Italic=conversation between rider and dragon or letter

Bold=spell in Ancient Language

Kayla and Ember were still trying to make sense of this strange new world where dragons were dumb beasts and there were only humans.  Between Ember and Kayla were seven more dragon eggs that they had taken before the Empire had begun slaughtering the dragons back home.  One was silver, one was violet, one was yellow, one was red, one was white, one was black and the last was blue.  Kayla and Ember weren’t sure if they could find the seven other dragon riders in this strange land but since they had found one for Eclipse she figured they could find three more.  She and Ember had been teaching their apprentices the ways of the dragon riders.  Ember had taught Eclipse how to fly and breathe fire.  Of course Eclipse wasn’t big enough for Harry to ride yet since he was only three months old but both the dragon and her rider couldn’t wait until they could take their first flight together.

Harry and Eclipse were training with Ember when an owl swooped in and landed in front of Kayla.  On the envelope was written:

Kayla Thorn

Abandoned House

Little Whining


Opening the envelope she pulled out a piece of parchment.

Dear Miss Thorn,

Welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  We are pleased to offer you placement at our school.  You will find a list enclosed of the school supplies and school books you need and they can be purchased in Diagon Alley.  Your sorting will take place after the first year students on September 1.  Please arrive at Platform 9 ¾ at Kings Cross Station in London an hour before the train leaves for Hogwarts. Train departs at 11 AM.

Yours Sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Head Mistress

“Is a reply required?” Kayla asked looking at the owl who hooted.  “Well I’m sorry but I didn’t bring any writing tools with me. Hang on I’ll see if Harry has some.”

Kayla got up and walked out where she saw Eclipse and Ember flying high in the sky.  “Harry,” Kayla called. 

“Elda Kayla,” Harry said looking up from his meditation which Kayla had ordered him to practice every day.  “What is it?”

“Do you happen to have any writing tools?  An owl is in the house and is apparently expecting a response to my Hogwarts letter that was just delivered.”

Harry got up and went over to his bag where he pulled out a piece of parchment, peacock quill and bottle of violet ink.  “Eclipse and you will need to stay here after training is over because Ember and I have decided you need to know something important.”

“Yes Elda,” Harry said with a nod to his teacher. 

Kayla turned and scribbled ‘Yes I will gladly accept the placement at Hogwarts’ before handing it to the owl that flapped out of the opening in the roof.  After an hour Harry came in and Ember and Eclipse landed on the floor.  Eclipse went over to Harry and Harry absently stroked Eclipse’s head.   Harry noticed the seven other stones that sat between Ember and Kayla. “Seven more eggs?” Harry asked and Kayla nodded. 

When we fled the battle in which our teachers died we had eight eggs.  Eclipse as you can see and these seven unborn hatchlings.  These eight dragons are the last that we know of and the only ones that escaped being killed by the Empire.  The violet, blue, green, and white dragons are female while the black, red, yellow and silver are male. We were surprised and happy that we had found a rider for Eclipse and now our quest will begin to see if we can find riders for the seven unborn hatchlings as well.

“In Alagaesia there exists tales of a living crystal.  Not much is known about it but it is a source of energy and possibly knowledge.  We sought out the living crystal in hopes of gaining some insight into how to defeat the Empire and the magic users who were waging war against the dragon riders.  When we touched the crystal we were pulled from our world to yours.”

“We’re also in a war here.  Voldemort aims to kill all muggle born witches and wizards, squibs and blood traitors.  Blood traitors are wizards and witches who have bred with muggles or who obsessed with muggles are non-magical people.  Squibs are people without an ounce of magical talent born to a witch and wizard.  There’s a prophecy that says that I have to kill Voldemort because neither can live while the other survives. It’s why I live with my mother’s sister, her husband and my cousin during vacations and the summer when I’m not in Hogwarts.”

So we get to fight in another war when we know nothing of this land.

“Elda Kayla how will you know who the other seven dragon riders are?”

