Ancient Power

Arriving at the gates in the village of Little Hangelton Harry Potter looked around him.  Before him on a hill stood Riddle Manor.  It was a two story home with a small house off to the side that had been for the caretaker who had been murdered sometime in the summer before Harry’s fourth year at Hogwarts.  He knew he should have brought Eclipse with him but he didn’t want to risk injury to her or seeing her die.  With the magic he had gained from fixing the stone circle at Hogwarts he felt strangely more powerful than he had ever felt before and his magic felt pure and hot.  He could feel it now in the center of his magical core churning and roiling inside him, just waiting to be released.

Harry made his way up to Riddle Manor, extending his magic in front of him to detect any wards or traps that Voldemort may have laid out around the property but surprisingly found none.  He knew that the snake would be here somewhere but he was unable to sense it so it must be hiding or in the house.  “Either Tom is a bigger fool than I thought or he’s not here after all.  But I can sense his snake and knowing Tom he won’t be far from Nagini.”

Harry looked around him in the darkness for any sign of guards but found none which again he thought was odd.  Surely Tom would have had guards or something posted even if he believed himself all powerful and ‘immortal’.  Shivering from the cold eerie wind that suddenly sprang up around the grounds he made his way into the house and began making his way through the rooms on the lower floor looking for any sign of his enemy.  “Expecto Patronum,” Harry said softly and was surprised to see multiple patroni fly out of his wand.  What had only been a stag which symbolized his father he found a dog, a wolf and a doe.  “Prongs, Padfoot, Moony.  But who is the doe for?”

“Mom?” Harry asked as the doe pranced up to him and nuzzled his shoulder.  “So mom was a leopard?” he asked the three other patroni.  As the doe that resembled his mother drew back and looked into his eyes he saw a brief flash of a scene in his mind’s eye.

“Hey James when did Lily become an Animagus?”

“What?  Lily’s an Animagus?  Lily flower why didn’t you say anything?”

“I wanted to surprise you James but Sirius had to go and spoil the surprise,” she said as she ran towards him before changing back into her Animagus form and coming to a halt in front of James. 

“Well then we need to come up with a name for you?  Do Moony and Wormtail know about this?”

“Yeah of course they do.”

“What?! So I’m the only one who doesn’t know.  How could you do this to me Padfoot?”

“Mrs. Prongs,” James said.

“No. We aren’t getting married until after we graduate Prongs,” Lily said.


“NO!” Both James and Lily shouted. 

“How about Gem?”  Moony asked appearing with Wormtail. 

“What do you think flower?” James asked.

“It’s better than ‘Clip’,” Lily said.  “Gem it is.”

“Gem,” Harry said softly as he looked at the doe before him.  “Can you help me search for Nagini and Tom Riddle?”

The four patroni nodded and began making their way through the rest of the lower floor before coming back to Harry and making their way upstairs.  “I take it they aren’t on this floor then.”

Harry followed Moony and Prongs upstairs with Padfoot and Gem behind him.  He knew that his godfather, parents, and uncle would protect him even if they were the patroni and not real.  Stopping on the landing Harry turned his head from side to side listening.  Suddenly Nagini shot forward and knocked him back down the stairs before slithering down after him.

“Harry Potter. So we meet again,” the low hiss of Voldemort came out of the shadows as Harry desperately looked around for the source.  Stepping out of the shadows of the room was Voldemort.

“Hello Tom.  I figured you would be here.  Tell me what did it feel like to have your Horcruxes be destroyed by me?”

“You insolent child!  NOTHING can defeat me!  I’m the most powerful wizard alive.  Even Dumbledore knows that.”

“Dumbledore is turning into you Voldemort.  Did you know that?  I am charged with defeating him after I kill you.  Apparently the wizarding world can’t even bother to solve their own problems and instead would rather pile a ton of responsibility upon an innocent child.  I never plan on coming back to this world once I defeat you and Dumbledore.  The manipulative old fool!”

“Then why not join me and we can put the wizarding world in their place.”

“Because Tom while I may believe the wizarding and muggle worlds need to remain separate instead of merging them together like Dumbledore seems to want and that it would be best for Muggle born witches and wizards to be removed from their parents care and put with foster families in the wizarding world I am not about to go kill innocent people to prove a point.  The wizarding world has manipulated and used me ever since I was a tot and I could care less what happens to them.  However for my parents’ sake I will avenge their deaths and kill you here tonight so that the wizarding world can rest in peace and then I will go on to slay Dumbledore before leaving for the Muggle world forever.  I want nothing more to do with a world that would place an innocent child on a pedestal and expect that child to solve all their problems when they can’t even do anything for themselves.”

“Why not just leave them to me then?”

“Because that wouldn’t be fair to the innocents of the magical and muggle worlds.  You wouldn’t stop with dominating the wizarding world.  You would want to destroy all the muggles, half-bloods and squibs as well.  Though I do admit they deserve anything that happens to them.”

