Stone Circle

Harry left Dragon House that evening and went to the Dragon Hold to find Eclipse.  He had no idea what he was going to do but he had to suddenly get away from everything.  His mind flashed back to the day when Charlie and Hagrid had become dragon riders and then to the trial when Ron, Hermione and Albus Dumbledore had been convicted of stealing his property and Potter artifacts.  He was disappointed that Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore hadn’t been sentenced to Azkaban like they deserved for theft and bribery but that would have been impossible anyway since many of the Light didn’t think their leader could do anything wrong. 

“Eclipse,” Harry said peering into the Dragon Hold and trying to find the green scales of his dragon. Eclipse appeared out of the darkness of the dragon hold and lowered her head before Harry so he could rub her snout.  “Come on Eclipse.  I can’t sleep and need to get away for a while.”

What is troubling you partner-of-my-heart-and-soul?  Eclipse asked as Harry climbed up her foreleg and settled himself into the saddle before tying himself into the straps that would keep him from falling to his death and making sure that Dauth Garjzla was secured against his waist and his wand in his wand holster on his right arm.  Eclipse walked a few steps away from the Dragon Hold and spread her wings before flapping up into the night sky and flying away from Hogwarts.

I just need to get away from everything for a while. This war, this school, the people who betrayed me for the past four years.  Sorry I had to wake you up though Eclipse.

Don’t worry about it Harry.  I will always be here for you.  That will never change.

Thanks Eclipse.  The dragon and her rider flew in silence for a while in a northerly direction.  They flew in silence for a while but never closed their minds to each other. Ember and Kayla had taught them that important fact about being a dragon and rider.

“May as well go back,” Harry said after two hours of flying.  Eclipse turned around and flew back towards Hogwarts.  Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly and let out a sigh. “I think I need to get a new wand,” he said after a while.  “It seems my wand isn’t working like it used to.”

Do you think it has anything to do with the trial of the betrayers?  Perhaps you should go to St. Mungo’s and get checked out.  You may have blocks on your magic.  If Dumbledore stole your money and offered bribes to your ex-friends then it’s possible he put blocks on your magic and that your wand has never been meant for you.

You mean like it was forced on me when I was eleven?

This human seems like he’s more of a danger to you than to Voldemort if he has been manipulating and stealing from you all this time.

You’re right as usual Eclipse.  Very well take me back to Hogwarts and get some rest.  I’ll floo to the Leaky Cauldron and get myself checked out as well as checking out my wand and seeing if I need a new one after all.

Harry had indeed noticed over the past couple of years that his wand seemed to not work as well as it used to. In fact if he thought back to when he had first been given his wand he hadn’t felt a lot of magic come from the wand at all.  There had been that slight glow of light but Harry was wondering now if maybe it hadn’t had something to do with Dumbledore.

“Why must my life be full of difficulty and pain?” Harry said to himself.  “I’ve been manipulated ever since I turned elven and found out I was a wizard.  My former friends betrayed me and accepted bribes from a crazy old loon who stole from the Potter Vaults.  The only good thing that seems to have happened in my life is Eclipse hatching for me.  Even Sirius was nuts after he got out of Azkaban and kept thinking I was my father.”

They arrived back at Hogwarts and Eclipse landed.  Harry found Blaise and Neville and talked them into going with him to Diagon Alley after he voiced his suspicions about Dumbledore blocking his magic and that his wand didn’t seem connected to him.  They agreed and went up to Dragon House where they then flooed to the Leaky Cauldron.

“Where are we going first Harry?” Neville asked as he fingered Sundavar.

“I think we should go to St. Mungo’s first and see if there are any magical blocks on me.  You might want to get checked out as well Neville.”

“Yeah you’re right.  My magic has never been really strong and my family did think I was a squib for a long time because I never showed any signs of magic at all.”

They made their way to St. Mungo’s and approached the witch who was at the front desk.  “Good morning.  Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Hello.  We are students of Hogwarts and were wondering if my friend and I be checked to see if our magic has been blocked,” Harry said gesturing to himself and Neville.  

“Shouldn’t you children be in school?  Why in the world do you think your magic has been blocked?  Where are your parents?”