“I don’t know Harry.  Before Eragon and Saphira left for Vanguard they left two eggs with the elves. One for the urgals and one for the dwarves.   Eragon, Saphira and Glaedr’s eldunari, an eldunari is a dragon’s heart of hearts, discovered the Vault of Souls where they found numerous wild dragon eggs and eldunari that had been hidden after the fall of the riders.  Eragon took the rest to Vanguard and every few months he would send some eggs to the four races in Alagaesia to see if the dragons would hatch and rebuild the riders. It took a hundred years to rebuild the riders to their former strength.  When we existed young children of each race would pass by the eggs in an attempt to find the new riders.  Wait there may be something,” Kayla said.  “Do you any way to get money in this world?”

“Wizards have a bank in Gringotts run by goblins Master,” Harry said looking at his teacher curiously.

“We do not have banks back home.”  Kayla and Ember communicated silently for a bit before their eyes widened.  “How could I have forgotten?  Of course it has been a year since I read it but it might…”

“I’ll need to speak to the director of this bank.  We’ll go tomorrow.”

Elda Kayla how come the dragons of this world can’t talk?

That is because only dragons that have riders can speak and are intelligent though back home wild dragons did sometimes mate with rider dragons.

“I think I may know of a possible dragon rider. He’s a fifth year like me named Neville Longbottom and also in Gryffindor,” Harry said after some thought.  He thought that being a dragon rider would instill confidence in Neville.  “There may be a Ravenclaw girl I know by the name of Luna Lovegood who also might be a good possibility as a dragon rider. She’s a fourth year.”

“Then when we get to Hogwarts we will look at these two children and see if your suggestions are correct Harry,” Kayla said. 

“Elda Kayla do you want people from all four houses?”

“That might be best to be fair to everyone,” Kayla said. 

Harry took Kayla to Diagon Alley the next day to get money and her school supplies along with picking up his own school supplies.  They first went to Gringotts which was the wizard bank and was run by goblins according to Harry. Kayla and Harry stepped up to a goblin teller.  “I wish to speak to the director of Gringotts,” Kayla said to the teller.  The goblin looked at Kayla and Harry for a few moments. 

“What business does a human child have with our director?”

Kayla held out her palm with the gedwey ignasia. The goblin nearly fell off his chair in shock.  “One moment Master Rider.”  The goblin quickly put up a closed sign on his spot and led Harry and Kayla to the director.  The goblin quickly spoke to the director in their language and bowed Harry and Kayla inside.  “Hello Master Dragon Rider and Harry Potter. What can I do for you?”

“Good morning Master Goblin,” Harry said.  “How do you know about dragon riders?  I just became one myself over the summer.”

“You should be honored to be a part of a noble order Harry Potter.  As for how I know about dragons the four founders of Hogwarts signed a treaty with the head of the dragon riders in Alagaesia many years ago by Nimid the Wise.  May I ask how you arrived here Master Rider?”

“My dragon and I were pulled here from Alagaesia after touching a living crystal.  We escaped with eight dragon eggs after the murder of our masters and the death of our fellow riders.  There is a war going on back home.  Dragons and eggs were slain.”

“I am sorry to hear that Master Rider.  There is a dragon rider vault in Gringotts with the ring of the head dragon rider at Hogwarts.  Your dragons will be able to live on Hogwarts grounds as that land is not owned by the Ministry and you will run the Hogwarts Dragon Rider School.”   Ragonock pulled out a silver ring in the shape of a dragon with emerald eyes.  “If this ring accepts you as the head dragon rider of Hogwarts then you and your dragons will be able to pass through the wards.  A table will be set up for you and the dragon riders will have their own house.”

Kayla took the ring and put it on.  It shrank to fit her finger.  “Now that the ring accepts you have access to the Hogwarts dragon riders vault and the Head Dragon riders vault.  If you resign, die or step down the ring will return to the vault and await the next head dragon rider of Hogwarts dragon rider school.”

“Thank you Master Goblin.  May your enemies fall at your feet.”

“And may gold run freely at yours,” Ragnok said.  “Would you like to go to your vaults?”