Harry withdrew Dauth Garzjla from its scabbard and slashed at Nagini who had bound tightly around his legs.  Unable to move Harry instead slashed blindly in front of him as he felt blood spray the front of his robes.  With a snarl of rage Harry opened his eyes and swung Dauth Garzla in a wide sweep, severing Nagini’s head from her body.  Voldemort screamed in rage and pain as the last horcrux was destroyed.  “Now you die Tom,” Harry said as he forced himself to his feet and summoned every last bit of energy he had.  Using the knowledge he twisted his magic in his core and in the very air and called forth an ancient magic that hadn’t been used since the Mayans had been alive.  His eyes glowed pure white and suffused his body in the same blinding white glow of light before thrusting his magic out at Voldemort.  “Goodbye Voldemort,” he said as the magic hit his enemy and caused Voldemort’s body to explode.  Then he collapsed on the floor next to a pile of ash that was all that remained of Voldemort.

Around the wizarding world death eaters and supporters of Voldemort, such as Fudge, burst into ash everywhere.  Snape had been spared since he had truly repented of his crimes.  Even Dumbledore was incinerated from the inside where he was sitting in his office.  Minerva, Snape, Filius, Poppy and Pomona could only watch in horror as Dumbledore cooked, his screams filling the air before all that was left was a pile of smoldering black ash.



Murtagh, Elva, and Otvek were in the library looking through books trying to find out about what could be used to defeat Voldemort.  It was when Elva was reading an old book that she shouted in surprise.  “Master I think I may have found the answer to our problem,” Elva said pushing the book in front of Murtagh.  Otvek got up to look over Murtagh’s shoulder as they read the passage.


A horcrux is a dark artifact.  A horcrux is the darkest magic a wizard or witch can create for it involves the killing of innocents to split the soul and is banned in all schools except Durmstrang, a school that specializes in the dark arts.  A horcrux can be any inanimate or animate thing which the wizard or witch attaches a piece of their soul onto.  If a witch or wizard has a horcrux then they will not die even if they are hit by the AK curse.  They can be destroyed via Basilisk venom or a goblin made object.  However danger lies in wait for those who are attempting to destroy a horcrux.  A horcrux will fight to defend itself from being destroyed. It will prey on a person’s fears and desires by creating illusions.  Once all the Horcruxes are destroyed the creator is mortal and is able to be killed.

“A horcrux,” Murtagh said.  “Do you think that is what this Voldemort fellow has created and that’s why he didn’t die when Harry was a baby?”

“Possible,” Elva said with a shrug.  “Thank the Gods that King Mordred doesn’t know of Horcruxes back home.”

“We should take this to Harry.  He may be able to shed some light on this.”

Murtagh grabbed a piece of parchment Harry had given him and quickly copied the book title, author, page number, and paragraph down before placing the book back in the restricted section.  Then the three elder riders left the library to go find their fellow rider.  They found Harry in Dragon House in the common room.  “Harry what do you know about Horcruxes?” Murtagh asked as he handed the piece of parchment to Harry.

“Horcruxes?  I’ve never heard of them before,” Harry said looking down at the piece of parchment in his hands.  Murtagh, Elva, and Otvek sat down in some other chairs and waited as Harry read the copied information in front of him.

“That must be how Voldemort survived when he tried to kill me!” Harry shouted.

“We figured as much when we found the information,” Murtagh said nodding.  “Do you have any clue what his Horcruxes might be and how many?”

“I imagine his Horcruxes would be something that had sentimental value to him.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something from each of the four founders of Hogwarts.  The diary-the diary must have been a horcrux!  I destroyed that in my second year when I was in the Chamber of Secrets.  And the ring-the ring that’s on Dumbledore’s dying hand.  That’s related to his father. We’ll need to find information on items of importance to the four founders.  I wouldn’t be surprised if his snake is a horcrux.  She’ll be hard to get to as she’s always by Voldemort’s side.”

“Harry is there any possibility you are a horcrux?” Elva asked.

“What?  Not that I’m aware of.  How could I be a horcrux?”

“Maybe Voldemort accidently put a bit of his soul into you when he tried to kill you when you were a toddler,” Otvek said.  “It could explain your Parsletongue ability and some of your other traits.”

“I should go to Gringotts.  Maybe they can help me.”

“Maybe you should also talk to the headmaster,” Elva suggested.

“If I did then he would just stop me from going to look for the Horcruxes. I’ll never go back to that bastard for help.  First we need to figure out what would be of importance to the four founders.”

For the next week when Dragon House wasn’t working on homework they looked for information on the Horcruxes.  Finally they had it narrowed down.  Hufflepuff’s cup, Ravenclaw’s Diadem, and Slytherin’s locket.   “Wait the locket!  That bitch Umbridge must have it!  What a fool I am. She has that locket around her neck!”

“The trick will be getting that necklace away from Umbridge then,” Murtagh said thoughtfully.  “Leave that to the three of us.”

Murtagh, Elva and Otvek made their way down to the DADA classroom and snuck into Umbridge’s office.  Otvek and Elva looked around while Murtagh kept watch in the doorway.  “It’s not here Murtagh,” Otvek said.  “She must be wearing it.”

“Then we’ll wait here for her to return.”

It didn’t take long for Umbridge to return to her office.  A detention was scheduled for 8PM that evening with a stupid Gryffindor by the name of Ambrose Hunter who believed Dumbledore and Harry Potter’s accounts that the Dark Lord was back.  She was enraged that there were dragons at Hogwarts.  Creatures like that needed to be exterminated. And Harry Potter was at the forefront of this problem.  “Insolent child,” Umbridge said nastily.  She didn’t see the three elder riders standing in the shadows.

