Return of the Master

“How-how are you alive?” Kayla asked looking from Murtagh to Thorn and back again.

“I escaped from Dras Leona with Thorn.  Aphrodite and her rider Elva were also imprisoned there.  We were chased by ra’zac and lethrblaka but I called the last surviving riders of Alagaesia and they came to our aid.  I took Otvek and Blaze with me and we destroyed the two ra’zac and their parents that were after us while the others made their way to Ellesmera.  I just pray to the gods that they are safe.”

“Any sign of Eragon and Saphira master?”


I’m worried for my mate.  I haven’t seen her since the birth of my hatchlings.

“Are these your riders Kayla?” Otvek asked.

“There are forty riders total Otvek.”

“Excuse me but what are you?” Blaise asked looking at Otvek with curiosity.

“I’m an urgal human.  One of the four races of Alagaesia.  Do you not have urgals in your land?”

“We have humans, house elves, werewolves, Dementors, hags, vampires, zombies, red caps, hinky punks, boggarts, a poltergeist resides at our school along with an assortment of ghosts, goblins, mermaids, centaurs, unicorns, our headmaster has a phoenix, a Cerberus, giant spiders, etc.  We’ve never heard of or seen an urgal before.”

“What a strange land,” Otvek said to Elva and Murtagh.  “You have many creatures we don’t have in Alagaesia and you don’t have elves, dwarves or urgals.”

“It could be that this land is in a different dimension than our own Otvek so perhaps that is the reason why our two worlds have different creatures,” Elva said for the first time since they arrived at Hogwarts.

“Murtagh are you going to become the head dragon rider of this school?” Kayla asked.

We agreed that if we managed to find you and new riders that you would keep your place as head dragon rider as they are your pupils after all.

Thank you Elda Thorn.

Riders you have done well with raising our fellow dragons.  You should be proud of your accomplishment and you all will only get stronger with the more training you get, Blaze said with a deep voice.

“Where do the dragons stay Kayla?” Murtagh asked his former pupil.

“In the dragon hold master.  I’ll show you.”

“So what is this place?” Elva asked as they walked along the grounds.

“Hogwarts,” Harry said.  “A magical school and one of the best ones in Europe and the world.  We’re in Scotland which is part of the United Kingdom.”

“United Kingdom?”

“Yes it composes of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland,” Harry said. “England has a parliament and is ruled by a queen.”

“Is everyone magical here?”

“No.  There are wizards and witches, squibs which are children born to magical parents who have no magical ability, and first generation witches and wizards which are muggle born.  Muggles are non-magical people. We channel our magic through wands. You may consider wands to be sticks.”

“Odd,” Elva commented.  The eleven riders and their dragons made their way across the grounds to the dragon hold.

“Thorn, Blaze and Aphrodite you can stay here with the other dragons.  Murtagh, Elva and Otvek can stay with the riders in dragon house.”

Thank you Kayla, Aphrodite said nuzzling Thorn who hummed in happiness at being with his mate again.  Aphrodite, Thorn and Blaze walked into the dragon hold with the other dragons and laid down before the three dragons who had arrived from Alagaesia fell asleep.

“Kayla take us to Dragon House.  We need to sleep after our escape and fight.”

“Master if we managed to come into another dimension is it possible that the bad people here might be able to go into Alagaesia?” Otvek asked Murtagh.

The eleven riders stopped.  Harry looked at his fellow riders from magical Britain in horror.  What would Voldemort due if he found out about dragon riders and go to another land that was already plagued by war?  “Do you know how you got here?”

“We touched a living crystal that apparently connects our world with at least this one.  Whether it leads to worlds besides this we aren’t sure.  We aren’t even sure how to get back to our own world,” Murtagh said.  “Why is that a problem?”

“We have a dark lord here named Voldemort,” Harry said.  “If he finds out about other worlds and that it’s possible to travel to these other worlds then other worlds could be in danger.”