Ragnok summoned a goblin who took them down to Harry and Kayla’s vaults.  Then they stopped at the dragon riders vault. The dragon had a green dragon, red dragon, blue dragon, and yellow dragon surrounding a circle the size of the dragon ring on the door.  “Please press your ring into the center of the circle,” the goblin who was escorting them said.  Kayla did so and instantly the dragons lit up and the door to the vault swung open.  Kayla and Harry stared in amazement at the vault. It was filled to the brim with gold galleons, silver sickles and bronze knuts. They also noticed thirty-two stones nestled sitting on two shelves, bright steel, and gems for each egg.  “There are dragon eggs here?!” Kayla shouted with tears in her eyes. 

“Yes Master Dragon Rider.  The four founders’ dragons gave birth to some of them and a few others they rescued before the fall of the riders in Alagaesia and hid them here when riders still came to Hogwarts.” 

“I want to take them with me.  These little ones have waited a long time for their riders.”

“How is it nobody has heard of Hogwarts Dragon Rider School before?” Harry asked.

“The four founders made sure that only when a head dragon rider came to Hogwarts that the dragon rider school would reveal itself.  They are there but invisible young Potter.”

Carefully pulling out a couple of sacks Harry and Kayla divided the dragon eggs between their sacks until all the eggs along with collecting the bright steel and gems were safely tucked away.  Then they went to go get their school supplies.  Kayla and Harry went to eat lunch while Kayla stared at her wand which was mahogany, phoenix feather with unicorn tail hair, and 14 inches long.  “So this is how wizards and witches channel their magic by using a stick?” Kayla asked in disbelief.

“Yes master,” Harry said.  “Are all the riders able to use wandless magic?”

“That’s the only way we use magic back home which would be a yes to your question.  We don’t have any need for sticks or wands as you call them here because our magic is channeled by our thoughts and resides in our body.  When we get to Hogwarts the people who won’t be able to enter are the dragon riders.  Once Hogwarts accepts me as the Dragon House then a blue light will surround the castle and we’ll be able to enter.  We’ll get our dragon riders after they have been sorted.”

“Master how do you know this?”

“While you were busy looking at the Hogwarts School of Dragon Riders vault a piece of parchment revealed itself to me with instructions on what would happen.”

They left with their purchases.  Harry had taught Kayla the spell to shrink her trunk after she had packed all her school supplies and books into it.  They left Diagon Alley and walked to a hill where Ember was waiting.  Good news Kayla?

We have found more dragon eggs Ember!  Thirty-two eggs were stashed in the Hogwarts School of Dragon Riders vault in Gringotts along with more bright steel and gems for all the eggs!  I also got my school supplies for Hogwarts and am now Head of Dragon House.  We’ll be able to find our fellow riders when we arrive at Hogwarts. I am also the Head Dragon Rider in this land.

Wonderful! I never imagined there would other eggs here!  This is truly astonishing news indeed.

Kayla and Harry climbed into the saddle on Ember’s back and he took off for the abandoned house.  Harry!  How was your shopping?

  1. Master Kayla and I found some more dragon eggs and apparently there will be more dragon riders at my school.  Master Kayla is also the Head Rider and the Head of Dragon House at Hogwarts.

September first saw Kayla and Harry at King’s Cross Station with their trunks and the two sacks of dragon eggs, bright steel and gems.  People stared at Kayla due to her sword strapped to her waist but she ignored them and allowed Harry to take the lead since he knew his way around this world.  “Reisa trunks,” Kayla and Harry said waving their hands at their trunks.  Their trunks rose and followed them onto the Hogwarts Express.  They found a compartment and put their trunks on the luggage rack above them before sitting down with the sacks of dragon eggs at their feet. 

The door to their compartment flew open and Hermione, Ron, and Neville came into their compartment.  “Hi Harry!” Neville shouted. They noticed Kayla, her sword and the two sacks at their feet. ”Who is this?”  Hermione and Ron stared in contempt at Harry and Kayla.

“My name is none of your concern child,” Kayla replied coolly.  Friends of yours Harry?

Only Neville Longbottom master.  The other two I thought were my friends but I realized over the summer that they aren’t really. The red head is jealous of me for my fame and money and the bushy haired one gets jealous whenever I do something better than her. They have betrayed me too many times in my first four years at Hogwarts.  I don’t know Neville all that well but he’s pure of heart and a good friend.  He has never betrayed me.