“Deyja,” Murtagh said smiling as he spoke one of the twelve words of death.  Umbridge fell to the ground.  “Otvek get the locket from around the toad’s neck,” Murtagh said to the Urgal.

“Got it Murtagh,” Otvek said holding it as far away from him as possible.

“Brisinger,” Murtagh said and the three riders watched the bitch burn before leaving the office and going back to Dragon House.

“Harry!  We’ve got the locket and we’ve taken care of Umbridge.  She won’t be torturing anyone else again.”

“What did you do to her?”

“Killed her and then burned her to ash.  Do you have anything to kill this stupid locket with?”

Harry hurried up to his room and pulled out the basilisk fang that he had used to destroy Riddle’s diary in his second year.  He had kept it with him as a memento of his victory of saving Ginny and kept it locked up in a piece of cloth in the bottom of his trunk.  Hurrying back downstairs he took the locket from Otvek, set it on the floor and then stabbed the basilisk fang into the locket.  There was a scream as the locket was destroyed and Harry sat back on his knees breathing heavily.

“Lady Ravenclaw,” Harry called into the silence.  The Grey Lady appeared before the riders who had all hurried downstairs from their rooms at the scream from the locket.

“What is it you need young rider?”

“Lady Ravenclaw we have found a way to defeat Voldemort but would like to know if you know of objects of importance to Helga Hufflepuff and to Rowena Ravenclaw and if you know where they are.”

“My mother’s diadem is cursed.  I threw it somewhere in the Room of Requirement.  As for Helga Hufflepuff I know she had a cup that she treasured.  It’s bronze with yellow citrines and emeralds set in the metal but I do not know where it is.  I only know that it was taken out of Hogwarts several years ago.”

“Thank you Lady Ravenclaw.”

“You are going to destroy my mother’s diadem?”

“We will try to destroy the soul within and give it back to you once it has been cleansed of the evil Lady Ravenclaw if that is your wish.”

“Yes thank you Harry.  Good luck on your quest.”

“Everyone to the room of requirement!”  Harry shouted taking command.  “Split into pairs and scour the entire room.  If you find it do not touch it or you will be corrupted.”

“Yes Elda Harry,” the riders replied and the entire house made their way to the Room of Requirement.  They searched for seven hours until finally the team of Amber and Emily found the diadem. They set up sparks and the rest of the house hurried over.   Harry pulled out the basilisk fang from inside his robes and stabbed the basilisk fang through the diadem.  “The only things we need to find are the snake and the cup of Hufflepuff.  And I need to get to Gringotts and ask about what I can do to remove the piece of Voldemort’s soul inside me.”

Harry went downstairs and called Eclipse to him.  He made his way to London and landed a few streets away from Diagon Alley behind a large hill.  “Stay here Eclipse.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be but I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

Stay safe little one.

Harry hurried down the other side of the hill and onto Victory Street before making his way towards Diagon Alley.  Passing through the pub he opened the archway behind the Leaky Cauldron and hurried to Gringotts.  “I need to speak with someone regarding a piece of Voldemort’s soul inside me,” Harry said softly to a goblin that was free of customers.

“Ah Mr. Potter.  Yes I’ll summon someone right away,” the goblin said.  He called for another goblin and told it to direct him to see the curse breaker head of Gringotts.  “Mr. Potter what can I do for you?  My name is Sharptooth.”

“I found out about Horcruxes and have been destroying them in order to defeat Voldemort. I want the piece of Voldemort’s soul in me taken out and I want access to Bellatrix Lestrange’s vault.  I believe there is a cup there belonging to Hufflepuff that has a piece of Voldemort’s soul in it.”

Harry described the goblet and Sharptooth’s face paled.  He called for guards to go to the Lestrange vault, find and destroy the cup for it carried a piece of the Dark Lord’s soul.  “Mr. Potter it is possible to remove the soul in your head without killing you as Dumbledore might suggest.  In fact I’m surprised you didn’t have it removed long ago.”

“I didn’t know about Horcruxes or that I was one until an hour ago.  Dumbledore never told me that I was a horcrux.”

“I see.  Well please follow me and I’ll remove that piece of the soul from you.”

What followed was a painful procedure during which Harry was given a potion to help him relax and then words chanted in a long dead language to remove the soul and scar from Harry Potter.  He lay there panting from the battle the soul had ravaged upon his mind when the door swung open and the goblins who had went to the Lestrange vault informed Sharptooth that the cup had been destroyed.  “Now all that’s left is the snake and then I can kill Voldemort,” Harry said before he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

A few hours later he awoke.  Gone were the visions of Voldemort plotting and planning.  Gone were the incessant headaches from the curse scar that flared up whenever Voldemort was angry.  “Where would old Tom be hiding at this hour of the night?” Harry muttered as he got up and made his way back to Eclipse.  “Riddle Manor,” Harry said and he disappeared with a pop.

Stone Circle

Harry left Dragon House that evening and went to the Dragon Hold to find Eclipse.  He had no idea what he was going to do but he had to suddenly get away from everything.  His mind flashed back to the day when Charlie and Hagrid had become dragon riders and then to the trial when Ron, Hermione and Albus Dumbledore had been convicted of stealing his property and Potter artifacts.  He was disappointed that Ron, Hermione and Dumbledore hadn’t been sentenced to Azkaban like they deserved for theft and bribery but that would have been impossible anyway since many of the Light didn’t think their leader could do anything wrong. 

