Dragon Rider

Dragon Rider
Harry Potter wasn’t your ordinary child. He had wild jet black hair, emerald green eyes behind glasses, pale skin and a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. He wore baggy hand me down clothes that his whale of a cousin Dudley had outgrown and was a wizard. It was this scar that made Harry Potter unique even among others of his kind for Harry Potter had managed to destroy the great Lord Voldemort. He had survived because during the night that his parents had died at the hands of Voldemort his mother had sacrificed herself to protect her son and thereby gave Harry James Potter protection from the Dark Lord through the power of love.
Harry Potter had found out about his fame the day he turned eleven years old. It was a shock to know that everyone in the wizarding world knew his name and it got on his nerves when people would see him as the “Boy-Who-Lived” or “The Chosen One” instead of just Harry Potter. His four years at Hogwarts so far had been full of trouble. In his first year he had met and survived the spirit of Voldemort who had been residing in the back of Professor Quirrel’s head and saved the Sorcerer’s Stone, a stone that could turn any metal into pure gold and produced the Elixir of Life that when drunk would give the drinker immortality. Harry’s second year saw him facing a sixteen-year-old memory of Tom Marvolo Riddle, otherwise known as Voldemort in the fabled Chamber of Secrets and facing down a basilisk. Harry had nearly died then if it hadn’t been for Fawkes tears. Fawkes was a phoenix and phoenix tears had healing powers. He and his best friend, Ronald Weasley, had also survived having their memories wiped clean by their fake DADA professor Lockhart who had used Ron’s broken wand which had fired the spell at the professor instead. He was now residing in St. Mungo’s and Harry hoped he stayed there. Harry’s third year had seen the return of Peter Pettigrew, the man who had betrayed his parents to Voldemort and had framed his godfather Sirius Black. He had also learned to cast the Patronus Charm in order to fight off hoards of Dementors when they had been trying to suck out his godfather’s soul. Sadly Peter Pettigrew had managed to transform into a rat and escape when his parent’s second best friend, Remus Lupin, had turned into a werewolf.
Last year was the worst though in Harry’s opinion. A death eater named Barty Crouch Jr. who had taken polyjuice potion from Mad-Eye Moody and kept the real DADA professor and ex-Auror locked up in the bottom of Mad-Eye’s trunk had shown up at Hogwarts and used the Confundus Charm on the Goblet of Fire when Hogwarts had hosted the Triwizard Cup and entered Harry’s name in the Goblet of Fire. Ron of course had been a jealous twit but his second friend, a muggleborn witch named Hermione Granger, had stuck by him. He suspected that Ron was always jealous of Harry’s fame and the fact that Harry had more money than the Weasleys even though Harry would give anything to be a normal boy and have his parents back. The end of the Triwizard tournament had taken place in a maze and Harry and Cedric Diggory who had been in Hufflepuff and Hogwart’s first champion had been murdered by Peter Pettigrew right in front of Harry. Then Harry’s worst fear had come true. Peter used Harry’s blood, the bone of Voldemort’s father and the right hand of Peter himself to make a potion that brought the Dark Lord back to life. Not that anybody except Head Master Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger believed him at all. Many in the wizarding world thought he and Head Master Dumbledore were insane.
Harry hated the summers when he was with his muggle relatives. A muggle was what wizards and witches called non-magical folk. For the first eleven years of his life Harry had lived in a cupboard under the stairs and been used as a punching bag for Dudley and his gang of nitwits. Then on his a few days before his birthday Harry had been moved up to his cousin’s second bedroom and then gotten a birthday surprise found out he was a wizard where he had finally felt at home for the first time in his life. He had made friends with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, been sorted into Gryffindor which was one of the four houses of Hogwarts and made an enemy of Draco Malfoy who was a pompous stuck up Slytherin and the son of a Death Eater. Things had changed at the end of his third year when Harry had met his godfather. The Dursleys were now terrified that their nephew’s murderous godfather would turn up and kill them if they mistreated Harry so they just decided to ignore him for Harry had conveniently forgotten to tell his relatives that Sirius was innocent.
Things were still bad in a way at the Dursleys. He still got very little food to eat, was forced to keep wearing hand me down clothes of Dudley’s, and forced to do all the chores in the house leaving him to do his homework by night. Harry was counting down the days when he could return to Hogwarts and begin his fifth year though he wasn’t looking forward to his OWLS. OWLS were Ordinary Wizarding Levels taken by every fifth year student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Kicking a stone in his path Harry soon found himself at an abandoned house. There was a flash of light and Harry looked up to see clouds heavy with rain roll in. Great. Just what I need, to be soaking wet when I get back to the Dursleys. Aunt Petunia will have a field day.
He looked up as he suddenly heard a sound coming from the house. Looking around Harry saw that he was alone. He pulled out his wand and advanced on the house before pushing the door open and stepping inside. Glancing up he saw that the roof was gone and rain was pouring in through the opening. He shut the door which surprisingly still worked and walked in the direction from where he heard the sounds. He stopped dead in his tracks. On the floor by an empty fireplace was a woman who appeared about eighteen and an orange dragon. Strapped to the girl’s belt was a sword.