“It is none of your business where our parents are,” Blaise said fingering Death Fang.  “We’re Hogwarts students.  We have permission from our house head to be out to get Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter checked out.”

“Oh my!  You’re the Boy-Who-Lived!” 

Harry rolled his eyes.   “For God’s sake woman!  You’re an adult.  Quit acting like some teenage school girl!”

“Of course I’ll help!”

Five minutes later Harry was in one room while Neville had gone off with another doctor to have their magic examined and see if they had any blocks on them.  Blaise was waiting in the hallway between the two rooms.  Two hours later both of them had found out they had in fact had their magic blocked by Dumbledore and they had gone through a painful procedure in order to get their magic unblocked.  The doctors explained to Neville that his magic being blocked is why he hadn’t shown any magic until he had been accidently dropped by his Great Uncle Algie when he was eight years old.  Both boys were noticeably upset that the headmaster had blocked their magic. When Blaise found out he was also upset at what his friends had gone through.  Harry also found out that his gift of Parsletongue was a gift from the Potter line and not from Voldemort trying to kill him like he had been led to believe.  What else has Dumbledore been keeping from me?

“Well let’s go to Diagon Alley then so I can see about my wand,” Harry said.  “Or you guys can floo back to Hogwarts and I’ll go myself.”

“No we’ll stay with you,” Blaise said and Neville nodded.  The three riders went back into Diagon Alley and made their way to Ollivanders.  “Ah Mr. Potter,” Ollivander said when the three students had entered his shop.  “What can I do for you?”

“Mr. Ollivander, Neville and I found out that our magic had been blocked by Albus Dumbledore and I’ve noticed that my wand hasn’t really worked for me.  I was wondering if you can check it to see if it’s compatible with me and if I need a new wand.”

Mr. Ollivander looked at the three boys and then went to the door before flipping the sign from “Open” to “Closed” and cast an obscure charm as well as silencing spells around the shop.  “Yes my boy I am afraid to say that your wand is not compatible with you.  Albus Dumbledore came to me and threatened to throw me in Azkaban if I didn’t give you the ‘brother-wand’ of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named when it was time for you to begin Hogwarts.  I’m sorry to hear that both your and Mr. Longbottom’s magic was blocked for so long.”

Harry scowled at this information.  Screw the wizard world!  I’ll avenge my parents’ deaths but that’s it.  They can go to hell for all I care after Voldemort is gone because I won’t be returning here once we leave to Alagaesia.

“Well Mr. Potter if you will come in back with me I think I’ll just make you a custom wand instead.  Mr. Longbottom and Mr. Zabini are welcome to come back and watch if you wish or they can stay here in the front of the shop.”

“We’ll stay here Harry if you don’t mind.  I think Neville needs to rest after that procedure.”

Harry nodded to Blaise and Neville and followed Mr. Ollivander into the back of the shop where there were cabinets, chests, and two tables. One table was full of different cores and one was full of wand woods. Mr. Ollivander pulled out a potion vial.  “Mr. Potter close your eyes and drink this.  You will fall into a trance but will be self-aware the entire time.  It will allow you to choose your wand wood and cores based on magic alone.”

Harry eyed the potion vial warily and then closed his eyes as he swallowed it in one gulp.  He was surprised to find that the potion tasted sweet instead of disgusting like most potions did.  He sank down into his magical core and found that it was a mixture of greens and purples.   Carefully he extended his magic out to the rest of his body and a smile graced his mouth as he felt his magic rush through his body which filled him with sudden warmth. 

 Harry moved to the cabinet and waved his hand to break open the wards surrounding the cabinet and pulled out a vial.  Ollivander cursed as his wards were broken but Harry just smiled and set the vial on an empty table.  He pulled out another vial from a different cabinet and began choosing different cores from the core table and setting them on the empty table as well before going and choosing a wand wood.   Ollivander began reconstructing the wards around the cabinet that Harry had shattered as the potion wore off.

Looking at the table Harry saw the two vials and frowned.  He had no clue what they were.  On the table was the feather of a storm phoenix, centaur tail hair, griffin feather, Thestral tail hair, troll whisker, coral, fang of a werewolf and dementor ash.  The wood was Hawthorn.  “What are the two vials?”