“Eclipse,” Harry said peering into the Dragon Hold and trying to find the green scales of his dragon. Eclipse appeared out of the darkness of the dragon hold and lowered her head before Harry so he could rub her snout.  “Come on Eclipse.  I can’t sleep and need to get away for a while.”

What is troubling you partner-of-my-heart-and-soul?  Eclipse asked as Harry climbed up her foreleg and settled himself into the saddle before tying himself into the straps that would keep him from falling to his death and making sure that Dauth Garjzla was secured against his waist and his wand in his wand holster on his right arm.  Eclipse walked a few steps away from the Dragon Hold and spread her wings before flapping up into the night sky and flying away from Hogwarts.

I just need to get away from everything for a while. This war, this school, the people who betrayed me for the past four years.  Sorry I had to wake you up though Eclipse.

Don’t worry about it Harry.  I will always be here for you.  That will never change.

Thanks Eclipse.  The dragon and her rider flew in silence for a while in a northerly direction.  They flew in silence for a while but never closed their minds to each other. Ember and Kayla had taught them that important fact about being a dragon and rider.

“May as well go back,” Harry said after two hours of flying.  Eclipse turned around and flew back towards Hogwarts.  Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly and let out a sigh. “I think I need to get a new wand,” he said after a while.  “It seems my wand isn’t working like it used to.”

Do you think it has anything to do with the trial of the betrayers?  Perhaps you should go to St. Mungo’s and get checked out.  You may have blocks on your magic.  If Dumbledore stole your money and offered bribes to your ex-friends then it’s possible he put blocks on your magic and that your wand has never been meant for you.

You mean like it was forced on me when I was eleven?

This human seems like he’s more of a danger to you than to Voldemort if he has been manipulating and stealing from you all this time.

You’re right as usual Eclipse.  Very well take me back to Hogwarts and get some rest.  I’ll floo to the Leaky Cauldron and get myself checked out as well as checking out my wand and seeing if I need a new one after all.

Harry had indeed noticed over the past couple of years that his wand seemed to not work as well as it used to. In fact if he thought back to when he had first been given his wand he hadn’t felt a lot of magic come from the wand at all.  There had been that slight glow of light but Harry was wondering now if maybe it hadn’t had something to do with Dumbledore.

“Why must my life be full of difficulty and pain?” Harry said to himself.  “I’ve been manipulated ever since I turned elven and found out I was a wizard.  My former friends betrayed me and accepted bribes from a crazy old loon who stole from the Potter Vaults.  The only good thing that seems to have happened in my life is Eclipse hatching for me.  Even Sirius was nuts after he got out of Azkaban and kept thinking I was my father.”

They arrived back at Hogwarts and Eclipse landed.  Harry found Blaise and Neville and talked them into going with him to Diagon Alley after he voiced his suspicions about Dumbledore blocking his magic and that his wand didn’t seem connected to him.  They agreed and went up to Dragon House where they then flooed to the Leaky Cauldron.

“Where are we going first Harry?” Neville asked as he fingered Sundavar.

“I think we should go to St. Mungo’s first and see if there are any magical blocks on me.  You might want to get checked out as well Neville.”

“Yeah you’re right.  My magic has never been really strong and my family did think I was a squib for a long time because I never showed any signs of magic at all.”

They made their way to St. Mungo’s and approached the witch who was at the front desk.  “Good morning.  Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Hello.  We are students of Hogwarts and were wondering if my friend and I be checked to see if our magic has been blocked,” Harry said gesturing to himself and Neville.  

“Shouldn’t you children be in school?  Why in the world do you think your magic has been blocked?  Where are your parents?”

“It is none of your business where our parents are,” Blaise said fingering Death Fang.  “We’re Hogwarts students.  We have permission from our house head to be out to get Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter checked out.”

“Oh my!  You’re the Boy-Who-Lived!” 

Harry rolled his eyes.   “For God’s sake woman!  You’re an adult.  Quit acting like some teenage school girl!”

“Of course I’ll help!”

Five minutes later Harry was in one room while Neville had gone off with another doctor to have their magic examined and see if they had any blocks on them.  Blaise was waiting in the hallway between the two rooms.  Two hours later both of them had found out they had in fact had their magic blocked by Dumbledore and they had gone through a painful procedure in order to get their magic unblocked.  The doctors explained to Neville that his magic being blocked is why he hadn’t shown any magic until he had been accidently dropped by his Great Uncle Algie when he was eight years old.  Both boys were noticeably upset that the headmaster had blocked their magic. When Blaise found out he was also upset at what his friends had gone through.  Harry also found out that his gift of Parsletongue was a gift from the Potter line and not from Voldemort trying to kill him like he had been led to believe.  What else has Dumbledore been keeping from me?

“Well let’s go to Diagon Alley then so I can see about my wand,” Harry said.  “Or you guys can floo back to Hogwarts and I’ll go myself.”

“No we’ll stay with you,” Blaise said and Neville nodded.  The three riders went back into Diagon Alley and made their way to Ollivanders.  “Ah Mr. Potter,” Ollivander said when the three students had entered his shop.  “What can I do for you?”

“Mr. Ollivander, Neville and I found out that our magic had been blocked by Albus Dumbledore and I’ve noticed that my wand hasn’t really worked for me.  I was wondering if you can check it to see if it’s compatible with me and if I need a new wand.”