Harry advanced forward warily watching the dragon. “Hello miss? Do you need help?” Harry asked. He knelt by the girl and tried to brush her hair from her face when the dragon’s eyes suddenly shot open and he let out a rumbling growl. Do not touch her hatchling!
“Who said that?” Harry asked for the voice had been in his head.
The dragon snorted and raised its head to look down at Harry. I did. Do dragons not speak in this world?
“No. They are incapable of speech,” Harry said amazed that he was talking to a dragon and that the creature appeared far more intelligent than the dragons of the wizarding world.
The girl stirred and sat up. Noticing Harry she shot to her feet and drew Arucane before pointing it at him. “Who are you child?”
“My name is Harry Potter,” Harry said holding out his hand for her to shake. The girl looked at Harry and he felt a probe in his mind. Withdrawing she sheathed Arucane and shook the offered hand.
“The egg!” The girl dashed to the saddle that Harry just now noticed and opened the saddle bag before taking out a light green egg and examining it. Breathing a sigh of relief she sat down while leaning against the dragon’s side with the egg in her lap.
Harry stared at the green stone in the girl’s hands which must be the egg she had been talking about but Harry had never seen an egg that looked like a stone before. If it was in the saddle of a dragon then that must mean… “Is that a dragon egg?”
Obviously, the dragon said rolling his eyes.
“How do you know about dragon eggs?”
“We have dragons here. What I don’t understand is how dragons can talk. They’re nothing but mindless beasts here and it’s against wizarding law to breed them.”
The orange dragon bared his teeth and growled again. Ember we have no idea where we are. Don’t eat the boy before we find out where we are.
Fine but if he tries to harm you I’ll kill him.
“Then we must be in a different world,” the girl said sighing.
Do you think this child could be the egg’s rider Ember?
I don’t know Kayla. Did you sense anything wrong with his mind when you peered into it?
No. Other than that this child is an orphan and has had a hard life.
Well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. After all they do this back home.
The girl held the egg out to Harry. He carefully took it and felt a warmth from the egg. Cracks began appearing in the egg and Ember and the girl shared a look. Looks like our guess was right Ember. We’ve found a new rider!
The egg continued to crack until it was suddenly split open by a large crack down the middle and there lay a light green dragon with green eyes in Harry’s lap. The dragon butted its head against Harry’s right hand and there was a flash of light and a burning in his right hand. He turned his hand over and saw a silver, diffused shining oval on his palm. The baby dragon let out a chirp and curled up on Harry’s lap.
“What’s going on?”
“My name is Kayla and this is my dragon Ember. Harry you are a dragon rider,” Kayla said smiling while Ember hummed in contentment.
“What’s a dragon rider? Humans can’t ride dragons or bond with them.”
Kayla took off the glove of her right hand and showed Harry her gedwey ignasia. “This is formed when a dragon meets his or her rider and they form the rider-dragon bond Harry Potter. Your dragon would have waited forever in order to hatch for you. You should be happy that she chose you as her rider.”
“She’s a female?”
“Yes. Now if I may ask where are we? Ember and I have never seen a place like this before.”
“We’re in Little Whining, Surrey in England.”
“England? Is that a land near Alagaesia?”
“I’ve never heard of Algaseia. England is part of the United Kingdom.”
It appears the living crystal transported us here so the hatchling could find her rider and possibly the other seven riders as well, Ember spoke.
“What are you going to name her? She’s yours now for life.”
“Eclipse,” Harry said after a moment of thinking. “But I’m afraid I don’t understand anything about this. Where is Alagaesia? Is that your home?”
“Yes. Alagaesia has been through many wars. The first war was between the old dragon riders and the Forsworn. The Forsworn were led by a man named Galbatorix who killed a rider and stole the rider’s dragon after his dragon was killed by Urgals. He enacted spells to forcefully bond the dragon to himself and with his thirteen followers who were also dragon riders killed off the dragons and their riders except for a rider named Brom who lost his dragon Saphira I. One hundred years later Brom’s son, Eragon was born and found a blue dragon he named Saphira II and it gave people hope but also put Eragon and his rider in danger for Galbatorix had stolen three eggs and wanted their riders to swear allegiance to him.
“These eggs were Saphira II who was a blue dragon and the last female, Thorn who was a male red dragon and Firnen who was a green male dragon. Someone stole Saphira’s egg and gave it to Queen Arya who was queen of the elves and Firnen’s rider when he hatched for her after the fall of Galbatorix. She was attacked by a shade named Durza and she sent Saphira’s egg to safety before Durza captured her and imprisoned her in Gilead. Brom discovered that Eragon was a rider and together with Saphira they fled Eragon’s home and traveled to the Varden. The Varden were a group of rebels who were against the Empire and King Galbatorix. He had ruled for a hundred years for dragon riders live far longer than humans. While outside Gilead they met Ebrithil Murtagh who was the half-brother of Eragon though they didn’t discover that until later. Thorn hatched for Murtagh and they were imprisoned and tortured by Galbatorix. But our teachers broke the bond enslaving them to Galbatorix and he later committed the suicide spell hoping to kill Eragon.”
