Dauth Garjzla

A week had passed since the trial. Harry was sitting outside with Eclipse, Charlie, Blaise, Neville, and Luna along with their dragons by the lake when Kayla approached the group.  “Harry it is time to make your rider sword,” Kayla said smiling at her pupil and pulling out an emerald along with a green chunk of bright steel and handing them to Harry.

“The emerald will be fitted into the pommel of your sword where you’ll be able to store reserve stockpiles of energy that you can draw on in times of great need. Each of you will be making your own swords eventually.  Swords are how we fight and defend ourselves in addition to using magic back home in Alagaesia.  Your sword should match the color of your dragon’s scales and is an important and vital weapon for every dragon rider.  Do not ever lose it or else you will be defenseless if you can’t tap into your energy reserves that exist in the gems on your swords.”

“Elda Kayla can we watch Harry make his sword?” Blaise asked.

“Yes but you can’t help Harry. And Harry you cannot use magic to make your sword.  It has to be done by yourself. This goes for the rest of you when you make your swords as well.”

The group nodded and followed Harry and Kayla to a small forge beside the dragon hold.  “This is where you will each make your swords.  Your dragons will have to help you and give you a scale since your swords will be the same color as your swords.  Now Harry you need to figure out the size of your sword. It has to be a size that you can easily handle.”

Harry nodded and set the bright steel on the forge.  He pulled on his dragon hide gloves and put on an apron to protect his robes from being ruined.  Harry grabbed a hammer and began pounding the bright steel to flatten it once he figured out he wanted a hand and a half sword.  Eclipse can I have a scale?

Of course little one.  You don’t need to ask. Ebrithil Kayla did say that one of my scales was necessary.

Eclipse pulled two scales from her chest and held them between two claws as Harry continued pounding and shaping the bright steel into a sword shape.  Slowly the sword began to form from the bright steel.  Harry took one scale and wrapped it around the sword before he began hammering the scale into the sword.  Transferring the sword into the fire he heated it in order to stretch the sword and scale.  The heat of the fire melted the scale onto the sword so that it began to shine.  Harry repeated the process several more times over the next few hours before taking it out of the fire for the last time and dunking the entire sword in water to allow it to cool before removing it once more.  He set the emerald into the pommel of the sword above the silver cross guard that was set with rubies and carved two lightning bolts on both sides of the sword.  On the scabbard he carved a lion and pounded the other scale into the scabbard so that the scabbard and the sword were the same light green as Eclipse’s scales.

“What will you name your sword Harry?” Kayla asked.

“Dauth Garjzla,” Harry said.  “I think the name fits my sword well because I want my enemies to know the light of their life will be taken by me.”

As Harry said ‘Dauth Garjzla’ his sword lit up and a green light flared up from the sword. Harry canceled the spell and the light disappeared.  He said it again and the light flared back to life before he canceled the spell for the second time.  Harry, Charlie, Neville, Luna, Blaise and Kayla looked on in shock and awe.  “Incredible! This has happened only once before that I am aware of and that was when Eragon II named his sword Brisinger. Brisinger lit up in blue flames.  From what I remember from my teachings from him Brisinger was the first spell he used after discovering he was a dragon rider.”

“What does it mean master?” Neville asked.

“I think that it may mean that Harry is going to be a powerful rider.  I am not sure whether Dauth Garjzla is your sword’s true name or whether it has either of those words in its true name.  Perhaps it is both. Do not tell the true name of your sword to anyone Harry. That goes for the rest of you. We each have two names.  A name we use in public and our true that is given to our most trusted friends.  If an enemy were to learn your true you name then they could force you to swear oaths in the Ancient Language and bind you to their service.  This happened to my masters Murtagh and his dragon Thorn.  It was only after much inner struggle and hard work that they were able to change their true names and thus break free of the black king’s control.  I do not doubt Harry that if this ‘Dark Lord’ or even the headmaster were to find out your true name that they would bind you into their service.”

Harry nodded, sheathed Dauth Garjzla and tied it to the belt around his waist.  Fine work little one. But why did you carve a lion into the scabbard?

Because I am a Gryffindor or at least I used to be before I was betrayed by everyone I thought were my friends and adopted family and I’m also the Heir of Godric Gryffindor himself. It is for him that I carved the lion into my scabbard.

A wise decision for a hatchling.  The riders will need to be brave to face the obstacles before them in this world and possibly if we return to Alagaesia. We may end up ending one war and flying through the stars into another war.  Are you prepared for that Harry?

No but I don’t see what else I have to live for here in this world.  If defeating this king in your homeland is what is needed then I will do so if only to ensure that I can live out my days in peace.  To not do so is a disgrace to my ancestor and my own beliefs.

You are wise Harry. Wise indeed for one who has faced death, heartache and betrayal from your hatching.  I am happy I chose you as my rider. I sensed that you were lonely and needed someone to help you and show you love that you never experienced before.  I also sensed your courage, loss, turmoil, and hate swirling around in your mind and knew that to be strong you would need a strong partner. 

Thank you my dragon.  You’re the only one who understands me and may the wind carry us to glory and freedom.  I’ll never leave you if you promise to do the same for me.

Of course. I would never abandon or betray you Harry.  Eclipse held a wing over her bonded and the other riders and their dragons sat around on the grass thinking of what the future would bring for the Riders of Hogwarts.


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