The possible rider you informed Ember and I of?

Yes master.

I see. 

“Come on Neville let’s get out of here,” Hermione said taking Ron’s arm. 

“Yeah we don’t want to deal with the murderer of Cedric Diggory,” Ron said.

Neville shook his head. “My grandmother and I believe Harry. If he says that Voldemort is back then I believe it.  I can’t picture Harry killing anybody either.  I’m staying here.”

“Suit yourself.  Don’t come crying to us when he uses the Cruciatris on you,” Hermione said as they left. 

“Silencio,” Harry said withdrawing his wand and casting it at the door.  “Neville how was your summer?”

“It was alright.  My gran was afraid to let me go back to Hogwarts this year because of Voldemort. She canceled our subscription to the Daily Prophet too because they’ve been slandering you and Dumbledore.”

Harry nodded.  He had been reading the Daily Prophet over the summer and was disgusted that they were painting him as a liar and Dumbledore as a senile old fool who was off his rocker for saying that Voldemort had come back.  This was nothing new to Harry.  During the Triwizard Tournament last year he had had lots of scandalous news articles printed about him.  “This is my master Kayla Thorn.”

“Hello Neville,” Kayla said holding out her hand.  “I’m glad that my pupil has one good friend in Hogwarts.”

“Begging your pardon Kayla but why do you have a sword?  And where are you from?”

“Far away and we use swords in my homeland to fight as well as magic.  My sword is Arucane,” she said drawing it out for Neville to look at it. He gasped at the orange Oregon sunstone set on the base of the pommel.  The scabbard was a burnt orange while the sword itself was light orange like an orange rose which was the color of Ember’s scales.  I’m a fifth year like yourself and Harry.”

“How did you meet Harry?”

“By accident.  Harry inherited a special place within my people and became my pupil.”

“What’s in the sacks?”

“Eggs.  When we get to Hogwarts it will become clear to a chosen number.”

Kayla sheathed Arucane and the three sat in silence for the rest of the journey to Hogwarts.  When the train pulled into Hogsmeade Station they grabbed their trunks and left before getting into a carriage where they joined by a girl who introduced Luna Lovegood. Kayla and Harry still had the sacks of dragon eggs with them.  Kayla smiled as their carriage stopped and the four were unable to enter.  They got out and stood there as they watched the other students get out for they were unable to go through the wards into the castle.  Kayla watched as most of the student body was able to pass through but seven students from the ravens, eight badgers, five lions besides Harry and Neville, and eight snakes were unable to enter plus the eight first years that had yet to be sorted.

The students ranged from first to fifth year and were gathered together wondering what was going on.  They had never been denied access to Hogwarts before.  Ember and Eclipse landed before their riders and the students who were locked out stared at them.

“Harry,” Hannah said.  “What’s going on? Why do you have a dragon with you?”

“Master?” Harry asked turning to Kayla who was smiling as she stroked Ember’s neck. 

Welcome humans to the order of Dragon Riders.  This is my partner-of-my-soul-and-heart Kayla and I am Ember.  We come from a land called Alagaesia and you forty students have been chosen to be the Riders of Hogwarts.  Young Harry here already has been bonded with the green dragon you see before you.  In these sacks are thirty-nine eggs that look like stones.  Please form a line and we will begin the process of you choosing your new partner.

“Who said that?”  Susan asked looking around for the ‘voice’ she had heard in her head.

“My dragon,” Kayla said speaking for the first time.  “Where Ember, I, Eclipse and these eggs come from dragons who are bonded to a rider can speak and are intelligent.  You have all been blessed by being chosen and that is why you are unable to enter Hogwarts.  Once your egg hatches for you will become a dragon rider though you will all be apprentices at first as there are four stages in the Dragon Rider Hierarchy.  I am the Head Dragon Rider of Hogwarts School for Dragon Riders and Head of Dragon House which is the house you will all be resorted into.  You will address myself and Ember as ‘master’, ‘elda,’ or ‘ebrithil.’  I will explain more tomorrow morning.”