Mr. Ollivander looked at the three boys and then went to the door before flipping the sign from “Open” to “Closed” and cast an obscure charm as well as silencing spells around the shop.  “Yes my boy I am afraid to say that your wand is not compatible with you.  Albus Dumbledore came to me and threatened to throw me in Azkaban if I didn’t give you the ‘brother-wand’ of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named when it was time for you to begin Hogwarts.  I’m sorry to hear that both your and Mr. Longbottom’s magic was blocked for so long.”

Harry scowled at this information.  Screw the wizard world!  I’ll avenge my parents’ deaths but that’s it.  They can go to hell for all I care after Voldemort is gone because I won’t be returning here once we leave to Alagaesia.

“Well Mr. Potter if you will come in back with me I think I’ll just make you a custom wand instead.  Mr. Longbottom and Mr. Zabini are welcome to come back and watch if you wish or they can stay here in the front of the shop.”

“We’ll stay here Harry if you don’t mind.  I think Neville needs to rest after that procedure.”

Harry nodded to Blaise and Neville and followed Mr. Ollivander into the back of the shop where there were cabinets, chests, and two tables. One table was full of different cores and one was full of wand woods. Mr. Ollivander pulled out a potion vial.  “Mr. Potter close your eyes and drink this.  You will fall into a trance but will be self-aware the entire time.  It will allow you to choose your wand wood and cores based on magic alone.”

Harry eyed the potion vial warily and then closed his eyes as he swallowed it in one gulp.  He was surprised to find that the potion tasted sweet instead of disgusting like most potions did.  He sank down into his magical core and found that it was a mixture of greens and purples.   Carefully he extended his magic out to the rest of his body and a smile graced his mouth as he felt his magic rush through his body which filled him with sudden warmth. 

 Harry moved to the cabinet and waved his hand to break open the wards surrounding the cabinet and pulled out a vial.  Ollivander cursed as his wards were broken but Harry just smiled and set the vial on an empty table.  He pulled out another vial from a different cabinet and began choosing different cores from the core table and setting them on the empty table as well before going and choosing a wand wood.   Ollivander began reconstructing the wards around the cabinet that Harry had shattered as the potion wore off.

Looking at the table Harry saw the two vials and frowned.  He had no clue what they were.  On the table was the feather of a storm phoenix, centaur tail hair, griffin feather, Thestral tail hair, troll whisker, coral, fang of a werewolf and dementor ash.  The wood was Hawthorn.  “What are the two vials?”

“Give me a minute to look at them,” Ollivander said.  He examined the first vial.  “This is blood of a Pegasus.  The second vial is liquid basilisk venom.  Both are rare ingredients.  That will be fifteen galleons, eight sickles and four knuts.  It will be ready in five hours.”

Harry handed over the money and went into the front of the shop where Blaise and Neville were waiting. They left the shop and decided to hang out at Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour in order to kill time. Five hours of ice cream later Harry went back to Ollivanders to pick up his new wand.  Then the three riders and friends, for both Neville and Harry had become friends with the former Slytherin, went back to the Leaky Cauldron and flooed back to Dragon House in Hogwarts.

“What happened to you two?”  Crane asked as he looked at Neville and Harry who had their mouths set into thin lines.

“Call a meeting,” Harry said to which Crane immediately scrambled up to the boy’s dorms and Dawn went to the girl’s dorms to call down the riders.  When everyone was seated or standing around in the common room Harry spoke.  “It appears that Albus Dumbledore blocked my magic as well as Neville’s magic.  It’s why Neville didn’t show any magical talent before eight years old and everyone in his family thought he was a squib.  I also found out that my old wand is a fake.  It was never the ‘brother’ of Voldemort’s wand and that Ollivander had been threatened with Azkaban by Dumbledore if he didn’t give me that wand.  I had a custom wand made.  Hawthorn with Pegasus blood, liquid basilisk venom, feather of a storm phoenix, Thestral tail hair, centaur tail hair, dementor ash, griffin feather, troll whisker, and a werewolf fang.”  Harry pulled out his wand and cast the Lumos spell.  “With the blocks on our magic removed Neville and I should be able to take down Voldemort and be more powerful now that we have access to all our magic.”

“You’re going to take him down together?”

“The prophecy that killed my parents and caused Bellatrix Lestrange to send Neville’s parents into insanity could apply to either myself or Neville.  We decided to take him out together as well as Dumbledore.  The headmaster cannot be trusted so that is what we will do before we go to Alagaesia for the rest of our lives to take down King Mordred.”

The riders were somber as they went down to the Great Hall for dinner that evening.  None of them could believe that Harry and Neville had had their magic blocked by the headmaster of Hogwarts or that he had threatened a wand maker with Azkaban.  The former snakes realized their parents had been right in not trusting the headmaster and ‘leader of the light’.  After dinner Harry went out into the grounds and found himself walking towards the stone circle.  Harry was surprised that he could feel the magic in the air and in the stones themselves as he stepped into the circle.  The stone circle connected the Covered Bridge to Hagrid’s Hut and lay on top of a hill. 

Cautiously Harry touched a stone and gasped in shock as his magic reacted with the magic in the stones.  The stones that had fallen to the ground trembled before standing up in their positions and the stones that had faded into dust were created again before his eyes and took up their positions so that the circle was now whole as it had been when Salazar had turned his home into a school.  Blue glowing writing appeared on the stones and vanished as the magic around the area shook violently before zooming into Harry.  He felt his magic surge and rage inside him as his magic and the magic of the stones twisted together in his body. 