“Then we have to keep this news secret until we figure out how to get back to our own world,” Murtagh said with a sigh.

“We need to stop Voldemort first,” Harry said.  “Or rather I do. It’s apparently my destiny to stop Voldemort.”

“What do you mean?” Otvek asked.

“Do you see this scar on my forehead?” Harry asked pulling up his bags. “This is a curse scar.  I have a piece of the Dark Lord’s soul within me.  The divination professor recited a prophecy that said that I would be marked as the Dark Lord’s equal and that neither of us can live while the other survives.  Voldemort murdered my parents and had Neville’s parents tortured into insanity so I was left with my magic hating muggle relatives and Neville was left in the care of his grandmother.  One of us has to kill the other for this war to end but I’m not sure how to do that as the headmaster doesn’t see fit to tell me anything useful.  Until I fulfill my destiny and kill Voldemort then I can’t go back to your world with you and neither can Eclipse.”

“Then we will just have to help you on your quest,” Murtagh said looking at the fifteen year old rider before him.  “You remind me of my half-brother Eragon.”

“I do?”

“Yes.  You are both idiots and always want to do things on your own instead of asking others for help.  You think the fate of the world rested on your shoulders alone and that nobody else deserved to be put into harm’s way just because you had the misfortune of being born.  Eragon was about fifteen as well when he found Saphira’s egg and became her rider. The first rider in centuries after the Black King went and killed off the order.”

They fell silent then as they walked into the castle and up seven flights of stairs before arriving at the west wing of the seventh floor.  They walked down the passage and to the portrait that marked the entrance to their house.  “Rider,” Kayla spoke and the painting swung outward so that the eleven riders could enter their common room.  In the common room were the rest of the riders. They looked up as their master arrived with three new riders.  “These are riders from my homeland,” Kayla said looking at them.  “Elva who is a human, Murtagh who is my master and half-brother to Eragon Shadeslayer, and Otvek who is an urgal.  You remember that urgals are one of the four races of Alagaesia do you not?”

The riders nodded their heads.  “Good.  They arrived here with their dragons.  Leave them be for now and let them get some sleep.  I’m sure after they have gotten some sleep that they will answer any questions you have for them.” Kayla gazed sternly at her pupils.  Behind her Murtagh, Elva and Otvek chuckled as the riders again nodded.  “Murtagh and Otvek make your way up to the top floor on the left and there you can stay.  Elva the same in the girl’s dorms which are on the right.  We each have our own rooms in Dragon house.”

The three battle worn riders nodded and made their way up to their respective floors.  The other riders sat there quietly talking with themselves about the new riders and what their arrival meant for the wizarding world.  “Kayla will we eventually be going to Alagaesia?”

“Yes Ash.  Once we help Harry kill Voldemort then we will return to Algaseia and defeat King Mordred and hopefully bring peace back again to my old home.  I think we need to kill all the death eaters as well before we leave here.  Once we go back to Alagaesia we will never return here. Dragon Riders are meant to live back home and not in other worlds. It is pure luck that I managed to find you all and train you.”

There was silence at this revelation.  The former Slytherins were glad to be leaving for a world where their dragons were from and where they wouldn’t be judged for their former house or their parents.  The former badgers were loyal to the order and to their dragons and wouldn’t dream of being parted.  The former ravens looked forward to seeing a new land and learning new things.  Even the realization that they would never be able to return didn’t damper their excitement of new knowledge to be learned.  The former lions tried to put on a brave front for the rest of their order but inside they were scared of leaving everything they had known.  However Gryffindor was brave and courageous and that is what they would be.  “May the riders live on and prosper to not fall again,” Neville said.  Everyone turned to look at Neville who blushed under the looks he was getting.  Neville hated being in the spotlight but suddenly the statement was taken up by the rest of the house as they pledged then and there to do everything in their power to keep another war from taking Alagaesia.


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