  “Split into pairs and scour the entire room.  If you find it do not touch it or you will be corrupted.”

“Yes Elda Harry,” the riders replied and the entire house made their way to the Room of Requirement.  They searched for seven hours until finally the team of Amber and Emily found the diadem. They set up sparks and the rest of the house hurried over.   Harry pulled out the basilisk fang from inside his robes and stabbed the basilisk fang through the diadem.  “The only things we need to find are the snake and the cup of Hufflepuff.  And I need to get to Gringotts and ask about what I can do to remove the piece of Voldemort’s soul inside me.”

Harry went downstairs and called Eclipse to him.  He made his way to London and landed a few streets away from Diagon Alley behind a large hill.  “Stay here Eclipse.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be but I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Stay safe little one.

Harry hurried down the other side of the hill and onto Victory Street before making his way towards Diagon Alley.  Passing through the pub he opened the archway behind the Leaky Cauldron and hurried to Gringotts.  “I need to speak with someone regarding a piece of Voldemort’s soul inside me,” Harry said softly to a goblin that was free of customers.

“Ah Mr. Potter.  Yes I’ll summon someone right away,” the goblin said.  He called for another goblin and told it to direct him to see the curse breaker head of Gringotts.  “Mr. Potter what can I do for you?  My name is Sharptooth.”

“I found out about Horcruxes and have been destroying them in order to defeat Voldemort. I want the piece of Voldemort’s soul in me taken out and I want access to Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault.  I believe there is a cup there belonging to Hufflepuff that has a piece of Voldemort’s soul in it.”

Harry described the goblet and Sharptooth’s face paled.  He called for guards to go to the Lestrange vault, find and destroy the cup for it carried a piece of the Dark Lord’s soul.  “Mr. Potter it is possible to remove the soul in your head without killing you as Dumbledore might suggest.  In fact I’m surprised you didn’t have it removed long ago.”

“I didn’t know about Horcruxes or that I was one until an hour ago.  Dumbledore never told me that I was a horcrux.”

“I see.  Well please follow me and I’ll remove that piece of the soul from you.”

What followed was a painful procedure during which Harry was given a potion to help him relax and then words chanted in a long dead language to remove the soul and scar from Harry Potter.  He lay there panting from the battle the soul had ravaged upon his mind when the door swung open and the goblins who had went to the Lestrange vault informed Sharptooth that the cup had been destroyed.  “Now all that’s left is the snake and then I can kill Voldemort,” Harry said before he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later he awoke.  Gone were the visions of Voldemort plotting and planning.  Gone were the incessant headaches from the curse scar that flared up whenever Voldemort was angry.  “Where would old Tom be hiding at this hour of the night?” Harry muttered as he got up and made his way back to Eclipse.  “Riddle Manor,” Harry said and he disappeared with a pop.


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