“What’s a dragon rider?” Daphne asked. 

Kayla smiled.  “In the land that Ember and I come from dragon riders were formed at the end of Du Fyrn Skulblaka to stop the incessant killing between dragons and elves.  Du Fyrn Skulblaka is known as the Dragon War and the Rider-Dragon Bond was formed between them because a piece of paper would mean nothing to dragons or elves.  Many of my kind were killed during those wars by the elves and we killed many of the elves as well.  Later humans were added to the pact and then after the fall of Galbatorix Eragon Shadeslayer added Urgals and Dwarves as a way to bring peace to all the races of Alagaesia.  All dragon riders can use magic.”

“So dragon riders act as peace keepers?” Daphne asked in awe.

“Yes.  The four founders were dragon riders.  Harry is the first rider of Hogwarts in one hundred years.  I met him this past summer when Ember and I were swept from our land and landed here.  Now would you like to get your dragons or go inside?”

“Dragons!” Everyone shouted. 

Harry and Kayla took out the dragon eggs and laid them in a line.  “Master how old are you?” Susan asked.

“I stopped ageing when I turned eighteen but I am one hundred years old.  I bonded with Ember when I was fifteen.  When your eggs hatch you will be bonded for life and receive the gedwey ignasia on whichever is your wand hand.  Riders will usually use the hand their gedwey ignasia is on to control their magic. All spells of the dragon riders are in the Ancient Language, a language that was lost among the races of my world centuries ago and is only spoken now by dragon riders.  The gedwey ignasia means ‘silver palm’ in the Ancient Language.  Ember and I will teach this to you as well as sword fighting and your dragons will be taught fighting, hunting, how to breathe fire and how to fly.  You will be able to communicate telepathically with your dragon.  There is one thing however that is important.  If a rider dies so does their dragon. However the rider can survive if their dragon dies.  You will be partners for life so raise your dragons well.”

One by one the students stepped forward and passed by the eggs.  Luna got the white female dragon and Neville the black dragon that Kayla and Ember had brought with them to Harry’s world.  Blaise got the original red male dragon; Hannah the original yellow dragon, Susan the original silver dragon, and Frost received the original violet dragon.  The others got dragons of many different colors.  Everyone was astonished at the little dragons in their hands.   “You will need to name your dragons.  Harry’s dragon is named Eclipse.”

“I think I’ll call my dragon Moonbeam,” Luna said stroking the scales of her white dragon. 

“Nightshade is mine,” Neville said looking in awe at his black dragon with pale blue eyes.

“Now if you still stand close to me and Harry,” Kayla said when Harry and her had picked up the sacks containing the gems and bright steel for the swords, “I will get us into Hogwarts.”

The dragon riders did as their master told them while clutching their dragons to their chests.  “I Kayla Thorn, Head Dragon Rider of the Hogwarts School of Dragon Riders bid entry for me, my pupils and our dragons on behalf of the Stonehenge treaty signed by the four founders and Nimid the Wise,” Kayla said pressing the ring to the wards surrounding the castle. 

A blue light shot from her ring and the wards shuddered as the blue light surrounded the castle and glowed before going back into her ring.  A hole in the wards opened and the forty-one dragon riders entered Hogwarts. They saw a building near the Owlery appear.  “That must be the dragon hold for the dragons,” Harry said thoughtfully.  Kayla stopped and turned to look at her pupils. “Your dragons will stay with you in our house until they are old enough to join Ember and Eclipse in the dragon hold.”

“Yes master,” the students chorused.

“When we get to our house you will all sign a contract that says you will not join the Death Eater or Voldemort nor anyone who supports him. It will be magically binding.  If you break that contract you will die while your dragons will be spared from the foolishness of their riders.  As part of Dragon House we are a family and I expect you all to forget whatever childish rivalries you have shared in the past.  It was my opinion that each house should be able to produce dragon riders if possible and at Harry’s suggestion.”

The badgers, snakes and ravens stared at Harry in amazement.  They had thought that the Golden Boy would make it so only lions could become dragon riders and were pleased that he had been considerate enough to consider all of them.  They would not betray their dragons’ nor their masters’ trust.  Those who didn’t know Harry well were surprised at his generosity and grateful that they had such beautiful familiars and been chosen out of all the students in their respective houses to become part of such a noble order.