Harry’s body shook as the two different magic’s fought in his body before accepting each other and settling down.  A woman in a white dress stepped out of a stone and looked at Harry.  “You have awoken the magic within the circle and made it whole once again child.  Now the magic from the stones is part of you and you will find yourself stronger and more powerful than other witches and wizards. Your spells will also be more powerful as well which will aid you in your life and the battles to come.”

“Who are you?”

“I am a human appartion of Hogwarts child.  I ask that you defeat Dumbledore before you go to Alagaesia. Yes I know of this land from which your dragon and the other dragons came as I was here when the founders got their dragons.  You and Neville are now wards of Hogwarts and Albus can do nothing more to either of you.  The house elves and the portraits will not report anything that you two do to him.”

Then the appartion of Hogwarts faded and Harry collapsed in the middle of the stone circle.  In the Forbidden Forest the creatures all looked towards Hogwarts for they could sense their master had awoken.

New World

Thorn and Aphrodite were sitting on a hill overlooking the Black Lake with their tails entwined together.  Ember and Eclipse had taken Blaze into the Forbidden Forest to show him the creatures there and maybe get a couple of spiders while in the forest.  The rest of the dragons were milling around on the grounds but they kept their minds open to their bonded as was the nature of a dragon and their rider.  The Riders of Hogwarts had learned from Kayla that they had to become one with their dragon.  Harry had already mastered this skill as had Hagrid and Charlie.  The other riders were in various degrees of learning and remembering this skill.

Thorn do you miss Saphira?

She is my mate and the mother of my hatchlings.  I hope one day to have hatchlings with you as well Aphrodite.  I wonder if she has had the new clutch of hatchlings yet that I sired when she and Eragon came to Alagaesia six years ago? 

Have you always loved her?

When Murtagh and I were under the Black King’s control he raised us to hate the riders. I was afraid of what was happening to me and I was afraid of Saphira as well and the old dragon as well.  The Black King used the power of the eldunari he had in his collection to expand my growth rate and then the old dragon bit off my tail before my rider was possessed and slayed the elf Oromis.   Glaedr was a wise dragon and I’m sorry that I ended up killing him.  I have regretted from the day he fell at my teeth and claws. 

Thorn it is not your fault that the old ones died.  And Glaedr has forgiven you has he not?

He has but I still feel ashamed at what I did.  My rider feels the same way even though he did not intentionally kill Oromis.  I found out later that Shruikan had possessed me just as my rider was possessed so I suppose we are not guilty for the crimes we committed when we weren’t in possession of our minds and bodies.  Still we should have fought harder for control. 

It is not your fault!  Don’t let the past haunt you for the rest of your life Thorn.  Learn from the past and use it to shape your future.

You are wise Aphrodite.  I will heed your words.

Aphrodite smirked at Thorn and hummed happily.  A strange world this place is don’t you think Aphrodite?

It is.  It’s strange how there are no dragon riders in this world like back home in Alagaesia.  And the humans practicing magic with little sticks that we could easily snap in two or step on is a strange way to perform magic.

At least Kayla and Ember found some new riders.  Do you think that we will always be at war in our home Thorn?

I don’t know Aphrodite.  Thorn turned his head to look at his second mate.  We were at peace for a time after the Black King was destroyed and the late Queen Nasuada came to the throne.  But she wanted to put restrictions upon magic users and wanted my rider and I to oversee the magic users in Alagaesia. The elves would have been no help since they prefer to live separate from humans in Ellesmera and Eragon had gone from our homeland with the dragon eggs and eldunari.  The dwarves and urgals had their own issues to deal with and new riders to find as well after Eragon Shadeslayer brought the urgals and dwarves into the ancient order.

Thorn unwound his tail from Aphrodite’s and walked down the hill to the lake where he began to take long drinks.  Aphrodite lay down on the hill and watched her mate with one eye as her other eye closed. The three battle worn and confused dragons hoped that they could go back to Alagaesia where they belonged and take these new riders with them to bring an end to King Mordred.

Murtagh, Otvek and Elva were sitting in the common room of Dragon House and looking into the empty hearth.  “Brisinger,” Elva said and yellow flames sprang to life in the hearth before the three riders settled back into the soft chairs and let the warmth of the fire wash over them.  They looked up as they heard feet coming down the stairs on both sides and soon the common room was packed with the Riders of Hogwarts.  The three elder riders glanced at each other and smirked.

“I’m sorry Murtagh but the students want to learn about our world and about each of you,” Kayla said looking apologetic even though she was the one who had said last night that her pupils could ask the three elder riders questions today.

“It’s fine Kayla,” Elva said looking at the forty-six riders before her.  “Just don’t shout out your questions all at once.”

“How long have you all been riders?” Blaise asked.

“I became a rider at eighteen.  I’ve been a rider for two hundred ten years.  Elva and Otvek have been riders for one hundred years.”

“How can you be two hundred ten years old if you look eighteen?” Neville asked.

“Time must pass differently between our world and this world.  While it has been twenty years here it has been two hundred ten for me since I became a rider,” Murtagh said simply.

“So that means that ten years pass here for every one year in your world then,” Amber said.