“Give me a minute to look at them,” Ollivander said.  He examined the first vial.  “This is blood of a Pegasus.  The second vial is liquid basilisk venom.  Both are rare ingredients.  That will be fifteen galleons, eight sickles and four knuts.  It will be ready in five hours.”

Harry handed over the money and went into the front of the shop where Blaise and Neville were waiting. They left the shop and decided to hang out at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour in order to kill time. Five hours of ice cream later Harry went back to Ollivanders to pick up his new wand.  Then the three riders and friends, for both Neville and Harry had become friends with the former Slytherin, went back to the Leaky Cauldron and flooed back to Dragon House in Hogwarts.

“What happened to you two?”  Crane asked as he looked at Neville and Harry who had their mouths set into thin lines.

“Call a meeting,” Harry said to which Crane immediately scrambled up to the boy’s dorms and Dawn went to the girl’s dorms to call down the riders.  When everyone was seated or standing around in the common room Harry spoke.  “It appears that Albus Dumbledore blocked my magic as well as Neville’s magic.  It’s why Neville didn’t show any magical talent before eight years old and everyone in his family thought he was a squib.  I also found out that my old wand is a fake.  It was never the ‘brother’ of Voldemort’s wand and that Ollivander had been threatened with Azkaban by Dumbledore if he didn’t give me that wand.  I had a custom wand made.  Hawthorn with Pegasus blood, liquid basilisk venom, feather of a storm phoenix, Thestral tail hair, centaur tail hair, dementor ash, griffin feather, troll whisker, and a werewolf fang.”  Harry pulled out his wand and cast the Lumos spell.  “With the blocks on our magic removed Neville and I should be able to take down Voldemort and be more powerful now that we have access to all our magic.”

“You’re going to take him down together?”

“The prophecy that killed my parents and caused Bellatrix Lestrange to send Neville’s parents into insanity could apply to either myself or Neville.  We decided to take him out together as well as Dumbledore.  The headmaster cannot be trusted so that is what we will do before we go to Alagaesia for the rest of our lives to take down King Mordred.”

The riders were somber as they went down to the Great Hall for dinner that evening.  None of them could believe that Harry and Neville had had their magic blocked by the headmaster of Hogwarts or that he had threatened a wand maker with Azkaban.  The former snakes realized their parents had been right in not trusting the headmaster and ‘leader of the light’.  After dinner Harry went out into the grounds and found himself walking towards the stone circle.  Harry was surprised that he could feel the magic in the air and in the stones themselves as he stepped into the circle.  The stone circle connected the Covered Bridge to Hagrid’s Hut and lay on top of a hill. 

Cautiously Harry touched a stone and gasped in shock as his magic reacted with the magic in the stones.  The stones that had fallen to the ground trembled before standing up in their positions and the stones that had faded into dust were created again before his eyes and took up their positions so that the circle was now whole as it had been when Salazar had turned his home into a school.  Blue glowing writing appeared on the stones and vanished as the magic around the area shook violently before zooming into Harry.  He felt his magic surge and rage inside him as his magic and the magic of the stones twisted together in his body. 

Harry’s body shook as the two different magic’s fought in his body before accepting each other and settling down.  A woman in a white dress stepped out of a stone and looked at Harry.  “You have awoken the magic within the circle and made it whole once again child.  Now the magic from the stones is part of you and you will find yourself stronger and more powerful than other witches and wizards. Your spells will also be more powerful as well which will aid you in your life and the battles to come.”

“Who are you?”

“I am a human appartion of Hogwarts child.  I ask that you defeat Dumbledore before you go to Alagaesia. Yes I know of this land from which your dragon and the other dragons came as I was here when the founders got their dragons.  You and Neville are now wards of Hogwarts and Albus can do nothing more to either of you.  The house elves and the portraits will not report anything that you two do to him.”

Then the appartion of Hogwarts faded and Harry collapsed in the middle of the stone circle.  In the Forbidden Forest the creatures all looked towards Hogwarts for they could sense their master had awoken.


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