As they continue walking to the school they were stopped by Professors McGonagall and Snape.  “Harry!  Everyone get away from those dragons!” Professor McGonagall shouted in alarm as she withdrew her wand. Snape and McGonagall had come to see why they were missing so many students and why there were first years missing.  Ember and Eclipse stepped forward and growled warnings at the two professors as the dragon riders halted.

“Founders of Hogwarts please come to Dragon House’s aid,” Kayla commanded.  Everyone stared in amazement as four ghosts appeared between the two professors and the dragon riders.

“Welcome Head Dragon Rider,” Helga said bowing.  “It has been a long time since Hogwarts saw the Dragon Riders form.”

“Thank you Lady Hufflepuff,” Kayla said returning the bow.  “Welcome Lord Gryffindor, Lady Ravenclaw and Lord Slytherin. Thank you for coming when we needed you.”

“You’re welcome,” Godric said smiling.  “Professors Snape and McGonagall what Kayla Thorn said is true.  We were dragon riders once and Hogwarts used to have dragon riders many centuries ago.  Nobody will harm these dragon riders or their dragons or they will be expelled from the school.”

“Salazar you were a dragon rider? I can’t picture you signing a pact with a disgusting Gryffindor,” Snape sneered.

“Then you know nothing about me Severus Snape; double spy of Voldemort and Dumbledore.”

Snape blanched at the reality that his cover had been blown.  Salazar laughed.  “Only these forty-one riders will know what you are.  We signed the Stonehenge Treaty long ago with Nimid the Wise, an elf of the land Alagaesia from which these dragons and Kayla come from.”

“Kayla is the head of Dragon House and the Head of Hogwarts School of Dragon Riders,” Rowena said.  “The necessities we set for the dragon riders when we founded this school have been on Hogwarts grounds all this time but remained invisible until the dragon riders returned.  If you have any issues with the Dragon students then kindly take it up with Kayla Thorn and she will see to her students’ misbehavior.”

The four founders bowed to Kayla and the riders.  “We are truly pleased to see a Head Dragon Rider and the return of the riders to Hogwarts. It makes us happy to see Dragon House restored once more after being empty for so many centuries,” Godric said.

“Harry we appreciate your consideration to allow all four houses into this most ancient and noble order,” Salazar said.  “Riders of Hogwarts you and your dragons will be protected as long as you remain within these castle walls.  The Ministry can’t take any action against you or take your dragons from you even though they will probably try.”

“Dragon riders except for the eight first years you will be able to join your table immediately.”  The students looked down at their robes which changed to reveal a purple dragon over their hearts signifying that they were part of Dragon.

The founders disappeared leaving the two professors in shock at what had just happened.  Ember and Eclipse left for the Dragon Hold and the riders continued into the Entrance Hall where they waited with their dragons except for Kayla and Harry.

Professor McGonagall and Snape hurried back into the Great Hall and Snape took his seat at the staff table while Professor McGonagall spoke quietly to Dumbledore who frowned.  Everyone stared at the fifth table that had an orange banner with a purple dragon hovering over the table.  Whispers sounded in the hall as the doors to the Great Hall opened and the dragon riders walked in with their dragons in their arms and took their seats at the table.  The first years followed them and stood in front of the staff stable facing the students.

“Good evening.  I imagine you are all wondering about the fifth table in the Great Hall. This apparently belongs to Dragon House which was set up by the four founders of Hogwarts and is the house of a special group of students who come from the four houses.”

Whispers broke out at the newborn dragons nestled in the arms of those at Dragon House and in the arms of eight first years.  It seemed that with the hatching and rider-bond between Luna and Moonbeam that Luna now appeared different than in her prior three years at Hogwarts.  Moonbeam seemed to have taken the dream state from Luna and she now appeared serious.  Ron and Hermione were furious when they saw Harry and Neville sitting at Dragon.

“When I call your name step forward and I will place the sorting hat on your head.  After you are sorted please go to your respective house.”