“What are you?” Ash asked Otvek.

“I am an urgal human child.  One of the four races of my homeland.  There are humans, elves, dwarves and urgals.  My kind used to be enslaved by the Black King and humans, elves and dwarves hated us.  We also used to be obsessed with war until Head Rider Eragon Shadeslayer allowed dwarves and urgals into the pact.  He hoped that by allowing dwarves and humans into the pact then doing so would create peace between the races and in the land.  He was allowed to do that by the Caretakers and his wish was fulfilled.  That is until King Mordred came into power.”

“We came here by touching the living crystal in our world and it must have transported us here.  We are not sure how it works or how to return home.  We just wanted to go to wherever Kayla and Ember had gone so we could see if they had managed to find new riders.  We were not expecting them to find any.  We certainly didn’t expect them to find dragon eggs from Alagaesia in this world,” Elva said.  “It is fate I think that we were transported here and you forty one were chosen.”

“It is good that Kayla and Ember found more riders.  We will help you with your war here and then return home to end the war there and build up the dragon riders again,” Murtagh said.

“For a third time,” Otvek muttered as his eyes darkened with anger.

“Yes.  For a third time.  Hopefully the last time,” Murtagh said.

“How many riders do we have here at Hogwarts?”

“Forty one students, one gamekeeper and one former dragon keeper plus the four of us,” Kayla said instantly.

“So that makes it out to be forty eight riders plus if all seven riders made it to Ellesmera and haven’t died fifty five riders.  I wonder if that will be enough to stop King Mordred?  I wonder if forty eight riders will be enough to stop this ‘Voldemort’ fellow and his ‘death eaters’?” Murtagh wondered.

All the riders except for Murtagh, Otvek, Elva, Kayla and Harry flinched as Murtagh said the name.  However the five older riders were lost in their own thoughts.  Murtagh, Otvek and Elva wondered what they had gotten themselves into in this strange new world.  Harry didn’t want to risk his friends’ and companions lives as well as the life of Eclipse.  Kayla didn’t want to lose her first student.

“We will need your help in getting used to this school,” Murtagh said finally.  The students noticed how Murtagh seemed to be the main spokesman for the group.

“Does this mean you are Head Rider Elda Murtagh?”  Charlie Weasley asked.

“Technically Eragon Shadeslayer is the Head Rider of the Order.  I am just an elder. You students are not my pupils.”   Murtagh tapped his fingers on the arm rest and closed his eyes. “I suppose for our time in this land I will be.”

“Then what is Kayla-Ebrithil?”

“Otvek, Elva and Kayla would be Elders. But I will give Kayla control of Dragon House since she is a student here after all.”

“Thank you Ebrithil,” Kayla said bowing to her master.

“Now we have to find a way to destroy this ‘Voldemort’ fellow and all who support him.  Students concentrate on your studies and Elva, Otvek and I will do research.  In the meantime we might as well attend classes.  It would be good to know how our new enemies fight in this world.”

Return of the Master

“How-how are you alive?” Kayla asked looking from Murtagh to Thorn and back again.

“I escaped from Dras Leona with Thorn.  Aphrodite and her rider Elva were also imprisoned there.  We were chased by ra’zac and lethrblaka but I called the last surviving riders of Alagaesia and they came to our aid.  I took Otvek and Blaze with me and we destroyed the two ra’zac and their parents that were after us while the others made their way to Ellesmera.  I just pray to the gods that they are safe.”

“Any sign of Eragon and Saphira master?”


I’m worried for my mate.  I haven’t seen her since the birth of my hatchlings.

“Are these your riders Kayla?” Otvek asked.

“There are forty riders total Otvek.”

“Excuse me but what are you?” Blaise asked looking at Otvek with curiosity.

“I’m an urgal human.  One of the four races of Alagaesia.  Do you not have urgals in your land?”

“We have humans, house elves, werewolves, Dementors, hags, vampires, zombies, red caps, hinky punks, boggarts, a poltergeist resides at our school along with an assortment of ghosts, goblins, mermaids, centaurs, unicorns, our headmaster has a phoenix, a Cerberus, giant spiders, etc.  We’ve never heard of or seen an urgal before.”

“What a strange land,” Otvek said to Elva and Murtagh.  “You have many creatures we don’t have in Alagaesia and you don’t have elves, dwarves or urgals.”

“It could be that this land is in a different dimension than our own Otvek so perhaps that is the reason why our two worlds have different creatures,” Elva said for the first time since they arrived at Hogwarts.

“Murtagh are you going to become the head dragon rider of this school?” Kayla asked.

We agreed that if we managed to find you and new riders that you would keep your place as head dragon rider as they are your pupils after all.

Thank you Elda Thorn.

Riders you have done well with raising our fellow dragons.  You should be proud of your accomplishment and you all will only get stronger with the more training you get, Blaze said with a deep voice.

“Where do the dragons stay Kayla?” Murtagh asked his former pupil.

“In the dragon hold master.  I’ll show you.”

“So what is this place?” Elva asked as they walked along the grounds.

“Hogwarts,” Harry said.  “A magical school and one of the best ones in Europe and the world.  We’re in Scotland which is part of the United Kingdom.”

“United Kingdom?”

“Yes it composes of England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland,” Harry said. “England has a parliament and is ruled by a queen.”

“Is everyone magical here?”