“So what are the dragon riders?”
The dragon riders were formed at the end of Du Fyrn Skulblaka to stop the incessant killing between dragons and elves. Du Fyrn Skulblaka is known as the Dragon War and the Rider-Dragon Bond was formed between them because a piece of paper would mean nothing to dragons or elves. Many of my kind were killed during those wars by the elves and we killed many of the elves as well. Later humans were added to the pact and then after the fall of Galbatorix Eragon Shadeslayer added Urgals and Dwarves as a way to bring peace to all the races of Alagaesia. All dragon riders can use magic. The elf Eragon found an abandoned dragon egg and he kept it. When the dragon hatched he named it Bid’Daum. Together the Rider and his dragon flew all over Alagaesia trying to negotiate peace between the elves and dragons. Without that first bond my kind would most likely have been wiped out of existence. During this war a group of elves attacked the Stone of Broken Eggs where my kind lived and slayed many dragons and shattered most of their eggs. It was a cowardly attack for it was done when the dragons were sleeping and used to be one of our settlements. No dragons have lived there since that day.
“What are a dragon rider’s duties?”
“We were originally created to keep peace between the elves and dragons and later that expanded to keeping peace between all the races of Alagaesia. We were above the law and answered to nobody. There are four levels in the dragon rider hierarchy which are apprentices, dragon riders, elders and head dragon rider. Apprentices are dragon riders in training, dragon riders are young riders and dragons that have completed their training, and carried out missions for the Elders and the Head Dragon Rider, elders who are the oldest, wisest, and most powerful members of the order, and the head dragon rider which is the title for the leader of the dragon riders. He or she is usually the oldest or most powerful of the riders but sometimes not the wisest.”
Since we are the only rider-dragon pair besides you two in this new land we are your teachers. We aren’t even sure if Eragon is alive and if he is we aren’t sure of any way to contact him. Eragon Shadeslayer is the Head Dragon Rider. You will both address us as ‘elda’, ‘master,’ or ‘ebrithil.’ We will teach you the Ancient Language which is spoken among dragon riders and how to use your magic.
“But I’m a wizard Ember Ebrithil. I have a wand and…”
No I do not mean the magic you humans invent. I mean the magic that resides in every dragon rider. We will teach you spells, words and phrases in the Ancient Language. The Ancient Language used to be known by all the races of our home but later humans forgot it and it was only the elves and riders who kept the language intact. You must keep Eclipse and I a secret and not let anyone know that you are a rider Harry.
“How do people in this land treat dragons? You said they are treated as ‘mindless beasts’. What do you think would happen to Eclipse if you told anyone about her?”
“She would be taken from me and put on a dragon reserve with wild dragons and I could end up in Azkaban.”
“The wizard prison. It’s on a rock somewhere in the North Sea.”
“If a rider dies so does their dragon. You can hear the screams of your dragon as it dies. But if the dragon dies its rider can go on. Over time you will experience changes due to the rider-dragon bond.”
A magic user’s abilities are limited by their knowledge of the Ancient Language. It is the manipulation of energy and is directed by one’s thoughts. Magic is properly known as gramarye and is typically used by the rider’s hand that has the gedwey ignasia. Magic depends upon the caster’s life energy, a spell beyond the caster’s capability would either kill them, whilst a spell close to the limit would render them unconscious. When the magical energy is cast the spell cannot be stopped. Many magic users use words which ensured that stray thoughts would not disrupt the spells that they cast. Thankfully we found some bright steel; this will eventually be used to make your sword, and brought it with us along with an emerald as well as seven other gems. You will be able to store energy in the gem which will be on the pommel of your sword.
“Elda Kayla what do I do with Eclipse when I go back to Hogwarts? I’ll be starting my fifth year in September.”
“Take her with you. As I said she is your dragon and your responsibility.”
“When can I make a sword?”
“When you learn how to fight with a wooden one. Ember and I will go to this ‘Hogwarts’ and continue to teach you in the ways of a dragon rider but our existence must be kept secret from the staff and other students. This includes your friends.”
Harry thought about Kayla’s words. He knew if he told Ron about Eclipse and being a dragon rider then Ron would get jealous and Hermione would just nag him and say that it wasn’t safe to be around dragons. Hermione may have been the brightest witch of her age but sometimes she acted like a know-it-all. He looked down at Eclipse who was sleeping peacefully in his lap and knew he would go mad if he lost her. “Elda Kayla what if you signed up for Hogwarts?”
Kayla looked at him and then turned to Ember. Ember?
It would be easier for us to keep eyes on our pupils if we were at Hogwarts. Eclipse can live with me and you can attend the same classes as Harry and make sure he doesn’t spill our secrets or existence.
Yes it might be good to see what these magic users are capable of. It’s best to know all we can about this world while we’re stuck here.
“Well then how do I get in touch with this school in order to inquire about becoming a student?”


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