“Arcane, Adam!”

A boy with sandy brown hair walked forward and sat on the stool as Professor McGonagall placed the sorting hat on his head.  “HUFFLEPUFF!”

“Aurora, Amber!”

A girl with blond hair that fell to her shoulders and blue eyes nervously walked forward holding her pale blue dragon.  “DRAGON!”

The dragon riders cheered as their fellow dragon rider sat down beside them. 

“Augustine, April!”


“Bath, Benjamin!”


“Blackthorn, Ernie!”


A student named Bill Bane went to Slytherin.  The sorting continued and slowly the first years went to their respective tables.  Ash Mordred, Maria Wolf, Nathaniel Light, Harmony Thistle and Rachel Stone joined their fellow dragon riders at Dragon table.  With the final sorting of “Thomas Zebra” who went to Gryffindor the sorting ceremony ended.  The first year dragons’ robes changed to their house colors which were purple and orange while the rest of the hall stared at them in disgust and anger for not being chosen.  Most notably upset were Pansy Parkinson, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Professor Dumbledore stood up and the hall fell quiet.  “Welcome back to our returning students and welcome to Hogwarts for our new first years.  No magic is to be used in the corridors between classes.  Students are to stay away from the Forbidden Forest as it is out of bounds.  As you can see there are several dragons here. I ask that you do not do anything to harm them or their riders.  Let the feast begin!”

At Dragon plates of frozen chicken appeared for the young dragons so they could eat along with their riders.  Talking soon filled the hall with several students shooting murderous glares at the students of Dragon which they ignored in preference of caring for their dragons.  Harry kept his mind open to Eclipse as Kayla had taught him.  After dinner Ron and Hermione made their way over to Harry with anger on their faces.  “Where’s your dragon Potter?” Ron spat at him. 

“My dragon is safely at Hogwarts with our dragon teacher Ronald. I met my dragon this summer.”

“I can’t believe Longbottom would get a dragon. He’s such a klutz,” Hermione said with an air of superiority.  “He can’t even fly or cast a simple spell without it blowing up in his face.”

Neville’s cheeks reddened at that comment.  He pulled out his wand. “For your information Hermione the reason I did so poorly during my first four years at Hogwarts was because I used my father’s wand at my grandmother’s orders.  I got my wand last summer.  Cherry, Unicorn Hair and 13 inches long,” he said proudly. 

Kayla motioned for her riders to follow her to their house.  They went up to the seventh floor and down a long passage that led to a wing they had never seen before.  “This passage and wing were built for the Riders of Hogwarts.  It has existed here of course but remained invisible like everything else set up for our order,” Kayla said.  “The only reason it has become visible is because the dragon riders have returned to Hogwarts.”

They walked down the passage until they stopped at a stone wall with a dragon fixture on the wall.  “Welcome Riders of Hogwarts.  It is good to see riders back in the school.  Dragon welcomes you home.”

“Argetlam,” Kayla said and the wall swung open to reveal a large common room where a fire was crackling merrily in the hearth.  “Argetlam means ‘silver hand,’ in the Ancient Language.  It is an elven word.  In Alagaesia which is where your dragons, myself, Ember and Eclipse come from there are four races which are humans, elves, urgals and dwarves.  Our passwords will either be words in the ancient language or spells. The password will change every week on Monday and be posted in your dorms. Now before we all retire you will sign the contract in blood,” Kayla said holding a piece of parchment in her hands.  “Afterwards you can retire to your rooms.  This entire wing of the castle was built for the Riders of Hogwarts by the four founders. Girls on the right and boys on the left.  You don’t need to worry about anyone from the other houses or the staff getting in here.  Only riders and myself can enter.”

The students slashed their normal hands with a dagger that Kayla pulled from her clothes and signed the contract.  The contract glowed yellow along with the signer each time it was signed until it turned orange as the contract bound itself to the names on the parchment.  Then the students and their dragons went to their respective rooms and fell asleep.  Outside their wing the wards that protected the Riders of Hogwarts activated in a shower of different lights and two stone dragons appeared from the shadows to guard the riders and their dragons.


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