“No.  There are wizards and witches, squibs which are children born to magical parents who have no magical ability, and first generation witches and wizards which are muggle born.  Muggles are non-magical people. We channel our magic through wands. You may consider wands to be sticks.”

“Odd,” Elva commented.  The eleven riders and their dragons made their way across the grounds to the dragon hold.

“Thorn, Blaze and Aphrodite you can stay here with the other dragons.  Murtagh, Elva and Otvek can stay with the riders in dragon house.”

Thank you Kayla, Aphrodite said nuzzling Thorn who hummed in happiness at being with his mate again.  Aphrodite, Thorn and Blaze walked into the dragon hold with the other dragons and laid down before the three dragons who had arrived from Alagaesia fell asleep.

“Kayla take us to Dragon House.  We need to sleep after our escape and fight.”

“Master if we managed to come into another dimension is it possible that the bad people here might be able to go into Alagaesia?” Otvek asked Murtagh.

The eleven riders stopped.  Harry looked at his fellow riders from magical Britain in horror.  What would Voldemort due if he found out about dragon riders and go to another land that was already plagued by war?  “Do you know how you got here?”

“We touched a living crystal that apparently connects our world with at least this one.  Whether it leads to worlds besides this we aren’t sure.  We aren’t even sure how to get back to our own world,” Murtagh said.  “Why is that a problem?”

“We have a dark lord here named Voldemort,” Harry said.  “If he finds out about other worlds and that it’s possible to travel to these other worlds then other worlds could be in danger.”

“Then we have to keep this news secret until we figure out how to get back to our own world,” Murtagh said with a sigh.

“We need to stop Voldemort first,” Harry said.  “Or rather I do. It’s apparently my destiny to stop Voldemort.”

“What do you mean?” Otvek asked.

“Do you see this scar on my forehead?” Harry asked pulling up his bags. “This is a curse scar.  I have a piece of the Dark Lord’s soul within me.  The divination professor recited a prophecy that said that I would be marked as the Dark Lord’s equal and that neither of us can live while the other survives.  Voldemort murdered my parents and had Neville’s parents tortured into insanity so I was left with my magic hating muggle relatives and Neville was left in the care of his grandmother.  One of us has to kill the other for this war to end but I’m not sure how to do that as the headmaster doesn’t see fit to tell me anything useful.  Until I fulfill my destiny and kill Voldemort then I can’t go back to your world with you and neither can Eclipse.”

“Then we will just have to help you on your quest,” Murtagh said looking at the fifteen year old rider before him.  “You remind me of my half-brother Eragon.”

“I do?”

“Yes.  You are both idiots and always want to do things on your own instead of asking others for help.  You think the fate of the world rested on your shoulders alone and that nobody else deserved to be put into harm’s way just because you had the misfortune of being born.  Eragon was about fifteen as well when he found Saphira’s egg and became her rider. The first rider in centuries after the Black King went and killed off the order.”

They fell silent then as they walked into the castle and up seven flights of stairs before arriving at the west wing of the seventh floor.  They walked down the passage and to the portrait that marked the entrance to their house.  “Rider,” Kayla spoke and the painting swung outward so that the eleven riders could enter their common room.  In the common room were the rest of the riders. They looked up as their master arrived with three new riders.  “These are riders from my homeland,” Kayla said looking at them.  “Elva who is a human, Murtagh who is my master and half-brother to Eragon Shadeslayer, and Otvek who is an urgal.  You remember that urgals are one of the four races of Alagaesia do you not?”

The riders nodded their heads.  “Good.  They arrived here with their dragons.  Leave them be for now and let them get some sleep.  I’m sure after they have gotten some sleep that they will answer any questions you have for them.” Kayla gazed sternly at her pupils.  Behind her Murtagh, Elva and Otvek chuckled as the riders again nodded.  “Murtagh and Otvek make your way up to the top floor on the left and there you can stay.  Elva the same in the girl’s dorms which are on the right.  We each have our own rooms in Dragon house.”

The three battle worn riders nodded and made their way up to their respective floors.  The other riders sat there quietly talking with themselves about the new riders and what their arrival meant for the wizarding world.  “Kayla will we eventually be going to Alagaesia?”

“Yes Ash.  Once we help Harry kill Voldemort then we will return to Algaseia and defeat King Mordred and hopefully bring peace back again to my old home.  I think we need to kill all the death eaters as well before we leave here.  Once we go back to Alagaesia we will never return here. Dragon Riders are meant to live back home and not in other worlds. It is pure luck that I managed to find you all and train you.”

There was silence at this revelation.  The former Slytherins were glad to be leaving for a world where their dragons were from and where they wouldn’t be judged for their former house or their parents.  The former badgers were loyal to the order and to their dragons and wouldn’t dream of being parted.  The former ravens looked forward to seeing a new land and learning new things.  Even the realization that they would never be able to return didn’t damper their excitement of new knowledge to be learned.  The former lions tried to put on a brave front for the rest of their order but inside they were scared of leaving everything they had known.  However Gryffindor was brave and courageous and that is what they would be.  “May the riders live on and prosper to not fall again,” Neville said.  Everyone turned to look at Neville who blushed under the looks he was getting.  Neville hated being in the spotlight but suddenly the statement was taken up by the rest of the house as they pledged then and there to do everything in their power to keep another war from taking Alagaesia.